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WN9M VA3NNA 05/21 03:59:24z Send another You're 599 in EN55. Op is Dean
WD9EWK WN9M 05/21 03:58:01z Reply Hi! EN70/80 in OH {8
WN9Q WN9M 05/21 03:57:18z Reply 59 en 64 hello
VA3NNA WN9M 05/21 03:57:15z Reply UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?
WN9M WN9Q 05/21 03:56:57z Send another Hello from Dean in Merrill, Wisconsin via the ISS.
WN9Q WN9M 04/16 23:09:04z Reply QSL
WN9M WN9Q 04/16 23:08:49z Send another 73 de EN55
WN9Q WN9M 04/16 23:07:28z Reply 59 en 64
VE3XC WN9M 04/03 05:24:08z Reply Good Contact 599 in FN02 (My Lat and Long must be wrong)
WN9M VE3XC 04/03 04:53:36z Send another Tnx You're 599 in EN55. Op is Dean