W7QL messages

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TA5AHO-7 W7QL 11/18 20:17:05z Reply Greetings from Turkey.
W7QL KC7MG-9 11/03 18:52:06z Send another HI JACK
W7QL KB6LTY-3 11/03 18:50:27z Send another RR 73 CHRISTY
KB6LTY-3 W7QL 11/03 18:50:02z Reply QSL TNX - 73 CHRISTY APPLE VALEY DM14 KB6LTY
W7QL KB6LTY-3 11/03 18:49:48z Send another HI CHRISTY
KB6LTY-3 W7QL 11/03 18:48:39z Reply HELLO VIA ISS /NO-84- 73 CHRISTY APPLE VALEY DM14 KB6LTY
WN9Q W7QL 10/31 16:39:38z Reply 59 en64
W7QL KB6LTY-3 10/22 16:26:16z Send another 73 CHRISTY
WD9EWK W7QL 10/21 23:48:20z Reply TNX/73! {6
WD9EWK W7QL 10/21 23:48:04z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {5
W7QL WD9EWK 10/21 23:47:56z Send another HI PATRICK!
KB6IGK W7QL 10/19 23:58:02z Reply TNX 73!{2
KB6IGK W7QL 10/19 23:58:00z Reply TNX 73!{1
KB6IGK W7QL 10/19 23:56:57z Reply TNX 73!{3
W7QL KB6IGK 10/19 23:55:38z Send another HELLO FROM DN40,
KB6IGK W7QL 10/19 23:55:29z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL?{0
K9JKM W7QL 10/16 18:28:43z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
KC9YTT W7QL 10/14 20:13:24z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
KA7FVV-7 W7QL 10/14 20:13:05z Reply Hello there.Nice to see you{03
KB6IGK W7QL 09/26 01:27:34z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL?{6
KB6IGK W7QL 09/26 01:27:32z Reply TNX 73! {5
W7QL KB6IGK 09/26 01:27:30z Send another QSL, 73
W7QL KK6OTJ-7 09/21 04:13:52z Send another HI MARK
W7QL WD9EWK 09/21 04:12:44z Send another HI PATRICK
WD9EWK W7QL 09/21 04:12:16z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {3
KB6LTY-3 W7QL 09/21 04:12:12z Reply HELLO Carlos 73 via ISS christy kb6lty DM14
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 09/21 04:11:43z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{65
W7QL N6UTC-9 09/21 04:11:40z Send another HIFROM DN40
N6UTC-8 W7QL 09/20 05:23:37z Reply THX from SoCal de N6UTC{22
N6UTC-8 W7QL 09/20 05:21:30z Reply THX from SoCal de N6UTC{23
W7QL WD9EWK 09/20 05:05:02z Send another RR, 73, SEE YOU IN RENO
N6UTC-9 W7QL 09/20 05:02:57z Reply THX from SoCal de N6UTC{21
W7QL N6UTC-9 09/20 05:02:36z Send another RR, TNX AND 73
WD9EWK W7QL 09/20 05:02:22z Reply dm43 az{3