WB9ZLM messages

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W8IJC-7 WB9ZLM 04/08 18:17:55z Reply 73!{05
WA2FHJ WB9ZLM 04/08 17:46:44z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
WB9ZLM W8IJC-7 04/08 17:46:30z Send another 599 EN50DU{7Z}94
WB9ZLM WA2FHJ 04/08 17:46:25z Send another Hi Doug{7a}
WA2FHJ WB9ZLM 04/08 17:46:19z Reply hi doug fn13
W8IJC-7 WB9ZLM 04/08 17:45:49z Reply 599 EN91{94
WB9ZLM WE4B 04/08 17:45:38z Send another Hi{7Y}
WB9ZLM CQ 04/08 17:45:09z Send another CQ via ISS de Bill at EN50DU (Central IL){7X}
KA9KEX WB9ZLM 03/31 21:16:28z Reply Roger. Just picked this up.{02}7G
WB9ZLM KA9KEX 03/31 18:28:29z Send another Don't need a monitor now. Got this one working!{7G}
WB9ZLM KA9KEX 02/20 19:08:51z Send another it works{7G}01
KA9KEX WB9ZLM 02/17 17:07:37z Reply Testing new load of Xastir{01}