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WP4T KG4WKX-1 10/15 13:13:28z Send another Hello!!! Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.{52
WP4T YV5KXE 10/15 02:45:01z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!{51
WP4T WP4QIB-5 10/14 16:28:39z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!{50
WP4T WP4PWS-7 10/14 16:26:24z Send another Saludos, buen viaje 73'{49
WP4T KP4IA 10/14 15:57:01z Send another :) Cool!!!!{48
KP4IA WP4T 10/14 15:39:09z Reply 73s{12
WP4T KP4IA 10/14 15:38:39z Send another Gracias, buen trabajo 73'{47
KP4IA WP4T 10/14 15:32:53z Reply IT WAS ON PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, 73s{10
KP4IA WP4T 10/14 15:30:25z Reply DANDOLE CARI¤O A LOS SISTEMAS... 73s{09
WP4T KP4IA 10/14 15:27:56z Send another Saludos, copiando muy bien JAYUYA en Boqueron!!!{46
WP4T 9Y4D-8 10/10 00:34:14z Send another 73'
9Y4D-8 WP4T 10/10 00:33:05z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS WOULD BE MY GUESS.:)
WP4T WP4FD-5 10/04 01:27:06z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!{45
WP4T WP4FD-5 10/04 01:16:54z Send another 73'{44
WP4T ALL 10/03 22:29:17z Send another QRZ?{43
KP4UHF-10 WP4T 10/03 21:08:06z Reply 73{69
WP4T ALL 10/03 17:05:11z Send another QRZ?{42
WP4T NP3QL-10 10/02 22:19:36z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!! 73'{41
WP4T NP4DG-9 10/02 22:03:00z Send another Dannyyyyyyy!!!!!{40
KP3FT-2 WP4T 10/02 21:57:49z Reply igual{KP}
WP4T KP3FT-2 10/02 21:56:05z Send another 73' Gracias por el QSO!!!{39
KP3FT-2 WP4T 10/02 21:54:18z Reply mucho gusto, 73{KO}
WP4T KP3FT-2 10/02 21:52:36z Send another Walter 73'{38
KP3FT-2 WP4T 10/02 21:50:40z Reply Nombre es Jeff{KN}
WP4T KP3FT-2 10/02 21:49:57z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!{37
KP3FT-2 WP4T 10/02 21:49:39z Reply saludos desde Ponce{KM}
WP4T ALL 10/02 21:48:02z Send another QRZ?{36
NP3FS WP4T 09/20 01:00:55z Reply Buenas noches, 73!{9
KP4VET-1 WP4T 09/19 23:46:43z Reply 73'S FROM KP4VET{34
WP4T NP4DG-9 09/19 22:01:38z Send another Te pareces a Wajo!!!{33
WP4T KP4MDE 09/13 22:28:43z Send another 73'{34
KP4MDE WP4T 09/13 22:27:06z Reply OK WALTER{02
WP4T ALL < 09/13 22:10:29z Send another Recomm
WP4T ALL 09/13 22:09:00z Send another QRZ?{32
KP4VET-1 WP4T 09/13 13:43:16z Reply OK copiado muy bien que tengas buen dia{12
KP4VET-1 WP4T 09/13 13:43:00z Reply Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!gracias soy nuevo en esto{11
WP4T KP4VET-1 09/13 13:41:38z Send another OK copiado muy bien tu mensaje 73`{31
WP4T KP4VET-1 09/13 13:37:32z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!{30
KP4VET-1 WP4T 09/13 13:37:08z Reply saludos desde camuy 73's{10
NP3FS WP4T 09/11 20:42:17z Reply Deseando buenas tardes!{5
