WC4FM-15 messages

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WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 03/22 22:37:46z Reply the week sending packets up to space....{EG}
WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 03/22 22:16:15z Reply Enjpoy the ISS pass over Georgia. APRS is having fun every day of+{EF}
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-1 03/22 21:53:14z Send another hello{20
WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 03/22 21:46:53z Reply hello{EE}
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:56:37z Send another bcn{19
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:56:01z Send another bcn{18
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:55:07z Send another bcn{17
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:52:12z Reply DX=1*NE4SC-12(270mi@86°)
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:52:12z Reply IGate[2/2] DigiRig[Simply(KISS)] Bi-Directional+
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:52:12z Reply IGate[1/2] MSG_CNT=1 LOC_CNT=79 DIR_CNT=11 RF_CNT=94
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:52:11z Send another ?igate{16
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:49:32z Send another qas{15
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:45:03z Reply Support[2/2]:?APRST/?PING? ?ABOUT/?APRSV/?VER ?CPU ?DX ?IGATE
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:45:03z Reply Support[1/2]: ?APRSD ?APRSL ?APRSH ?APRSM ?APRSO ?APRSP ?APRSS
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:45:03z Send another ?wx?{14
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:41:45z Reply WC4FM-15(0) R: 4
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:41:45z Send another ?aprsh{13
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:32:56z Reply Directs[2/2]:NE4SC-12 W4GWM-1 WC4FM-15 WR4EC-10
WC4FM-3 WC4FM-15 03/22 12:32:56z Reply Directs[1/2]:AB4KN-2 AK4ZX-15 KD4YDD-1 KO4OZC-1 N3DAB-1 N4NE-2
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-3 03/22 12:32:56z Send another ?aprsd?{12
WC4FM-15 KQ4CDU-7 03/20 23:50:48z Send another HAVING FUN OVER ISS! me too{10
KQ4CDU-7 WC4FM-15 03/20 23:49:11z Reply HAVING FUN OVER ISS! {12
KQ4CDU-7 WC4FM-15 03/20 00:39:34z Reply HAVING FUN OVER ISS! {11
WC4FM-15 N1RCN 03/19 01:38:46z Send another thanks for the report have a great day
N1RCN WC4FM-15 03/18 23:50:00z Reply Hello from EL87
W7BAZ WC4FM-15 03/18 23:49:50z Reply Hello from EN73 {88
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 03/17 22:44:44z Reply catch the message
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 03/17 22:42:58z Reply talk to me
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-2 03/17 22:42:44z Send another hello{09
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 03/17 22:40:46z Reply test
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-2 03/17 22:40:15z Send another test{08
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 03/17 22:36:36z Reply hello{GM}
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 03/17 22:33:16z Reply test{EX}
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 02/26 16:54:52z Reply hello from the ground and down
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 02/26 15:30:36z Reply hello hello hello
WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 02/26 14:37:14z Reply hello
WC4FM-15 WC4FM-2 02/26 14:23:43z Send another fixt you get disconnected from?{07
WC4FM-15 KJ4LY-9 02/26 14:23:37z Send another hello{06
WC4FM-15 WC4FM 02/21 18:35:22z Send another helo{03
WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 02/21 18:26:36z Reply abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 02/21 18:25:11z Reply test of the radio
WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 02/21 18:23:13z Reply hello{RH}
WC4FM-1 WC4FM-15 02/21 18:18:45z Reply test{RG}
WC4FM-15 KJ4LY 02/19 18:34:27z Send another what are u doing Charles?{02
WC4FM-2 WC4FM-15 01/27 02:17:14z Reply what you get disconnected from?{NP}
NX1Q-5 WC4FM-15 01/27 01:05:53z Reply Got disconnected {1
KD4CHW-9 WC4FM-15 01/17 21:33:22z Reply howdee{27