WD9EWK-9 messages

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WD9EWK-9 XE2TPJ-9 06/18 17:58:13z Send another hola Eliseo! {0
KI7KIM WD9EWK-9 06/09 19:03:32z Reply Wow! You are my first APRS contact.{7
WD9EWK-9 KI7KIM 06/03 05:29:50z Send another hi {0
KI7KIM WD9EWK-9 06/03 05:27:30z Reply This is Scott in Mesa{6
KI7KIM WD9EWK-9 06/03 05:24:49z Reply Good evening{5
KI7KIM WD9EWK-9 06/03 05:22:41z Reply Good evening{4
WE4B WD9EWK-9 06/03 04:03:43z Reply Be safe on the side of the road!
AI6DO-7 WD9EWK-9 05/24 23:45:45z Reply QSL 73 de AI6DO {38
W9EN-9 WD9EWK-9 05/22 02:15:10z Reply hi patrick qsw 441.100 T103 if ur in range{1
W9EN-9 WD9EWK-9 05/22 02:11:26z Reply hi patrick{5
WD9EWK-9 W9EN-9 05/22 02:09:13z Send another hi{0
WD9EWK-9 EMAIL 05/05 23:05:36z Send another wd9ewk@amsat.org DM52iv {96
K7TAB-9 WD9EWK-9 04/28 15:29:36z Reply fs3 now{03
K7TAB-9 WD9EWK-9 04/28 15:25:11z Reply yes2 wmplota{02
WD9EWK-9 K7TAB-9 04/28 15:22:25z Send another nice @ 38 st/thomas now for ao85 {94
K7TAB-9 WD9EWK-9 04/28 15:20:41z Reply hi{01
WD9EWK-9 K7TAB-9 04/28 15:17:48z Send another nice 2 c u doing wmplota? {93
WD9EWK-9 K7TAB-9 04/28 15:15:27z Send another hi{92
WD9EWK-9 WE4B 04/15 04:56:05z Send another tnx jeff ao92 in 10 min {91
WE4B WD9EWK-9 04/15 04:45:15z Reply Be safe in your travels!