W8QVQ-7 messages

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KF0BMD-6 W8QVQ-7 11/24 22:19:59z Reply Via ISS Happy Thanksgiving to you to 73's
W8QVQ-7 AB4WS-4 11/24 22:17:19z Send another Happy Thanksgiving from W8QVQ via the ISS.{2
W8QVQ-7 KF0BMD-6 11/24 22:16:15z Send another Happy Thanksgiving {1
W8QVQ-7 N1RCN 11/24 03:59:14z Send another Happy Thanksgiving from W8QVQ EM78qx{2
W8QVQ-7 RS0ISS 11/24 03:58:41z Send another Safe journey and happy Thanksgiving from W8QVQ. {1
N1RCN W8QVQ-7 11/23 21:29:44z Reply OSL and 73
W8QVQ-7 N1RCN 11/23 21:29:07z Send another Good evening {1
N1RCN W8QVQ-7 11/23 21:29:01z Reply Good Afternoon via ISS !
W8QVQ-7 W8QVQ 11/23 21:28:36z Send another The ISS has heard you!{1
W8QVQ-7 AB4WS 11/23 21:28:14z Send another Hello from W8QVQ via the ISS.{3
K4KDR-6 W8QVQ-7 11/20 22:18:07z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
W8QVQ-7 AB4WS 11/20 22:17:54z Send another W8QVQ via the ISS.{1
W8QVQ-7 TG5ALY-4 11/20 22:17:49z Send another Hello{1
N1RCN W8QVQ-7 11/20 22:15:41z Reply Hello! Good Evening from EL87
W8QVQ-7 AB4WS 11/20 22:15:25z Send another K{2