YO8RAA-3 messages

fromtotime message
YO8RAA-3 Heard 01/20 22:11:30z Send another IR0UGN-1,TA1FL-4,OE3PDB-4,YR8C-10
YO8RAA-3 Heard 01/20 22:10:10z Send another IR0UGN-1,TA1FL-4
YO8RAA-3 Heard 01/19 16:19:31z Send another YR8C-10,IW2DMO,SV2CPH-1,S51BJ
YO8RAA-3 Heard 01/19 16:18:51z Send another YR8C-10,IW2DMO
YO8RAA-3 NWS 01/19 16:16:00z Send another yo8raa@yahoo.com ...73 Mircea
YO8RAA-3 Heard 01/19 16:14:11z Send another YR8C-10
YO8RAA-3 Heard 12/18 10:54:21z Send another YR8C-10,IR0UGN-1,IS0EBO-4,S51BJ,YO8RAA-5,YO8RAA-4,YO8RAA-2
YO8RAA-3 Heard 12/18 10:48:30z Send another YR8C-10,IR0UGN-1,IS0EBO-4,S51BJ,YO8RAA-5,YO8RAA-4
YO8RAA-3 Heard 12/18 10:44:21z Send another YR8C-10,IR0UGN-1,IS0EBO-4,S51BJ,YO8RAA-5
YO8RAA-3 Heard 12/18 09:18:50z Send another YR8C-10,IR0UGN-1,IS0EBO-4,S51BJ
YO8RAA-3 Heard 12/18 09:10:09z Send another YR8C-10,IR0UGN-1,IS0EBO-4
YO8RAA-3 Heard 12/09 08:19:40z Send another YO8RAA-4,YR8C-10
YO8RAA-3 Heard 12/09 08:04:59z Send another YO8RAA-4
YO8RAA-3 IZ1JPS 12/02 12:24:44z Send another tnx, 73 de Mircea
IZ1JPS YO8RAA-3 12/02 10:40:47z Reply 73{89
YO8RAA-3 IW1FZR 11/28 20:43:01z Send another hello & 73
IW1FZR YO8RAA-3 11/28 20:32:51z Reply 73 via ISS QSL PSE
YO8RAA-3 TA5AHO-7 11/25 18:17:22z Send another THANK YOU
YO8RAA-3 SV1OAY 11/25 18:16:24z Send another TNX 73
TA5AHO-7 YO8RAA-3 11/25 17:00:22z Reply You are the last station I can hear when ISP pass :))
SV1OAY YO8RAA-3 11/25 16:44:29z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS SV1OAY km17uw
YO8RAA-3 RN3ZLT-6 11/24 13:55:38z Send another tnx, 73
RN3ZLT-6 YO8RAA-3 11/22 20:59:34z Reply Hi, 599 op. Vladimir, QTH-Loc: KO90IP