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HR1VOZ XE3N-1 04/13 23:37:52z Reply Hola Desde Tegucigalpa !!!!{58
W5MLM-1 XE3N-1 04/13 23:33:59z Reply Howdy{0
KC9YTT XE3N-1 04/13 23:32:37z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
XE3N-1 NY3W-6 04/13 13:46:22z Send another Hello de XE3N grid EL60
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/13 00:27:27z Send another AI6DO,N1UW,KE4SYV,KE4AZZ,NA1SS
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/12 14:34:25z Send another NA1SS,N1RCN,KE4AZZ-9,KC5TT-6,XE2KK-1,W9QO
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/12 01:11:01z Send another XE2KK-1,NA1SS,WA5EEZ-2,XE2ML
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/11 23:35:32z Send another WE4B,KF7R-9,KB2M-4,AC2KU-2,K5DSJ,N1RCN,KC2BRB-2,CO7BLC,KE4AZZ-8
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/11 23:34:13z Reply Good Evening!
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 04/11 00:21:04z Send another XE2KK-1,W9QO,KT4YP-9
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/2 04/11 00:21:04z Send another KB6LTY-3,K7MT-6,KB2M-4,N1UW,KU5D-6,NA1SS,N8CT,K0KOC-1,KE4AZZ-8,
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/11 00:18:17z Send another KB6LTY-3,K7MT-6,KB2M-4,N1UW,KU5D-6,NA1SS,N8CT
KB6LTY-3 XE3N-1 04/11 00:17:32z Reply QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
XE1R XE3N-1 04/09 01:58:12z Reply SALUDOS
XE1R XE3N-1 04/09 01:58:04z Reply Hi, from Mexico City
9Z4DZ-1 XE3N-1 04/08 14:32:30z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago Blessings 73's
9Z4DZ-1 XE3N-1 04/08 14:30:32z Reply Hpe to c u agn soon, 73 de 9Z4DZ
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/08 01:09:49z Send another KE4AZZ,KC5TT-6,NA1SS
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/07 16:59:39z Send another XE1GLA-7,NA1SS,KK4HEJ-8,KM4FZA,KI4ASK-7,KB3AWQ-10,WB3IJZ-9
KB2M-4 XE3N-1 04/07 15:18:20z Reply good morning fr el99
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/07 15:17:01z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
9Z4DZ-2 XE3N-1 04/05 02:02:20z Reply Grt cing u on this pass..73, Stay safe
XE3N-1 Heard 04/05 01:59:30z Send another KI4ASK-7,WA5SQA,AC2KU-1,W3FGP-3,WB4NCT,NA1SS
XE3N-1 Heard 04/05 01:59:30z Send another YB0X-1,VE3SCP,KE4AZZ,W0JW-6,KB3AWQ-10,WE4B,NY3W-6,KO4KAO-7,
VE3SCP XE3N-1 04/05 01:58:18z Reply Thanks for the call via ISS. 73
XE3N-1 Heard 04/05 01:56:22z Send another KI4ASK-7
WE4B XE3N-1 04/04 17:40:43z Reply QSL 73!{70
WE4B XE3N-1 04/04 17:38:19z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{64
XE3N-1 Heard 04/03 16:49:32z Send another TG5ALY-4,HR5HAC-4,HK4MAT-1,HK4D
XE3N-1 Heard 04/03 03:31:01z Send another AC9NQ,TG5ALY-4,KM4FZA,KE4AZZ,KC5TT-6,CO7BLC,NA1SS,HR5HAC-9
XE3N-1 TG5ALY-4 04/03 03:30:56z Send another Saludos German, 73's
XE3N-1 Heard 04/03 03:30:44z Send another AC9NQ,TG5ALY-4,KM4FZA,KE4AZZ,KC5TT-6,CO7BLC,NA1SS
AE0DC XE3N-1 04/02 19:15:51z Reply hi from em49
XE3N-1 Heard 04/02 19:11:29z Send another KK5MV-14,W5CBF,KB9VIC-9,WE4B,AE0DC
CM2DAH XE3N-1 04/02 17:37:09z Reply Gracias. CH2DAH. eQSL. 73
W5CBF XE3N-1 04/02 17:36:37z Reply Hola desde EM30, LA QSL?
XE3N-1 Heard 04/02 17:36:02z Send another HR1VOZ,NA1SS,N1RCN,W5CBF,W9QO
HR1VOZ XE3N-1 04/02 17:34:17z Reply Hola Zalo, saludos desde Tegucigalpa{TM}
XE3N-1 Heard 04/02 04:16:50z Send another AE0CJ-1,K5WH-3,K3MRV-7,NA1SS,KC5TT-6,HR1VOZ,TG5ALY-4
XE3N-1 HR1VOZ 04/02 04:15:33z Send another Saludos, gusto escucharte!!