WP4T HI8V-1 09/11 13:30:58z Send another 73'{29
WP4T NP4DG-9 09/10 22:12:14z Send another Dannyyyyyyy!!!!!!{28
WP4T :Dannyy! 09/10 22:11:13z Send another !{28
WP4T NP4DG-9 09/10 22:05:21z Send another Dannyyyyyyy!!!!!!{27
NP4DG-9 WP4T 09/10 13:10:22z Reply que paso{5
WP4T HI8V-1 09/09 21:27:00z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!{26
KP3FT-2 WP4T 09/08 19:54:14z Reply soy vamo a Cabo Rojo esta noche{GB}
WP4T W9JS-1 09/08 17:24:54z Send another Hello!!! Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.{25
KP4UHF-10 WP4T 09/08 16:24:05z Reply 73 desde Ponce{67
WP4T ALL 09/08 16:21:13z Send another QRZ?{24
NP4IL WP4T 09/04 22:17:49z Reply Saludos desde Adjuntas...{2
WP4T NP4IL 09/04 20:41:45z Send another 73'{23
WP4CL-7 WP4T 09/02 18:17:18z Reply test{82
NP3FS WP4T 09/02 18:03:54z Reply Buen fin de semana!{2
WP4T WP3B 09/02 15:23:09z Send another 73'{22
WP4T IW4EGP-10 08/29 22:55:04z Send another Hello!!! Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.{21
WP4T KP3L-9 08/28 21:08:10z Send another 73' Mitchel !!!!{20
WP4T KP3L-9 08/28 21:03:15z Send another 73' Mitchel !!!{19
WP4T ALL 08/28 20:33:37z Send another QRZ?{18
WP4T WP4T-7 08/27 22:30:14z Send another 73'{17
WP4NYS-9 WP4T 08/27 21:24:02z Reply 10-4{10
WP4T WP4NYS-9 08/27 21:21:03z Send another Recuerda entrar a Walgreens.{16
WP4NYS-9 WP4T 08/27 21:07:25z Reply :({09
WP4T WP4NYS-9 08/27 21:07:02z Send another Que jodia!!!!{15
WP4NYS-9 WP4T 08/27 21:03:27z Reply TAPON!{08
WP4CL-7 WP4T 08/27 16:17:30z Reply test{51
WP4T KP3FT 08/26 22:45:12z Send another 73'{14
KP3FT WP4T 08/26 22:41:01z Reply ok Walter, 73, gud to meet u{DD}
WP4T KP3FT 08/26 22:39:26z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!!{13
KP3FT WP4T 08/26 22:37:48z Reply Hola Walter{DA}
WP4T NP4IL-10 08/26 17:58:13z Send another Si*Perfecto.{12
NP4IL-10 WP4T 08/26 17:56:25z Reply gracias 73. {2
WP4T NP4IL-10 08/26 17:54:35z Send another Desde Cabo Rojo 73'{11
NP4IL-10 WP4T 08/26 17:53:09z Reply Saludos desde adjuntas. puedes ver este mensaje?{1
WP4T KP4RY-7 08/25 21:21:26z Send another Saludos desde Cabo Rojo!{10
WP4T WP4CL-7 08/25 21:21:00z Send another Copiando Roncador excelente en Cabo Rojo.{9
WP4CL-7 WP4T 08/25 21:17:33z Reply grax por la prueba!{28
WP4T WP3OD-1 08/25 21:16:57z Send another 73'10-8 via APRS{8
WP4CL-7 WP4T 08/25 21:14:49z Reply 73 cesar portatil utuado a lares probando el digi nuevo roncad-1{27
WP4T WP4CL-7 08/25 21:13:12z Send another Buenas tardes !! WP4T Cabo Rojo.{7
KP4RY-7 WP4T 08/25 21:12:49z Reply Buenas Tardes lares{41
WP3OD-1 WP4T 08/25 21:10:31z Reply saludos{22
WP4T WP3OD-1 08/25 20:57:30z Send another Buenas tardes Ruper !!{6
WP4CL-7 WP4T 08/25 20:53:46z Reply saludos testing{22
WP3B-9 WP4T 08/18 17:24:06z Reply 73 desde Lares Puerto Rico {1