WD0AKO-7 messages

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WD0AKO-7 WD9EWK 07/16 07:21:19z Send another Morning{35
WD0AKO-7 K9JKM 07/08 15:57:42z Send another Hi{34
WD0AKO-7 K9JKM 07/08 15:57:18z Send another Hi{33
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/08 14:18:39z Send another Hi{29
WD0AKO-7 WD9EWK 07/08 12:41:41z Send another Hi from EN16{27
WD0AKO-7 WD9EWK 07/08 12:40:36z Send another Hi from EN16{28
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/05 16:55:34z Reply Hi dale via iss{2
K0STK WD0AKO-7 07/05 16:10:40z Reply We had a spectacular view from our bedroom balcony{0u}
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/05 15:18:36z Send another hi{21
K0STK WD0AKO-7 07/04 17:32:11z Reply Going to shoot some off tonight?{0t}
WD0AKO-7 K0STK 07/04 16:43:33z Send another No watch them in DL after supper at Zorbaz
K0STK WD0AKO-7 07/04 15:27:04z Reply Happy 4th of July!{0o}
WD0AKO-7 KC9YTT 07/04 14:48:02z Send another Thx 73 Happy 4th
WD0AKO-7 K0STK 07/04 14:46:11z Send another Happy 4th!
WD0AKO-7 WD0AKO-7 07/04 13:10:40z Send another CQ{20
WD0AKO-7 K1WY 07/04 12:57:13z Send another Hifrom EN16{18
WD0AKO-7 K9JKM 07/03 13:50:33z Send another 73 from EN73{16
WD0AKO-7 K9JKM 07/03 13:50:26z Send another 73 from EN73{15
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/02 16:20:15z Reply Hi dale via iss{1
N1RCN WD0AKO-7 07/01 18:50:46z Reply 73 via ISS n1rcn el87 n1rcn@amsat.org
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/01 18:50:37z Send another 73{11
WD0AKO-7 RS0ISS 07/01 17:12:17z Send another Hi{10
WD0AKO-7 RS0ISS 07/01 17:12:10z Send another Hi{09
WD0AKO-7 K9JKM 07/01 15:33:18z Send another Hi from EN17.{08
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/01 13:56:23z Send another Hi from EN17 via ISS 73{01
KC9YTT WD0AKO-7 06/25 20:48:26z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 06/25 17:37:09z Reply Hi via iss{1