KC5TT-6 XE3N-1 04/02 04:13:45z Reply Howdy from texas 73's
XE3N-1 Heard 04/02 04:12:42z Send another AE0CJ-1,K5WH-3,K3MRV-7,NA1SS,KC5TT-6
XE3N-1 K5WH-3 04/02 04:11:56z Send another QSL, from Playa del Carmen, Grid EL60LP 73's
K5WH-3 XE3N-1 04/02 04:11:10z Reply take care
K5WH-3 XE3N-1 04/02 04:10:35z Reply Good evening as well
K5WH-3 XE3N-1 04/02 04:10:29z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
KN2K XE3N-1 04/01 18:28:21z Reply 73 FROM FM18
XE3N-1 Heard 04/01 18:28:21z Send another W9QO
XE3N-1 Heard 04/01 18:28:21z Send another USNAP1-1,TG5ALY-4,K3RRR,NA1SS,KB9VIC-9,N1RCN,KI4ASK-7,KN2K,KL7JKC-6,
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/01 18:28:00z Reply qsl and 73
XE3N-1 Heard 04/01 18:26:39z Send another USNAP1-1,TG5ALY-4,K3RRR,NA1SS
XE3N-1 Heard 04/01 05:00:44z Send another KG6T,XE2RV,KC5TT-6
XE2RV XE3N-1 04/01 05:00:26z Reply RRR/73 DL55...{72
XE2RV XE3N-1 04/01 05:00:24z Reply RRR/73 DL55...{71
XE2RV XE3N-1 04/01 05:00:17z Reply RRR/73 DL55...{69
XE2ML XE3N-1 03/31 19:16:35z Reply Gracias e igualmente por favor lotw, 73
XE3N-1 Heard 03/31 19:12:24z Send another KI4ASK-7,W4LRA-7,NA1SS,K3RRR,N1RCN,AC2KU-1
CM2DAH XE3N-1 03/31 19:12:23z Reply Saludos de CM2DAH desde la Habana. 73.
KI4ASK-7 XE3N-1 03/31 19:11:20z Reply 73 via ISS{0
XE3N-1 Heard 03/31 19:11:09z Send another XE2ML,TG5ALY-4,K5WH-3,KC2BRB-2,KL7JKC-6,W4BCX-3,CM2DAH
XE2ML XE3N-1 03/31 19:08:57z Reply 73 from DL74 QSL?
XE3N-1 Heard 03/30 07:02:43z Send another K1WY,PSAT,K0KOC-1
XE3N-1 Heard 03/30 05:04:50z Send another KE4AZZ,W9QO,AB5HL,KC5TT-6,KE4AZZ-4,NA1SS
WE4B XE3N-1 03/28 19:57:04z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{68
XE3N-1 Heard 03/28 06:34:21z Send another W0SX-10,N7AR,NA1SS
XE3N-1 NA1SS 03/28 06:33:00z Send another CREW, Enjoy the Universe!!
KM4FZA XE3N-1 03/28 04:59:21z Reply QSL EM95 73!
CM2DAH XE3N-1 03/28 04:59:21z Reply "Copiado" CM2DAH EL83sc.
XE3N-1 Heard 03/28 04:59:20z Send another CM2DAH,N8JR
XE3N-1 Heard 03/28 04:59:20z Send another WE4B,KC5TT-6,W2THC,W3FGP-3,K0KOC-7,KD9QEN,KM4FZA,W9QO,KA4GNY,
WE4B XE3N-1 03/28 04:58:56z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{65
XE3N-1 Heard 03/28 04:58:28z Send another WE4B,KC5TT-6,W2THC,W3FGP-3,K0KOC-7,KD9QEN
N8URE XE3N-1 03/27 20:50:01z Reply de Stephen FM19{14
K4KDR-6 XE3N-1 03/27 20:47:55z Reply QSL - 73!!
XE3N-1 Heard 03/27 20:47:28z Send another W6S,K4KDR-6,WN9Q
W5CBF XE3N-1 03/27 20:45:40z Reply GRCIAS 73!
K4KDR-6 XE3N-1 03/27 20:44:56z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
XE3N-1 Heard 03/27 20:42:49z Send another XE2ML,NA1SS,K5DNA,KE4AZZ,W5CBF
KE4AZZ XE3N-1 03/27 05:48:20z Reply de KE4AZZ via International Space Station
XE3N-1 KE4AZZ 03/27 05:47:23z Send another Nice to hear Your packet, 73's
XE3N-1 KE4AZZ 03/27 05:47:03z Send another Hello OM, QSL Tu 73's
XE3N-1 Heard 03/27 05:46:37z Send another K0KOC-7,W9QO,KI4NOD-4,NA1SS,KE4AZZ,HK3CFM
XE3N-1 Heard 03/27 05:43:02z Send another K0KOC-7,W9QO,KI4NOD-4,NA1SS
XE3N-1 W9QO 03/27 05:42:22z Send another Hello My Friend via ISS !!
K5DNA XE3N-1 03/26 21:33:54z Reply QSL and 73 from EM35{25
XE3N-1 Heard 03/26 21:31:59z Send another N7AR,WV5Y-7,K5DNA,W5GEM,WE4B,W5MLM-1,KM4FZA,N1RCN,WA0TEY,KB2M-4
XE3N-1 Heard 03/26 21:30:23z Send another N7AR,WV5Y-7,K5DNA,W5GEM
K5DNA XE3N-1 03/26 21:29:05z Reply QSL and 73 from EM35{15
N7AR XE3N-1 03/26 21:28:53z Reply Hello from Texas!
N1RCN XE3N-1 03/26 19:56:33z Reply qsl and 73
N1RCN XE3N-1 03/26 19:56:01z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
N1RCN XE3N-1 03/25 20:40:56z Reply Hello From Florida!
XE3N-1 KE4AZZ-4 03/25 20:40:42z Send another Hello via ISS
XE3N-1 Heard 03/25 07:19:16z Send another W6WW,NA1SS,W9QO,W0SX-10
W6WW XE3N-1 03/25 07:15:46z Reply QSL 73 DE W6WW DM14
W0SX-10 XE3N-1 03/25 07:15:45z Reply Hello from Larry in Utah DM37
XE3N-1 KE4AZZ-9 03/24 21:30:20z Send another QSL tu 73's!!
XE3N-1 KE4AZZ-9 03/24 21:29:39z Send another Hello via ISS, 73's !!
XE3N-1 WE4B 03/24 21:29:29z Send another QSL, XE3N From Playa del Carmen, Mx EL60
WE4B XE3N-1 03/24 21:29:25z Reply QSL 73!{81