YO3GXC messages

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YO3GXC SAT 10/07 16:19:46z Send another Hello All. UISS version 5.4
YO3GXC SAT 10/07 16:14:50z Send another Hello All. UISS version 5.3.2
YO3GXC EMAIL 08/24 09:22:09z Send another yo3gxc@yahoo.com
YO3GXC YO3FVR-10 08/16 16:31:18z Send another Tnx, best 73
YO3FVR-10 YO3GXC 08/16 16:26:21z Reply QSL dr Teodor, best 73!{11
YO3GXC BLN0QSLs 08/16 16:24:58z Send another DG1RMY
YO3GXC Heard 08/04 17:26:53z Send another OE3PDB-6,SV3CIX{UISS54}
YO3GXC NWS 08/04 17:22:32z Send another Greetings from YO3GXC, Teodor of KN34BJ via ISS
YO3GXC NWS 08/02 09:37:48z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS