W8LC-9 messages

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W8LC-9 N8XJA-9 09/18 22:39:27z Send another Hi via ISS{10
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/18 22:38:52z Reply test2{19
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/18 16:58:39z Reply test2{16
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/18 16:57:31z Reply test{15
W8LC-9 N8XJA-9 09/16 16:02:27z Send another same here.have to do that agn sometime{09
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/16 14:04:47z Reply hi{11
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/15 21:35:08z Reply hi {09
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/15 21:28:54z Reply Hi t9 works{08
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/15 21:26:39z Reply t{07
W8LC-9 N8XJA-9 09/15 21:26:16z Send another works o{07
N8XJA-9 W8LC-9 09/05 21:27:44z Reply Hope you guys are having a good trip. Safe travels!{05
W8LC-9 N8XJA-9 09/03 00:44:46z Send another Looks like you got it working{06