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WD9EWK XE3N-1 05/21 03:54:00z Reply Hi! EN70/80 in OH {0
XE3N-1 ALL 05/21 03:52:54z Send another CQ via ISS EL60{92
XE3N-1 TWITR 05/21 03:52:34z Send another @WD9EWK hello via ISS @XE3N_Radio{90
XE3N-1 ALL 05/21 03:50:01z Send another CQ via ISS EL60{89
CM8NMN XE3N-1 05/21 02:17:23z Reply 73's via Sattelite please confirm contact on www.qrz.com
XE3N-1 ALL 05/20 12:55:01z Send another Greetings to All on Hamvention!!{91
XE3N-1 H0UND 05/13 15:45:31z Send another Hello via ISS from EL60{81
CM8NMN XE3N-1 05/12 05:15:30z Reply >FK29bx/- Saludos desde Santiago de Cuba via Satelite!
XE3N-1 N1RCN 05/11 15:56:05z Send another Hello via ISS EL60{76
XE3N-1 TWITR 05/11 15:54:15z Send another Tweet via ISS de @XE3N_Radio{75
XE3N-1 TWITR 05/11 15:52:41z Send another @WD9EWK tweet via ISS @XE3N_RADIO{74
XE3N-1 ALL 05/11 15:52:22z Send another cq via ISS from EL60{73
XE3N-1 K5UBQ 05/10 16:48:00z Send another Hello friend via ISS{71
XE3N-1 TWITR 05/10 16:45:57z Send another @xe3n_radio Prueba de Tweet via Estacion Espacial {67
XE3N-1 TWITR 05/10 16:44:53z Send another @wd9ewk testing via ISS de @xe3n_radio 73{66
9Z4DZ-7 XE3N-1 05/10 05:24:29z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
9Z4DZ-7 XE3N-1 05/10 05:23:59z Reply Hpe all is well at ur end...de 9Z4DZ
9Z4DZ XE3N-1 05/09 16:10:20z Reply U R 599 via the ISS!!! de 9Z4DZ Stephenson
XE3N-1 KD4UYP-9 05/09 16:02:29z Send another Hello via ISS EL60{53
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 05/09 16:02:05z Send another @WD9EWK Hello via ISS de @XE3N_Radio EL60{52
9Z4DZ XE3N-1 05/08 17:02:50z Reply Hello frm 9Z4DZ, Stephenson ... FK9OFD
KC4LE XE3N-1 05/08 16:54:16z Reply hi from Red EM63
XE3N-1 N2UFM-1 05/07 18:15:50z Send another QSL via PSAT 73{46
N2UFM-1 XE3N-1 05/07 18:14:34z Reply Hello from NY....de N2UFM{HT}
XE3N-1 ALL 05/07 18:13:27z Send another cq via PSAT from EL60{45
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 05/07 17:46:45z Send another Hola Amigo from EL60{42
XE3N-1 KK4XZ-6 05/07 16:11:15z Send another Hello via ISS from EL60{39
XE3N-1 CM5ADR 05/05 17:59:38z Send another Saludos amigo{34
CM5ADR XE3N-1 05/05 17:58:42z Reply saludos{02
XE3N-1 IK0NEP 05/05 17:15:42z Send another No stations have been heard except via a digipeater.
IK0NEP XE3N-1 05/05 17:15:40z Reply ?DX
XE3N-1 K0KOC-7 05/05 05:46:25z Send another Nice to see You on PSAT from EL60{27
XE3N-1 K0KOC-7 05/05 05:46:00z Send another Hello via PSAT 73{26
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 05/04 18:48:10z Send another Hello Friend via ISS EL60{22
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 05/04 18:47:52z Reply hi fr el99{72
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 05/04 18:46:40z Reply hi fr el99{73
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 05/04 18:46:36z Send another Pat, QSO with 9z4dz was 2017-04-26 11:08z{21
XE3N-1 N2THC 05/03 18:06:56z Send another Hell via ISS{16
XE3N-1 CM8NMN 05/02 18:59:24z Send another Hola amigo via ISS 73{12
N1RCN XE3N-1 05/02 18:54:53z Reply hello! nice to see you! 73
XE3N-1 N1RCN 05/02 18:54:47z Send another Helo friend via ISS{07
XE3N-1 KB2M-1 05/02 18:54:32z Send another qsl friend via ISS EL60{06
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 05/02 10:49:37z Reply hi fr el99{71
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 05/02 10:48:14z Reply hi fr el99{69
XE3N-1 KN4CRD-7 05/02 10:48:00z Send another hello via iss{01
XE3N-1 K0FFY 05/02 10:47:20z Send another QSL good morning from EL60{00
XE3N-1 W4TBD-6 05/02 10:46:55z Send another Hello via ISS from EL60{99
XE3N-1 K1WY 05/02 10:46:02z Send another good morning friend via iSS{98
K0FFY XE3N-1 04/30 23:37:29z Reply QSL. TNX/73!{62
