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W8JES-9 K3RLD-1 10/02 21:22:39z Send another Driving, Try me on 146.520 73's
K3RLD-1 W8JES-9 10/02 21:22:31z Reply YOU ARE 599 INTO FN20, QSL?{16
K3RLD-1 W8JES-9 10/01 21:54:05z Reply YOU ARE 599 INTO FN20, QSL?{5
K8CPA W8JES-9 10/01 14:39:31z Reply Allow me to correct you. Jesus Christ is the Way,The Truth and Life{86
NB3T W8JES-9 09/30 22:47:14z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{10