WB5PJB messages

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WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 14:54:31z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{3
W0DDP-3 WB5PJB 07/06 14:54:30z Reply hi{8
W0DDP-3 WB5PJB 07/06 14:54:17z Reply Which one did you just send to? Got it on 7&3{2
WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 14:53:36z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{2
W0DDP-3 WB5PJB 07/06 14:53:31z Reply got it{5
WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 14:53:21z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{1
W0DDP-3 WB5PJB 07/06 14:53:17z Reply Which one did you just send to? Got it on 7&3{1
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/06 04:34:32z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{14
W0DDP-7 WB5PJB 07/06 04:34:27z Reply test back{26
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/06 04:32:57z Send another Test to DDP-7.{13
WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 04:31:51z Send another Test to DDP-3.{12
WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 04:00:55z Send another Hello Denny.{11
WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 03:52:18z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{10
W0DDP-3 WB5PJB 07/06 03:52:14z Reply AA:Hello from W0DDP
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/06 00:39:20z Send another First rider at Check #3. (Test){9
W0DDP-7 WB5PJB 07/06 00:37:08z Reply ARESDEC 447.150{21
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/06 00:33:47z Send another First rider at Rest #2. (Test){7
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/06 00:31:01z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{6
W0DDP-7 WB5PJB 07/06 00:30:51z Reply hey2{19
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/06 00:27:56z Send another DDP-7 works fine.{5
W0DDP-7 WB5PJB 07/06 00:25:41z Reply hey{17
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/06 00:25:06z Send another Hi, Denny!{3
WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 00:18:37z Send another Test message to W0DDP-3 on 7/5/17 @ 18:18{2
WB5PJB W0DDP-3 07/06 00:14:25z Send another Oh, I guess I can send a message without having heard a station.{1
WB5PJB N4JJR-9 07/05 00:54:43z Send another See you in Steamboat Springs.{11
WB5PJB N4JJR-9 07/05 00:50:45z Send another @18:50{10
WB5PJB N4JJR-9 07/04 19:07:46z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{9
N4JJR-9 WB5PJB 07/04 19:07:42z Reply Test message sent via PinPoint on 7/4/17 @ 0912 hrs.{06
W0DDP WB5PJB 07/04 18:57:19z Reply Just pulled up my iGate. Figured I would send a message.{C0002
WB5PJB W0DDP 07/04 18:56:24z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{8
WB5PJB KA0BSA-9 07/04 17:19:59z Send another Happy 4th of July!{7
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/04 16:59:53z Send another No, it was through WD4IXD-10 digi.{6
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/04 16:57:27z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{5
W0DDP-7 WB5PJB 07/04 16:57:22z Reply Was it direct RF? @QTH{13
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/04 16:52:26z Send another Greetings from WB5PJB{4
W0DDP-7 WB5PJB 07/04 16:52:22z Reply truckin{12
WB5PJB W0DDP-7 07/04 16:49:58z Send another Bike safely, Denny!{3
WB5PJB N0ESQ-9 07/04 15:47:35z Send another Happy 4th of July!{2
WB5PJB N4JJR-9 07/04 15:13:12z Send another Test message sent via PinPoint on 7/4/17 @ 0912 hrs.{1
WB5PJB WB5PJB 07/04 02:31:41z Send another Test message from PP.{1
CF7EWK WB5PJB 05/22 04:43:24z Reply Hi! EN92 in Ontario {4
KB6IGK-7 WB5PJB 05/14 14:52:54z Reply Hi de EM10 TX{7
KB6IGK-7 WB5PJB 05/14 14:51:18z Reply Hi de EM10 TX{4
CG7CEW WB5PJB 05/14 14:47:19z Reply qsl de CG7CEW hi from CN89