K0FFY XE3N-1 04/30 23:36:17z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{61
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 04/30 20:38:27z Reply hi fr el99{65
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 04/30 20:37:49z Send another Hello Patrick have a nice sunday!{85
EA8BYW XE3N-1 04/30 17:23:00z Reply saludos desde Espa¤a {23
EA8BYW XE3N-1 04/30 17:22:56z Reply como estas ?{22
EA8BYW XE3N-1 04/30 17:22:54z Reply buenas tardes{21
EA8BYW XE3N-1 04/30 17:22:50z Reply Hola {20
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 04/30 10:55:11z Reply hi fr el99{62
XE3N-1 CO5JR 04/29 11:46:53z Send another hola amigo gracias QSL 73{59
CO5JR XE3N-1 04/29 11:44:14z Reply I copy you via ISS 73 chaoooo
XE3N-1 CM5ADR 04/27 21:40:25z Send another Hola amigo saludos via ISS{53
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ 04/27 21:38:51z Send another Many thanls friend best 73's{52
9Z4DZ XE3N-1 04/27 20:09:25z Reply Gud Health, strength and prosperity 2 u & ur family de 9Z4DZ
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 04/27 13:29:52z Send another I can hear You fb 73{50
XE3N-1 KB6IGK-7 04/27 13:29:01z Send another QSL friend via ISS 73 EL60{49
XE3N-1 KB6IGK-7 04/27 13:27:58z Send another Hello Frien QSL via ISS 73{48
WD9EWK XE3N-1 04/27 13:26:54z Reply hola zalo{1
WD9EWK XE3N-1 04/27 13:25:49z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
CO5JR XE3N-1 04/26 20:57:40z Reply saludos amigo
XE3N-1 CO5JR 04/26 20:55:49z Send another Saludos desde EL60 73{43
XE3N-1 VE3GTC 04/26 20:55:21z Send another Catch You on ISS from EL60{42
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ 04/26 12:43:13z Send another Hello Stephenson via ISS from EL60{35
9Z4DZ XE3N-1 04/26 11:08:14z Reply Great seeing you on the pass de 9Z4DZ
9Z4DZ XE3N-1 04/26 11:07:57z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
XE3N-1 XE2UR 04/25 13:34:39z Send another Saludos desde Playa del Carmen{28
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/24 22:41:16z Reply hello good to see you
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/24 22:41:08z Send another Hello friend, best 73{26
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/24 22:41:03z Send another QSL via ISS 73{25
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/24 22:40:53z Reply hello
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/24 22:40:25z Reply 73 via ISS n1rcn el87
XE3N-1 KB6IGK-7 04/24 22:38:05z Send another QSL om 73 EL60{24
KB6IGK-7 XE3N-1 04/24 22:37:48z Reply Hi de EM10 TX{52
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 04/24 14:30:32z Reply hi fr el99{24
KB2M-1 XE3N-1 04/24 14:30:19z Reply hi fr el99{25
XE3N-1 CM8DAC 04/24 12:53:45z Send another Saludos Darvin 73 via ISS{22
CM8DAC XE3N-1 04/24 12:53:25z Reply email cm8dac@frcuba.cu
KC5QFL-7 XE3N-1 04/23 23:29:11z Reply HI from el09po {3
XE3N-1 WD9EWK 04/23 23:28:57z Send another Hola Amigo QSL via ISS 73{15
WD9EWK XE3N-1 04/23 23:28:20z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {5
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/22 22:49:50z Send another Hello via ISS EL60{13
XE3N-1 K1WY 04/22 22:46:31z Send another Hello friend via ISS{08
XE3N-1 HEARD 04/22 22:46:18z Send another {09
KB6IGK XE3N-1 04/21 15:27:50z Reply Hi de EM10 TX{5
KB6IGK XE3N-1 04/21 15:27:50z Reply Hi de EM10 TX{4
KB6IGK XE3N-1 04/21 15:27:44z Reply Hi de EM10 TX{2
XE3N-1 RS0ISS 04/21 15:27:39z Send another Enjoy the universe!{05
ISS XE3N-1 04/21 00:37:39z Reply SW^46 SSE LOS 5m4s{AU}
ISS XE3N-1 04/21 00:33:52z Reply W^35 SW^47 SSE LOS 6m8s{AT}
KC5QFL-7 XE3N-1 04/21 00:30:11z Reply HI from el09po {2
ISS XE3N-1 04/21 00:30:07z Reply NW^15 SW^47 SSE LOS 7m43s{AS}
XE3N-1 ISS 04/21 00:30:07z Send another Enjoy the Universe Friends!{04