XE3ARV-2 messages

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XE3ARV-2 XE3EA 09/04 08:34:22z Send another hello
XE3ARV-2 XE3EA 08/31 01:45:20z Send another 73s{29
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/31 01:42:25z Send another 73s{26
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/31 01:42:14z Send another saludos zalo !!{25
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/31 01:41:00z Send another saludos {24
K5DNA XE3ARV-2 08/27 16:57:39z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{55
K4KDR-6 XE3ARV-2 08/27 16:57:27z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KI4ASK-7 XE3ARV-2 08/27 16:56:58z Reply 73 via ISS{1
KB2M-4 XE3ARV-2 08/25 10:25:12z Reply GM EL99{42
XE3ARV-2 KB2M-4 08/25 10:20:31z Send another GM{16
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/25 10:19:00z Send another 7 grados{15
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/25 10:17:25z Send another 2 grados de el{12
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/24 02:37:05z Send another lapan{05
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/24 02:34:44z Send another SALUDOS DESDE ao-86{01
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/22 19:51:26z Send another Gracias Armando 73's
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/22 19:20:01z Send another 73S{97
XE3ARV-2 KD2OJQ-7 08/22 19:17:41z Send another 559 HR{92
KD2OJQ-7 XE3ARV-2 08/22 19:17:36z Reply Heard you FM03 Myrtle Beach SC{5
K5DNA XE3ARV-2 08/22 19:17:20z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{33
K5DNA XE3ARV-2 08/22 19:16:03z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{30
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/22 11:07:26z Send another GM ZALO{90
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/22 11:06:53z Send another GM ZALO{89
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/22 11:06:26z Send another GM ZALO{88
XE3ARV-2 XE3N-2 08/22 11:04:31z Send another GM ZALO{87
K5DNA XE3ARV-2 08/14 22:35:25z Reply Qsl 599 73
XE3ARV-2 K5DNA 08/14 22:26:57z Send another qsl ?{73
N1RCN-6 XE3ARV-2 08/14 22:26:52z Reply >>de n1rcn qsl?
XE3ARV-2 K5DNA 08/14 22:26:16z Send another 599{72
XE3ARV-2 KB2M-4 08/14 22:25:40z Send another {70
XE3N XE3ARV-2 08/13 15:47:37z Reply a la noche hacemos una prueba{10
XE3ARV-2 XE3N 08/13 15:02:37z Send another tengo una vertical y escucho aqui{54
XE3ARV-2 XE3N 08/13 15:00:50z Send another estas en vhf FM ??{52
XE3ARV-2 XE3N 08/13 15:00:22z Send another gracias x el satgate !!{51
XE3ARV-2 XE3N 08/13 14:59:06z Send another saludos Gonzalo..73s}{48
XE3N XE3ARV-2 08/13 02:56:42z Reply Saludos Armando 73{09
KA4NYW XE3ARV-2 08/12 14:13:39z Reply email me shatfield56@gmail.com{15
XE3ARV-2 TG9ALY-2 08/09 14:57:44z Send another 73s{35
XE3ARV-2 K5DNA 08/09 01:42:35z Send another dont cpy un packet, all the best to you and yours
K5DNA XE3ARV-2 08/09 01:32:44z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{56
XE3ARV-2 KE4AZZ-6 08/08 02:40:34z Send another qsl !
KE4AZZ-6 XE3ARV-2 08/06 17:23:44z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{55