W9DWJ-1 messages

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W9DWJ-1 K9JKM 11/08 14:51:13z Send another Thanks!
EMAIL-2 W9DWJ-1 11/08 14:37:57z Reply Email sent to david.johnson.bbq@gmail.com{533
EMAIL-2 W9DWJ-1 11/08 14:36:56z Reply Email sent to david.johnson.bbq@gmail.com{532
W9DWJ-1 EMAIL-2 11/08 14:35:56z Send another me test iss{24
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/08 14:35:52z Send another @3092537942 test sms iss{22
W9DWJ-1 EMAIL-2 11/08 14:35:50z Send another me test 22{21
EMAIL-2 W9DWJ-1 11/08 14:34:30z Reply Email sent to david.johnson.bbq@gmail.com{531
K9JKM W9DWJ-1 11/08 14:34:27z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
W9DWJ-1 EMAIL-2 11/08 14:33:56z Send another me test 22{23
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/08 14:33:23z Send another @3092537942 test smss{20
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/08 00:39:25z Send another @3092537942 test sms{19
EMAIL-2 W9DWJ-1 11/08 00:35:13z Reply me added.{529
W9DWJ-1 EMAIL-2 11/08 00:35:11z Send another me test 2{18
W9DWJ-1 EMAIL-2 11/08 00:35:10z Send another me david.johnson.bbq@gmail.com{17
EMAIL-2 W9DWJ-1 11/08 00:35:06z Reply Email sent to david.johnson.bbq@gmail.com{530
EMAIL-2 W9DWJ-1 11/08 00:29:59z Reply Email sent to david.johnson.bbq@gmail.com{528
W9DWJ-1 EMAIL-2 11/08 00:29:59z Send another david.johnson.bbq@gmail.com test{16
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/05 15:45:24z Send another @3092537942 test{14
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/05 15:44:23z Send another @3092537942 test1{15
K4KDR-6 W9DWJ-1 11/03 01:06:13z Reply Great! The ISS & other sats are a lot of fun. 73!
W9DWJ-1 K4KDR-6 11/02 17:02:33z Send another Thanks! Just starting to figure out this ISS stuff.
K4KDR-6 W9DWJ-1 11/02 16:36:02z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/02 16:35:35z Send another @3092537942 t3jk{4
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/02 16:15:16z Send another @3092537942 t3j{3
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/02 16:15:13z Send another @3092537942 t31{2
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/02 09:53:27z Send another @3092537942 t3{1
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/02 09:42:49z Send another @3092537942 test msg2{0
W9DWJ-1 SMSGTE 11/01 20:59:13z Send another @3092537942 test msg{5