W7QL messages

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WA4ETI W7QL 05/29 01:49:45z Reply Hello from NW Georgia!
AD5MT-4 W7QL 05/29 01:46:35z Reply 73! thx for the contact
AD5MT-4 W7QL 05/29 01:46:22z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
W7QL KK6OTJ-7 05/29 01:46:01z Send another HELLO MARK
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 05/29 01:43:48z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{92
KC0MYW W7QL 05/26 04:25:35z Reply hello de kc0myw en05{1
KC0MYW W7QL 05/26 04:25:33z Reply qsl tu 73{2
W7QL KC0MYW 05/26 04:24:55z Send another RR 73
CG7CEW W7QL 05/26 04:22:19z Reply qsl de CG7CEW hi from CN89
W7QL CG7CEW 05/26 04:22:14z Send another 73 CHRIS
W7QL CG7CEW 05/26 04:21:34z Send another HI CHRIS
W7QL CG7CEW 05/26 04:21:06z Send another 73, MARK
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 05/26 04:20:48z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{65
W7QL KK6OTJ-7 05/26 04:20:29z Send another HI MARK
W7QL KB6LTY 05/25 05:14:50z Send another HI CHRISTY
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 05/25 05:11:22z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{45
N6UA W7QL 05/07 17:42:58z Reply TNX QSO/73 de DN70{57
N6UA W7QL 05/07 17:42:34z Reply Thanks 4 call{58
KK6QMS W7QL 05/07 17:38:53z Reply Greetings from Venice Beach , CA! 73
KB6IGK-7 W7QL 05/06 18:37:20z Reply TNX for call. EM10 in TX {90
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 05/06 18:32:58z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{16
W7QL KK6OTJ-7 05/06 18:32:21z Send another RR MARK
W7QL KO6TZ 05/05 17:51:08z Send another HELLO BOB
W7QL KC7MG-9 05/04 18:43:42z Send another QSL and 73, JACK
KC7MG-9 W7QL 05/04 18:43:03z Reply greetings from Az DM42
W7QL N6UA 05/04 18:42:52z Send another HOW IS THE D72?
N7utx W7QL 05/03 18:10:43z Reply I NEED ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CALL ME ASAP!{17}
KC7MG-7 W7QL 05/02 20:27:36z Reply grid dm42 arizona{48
W7QL KC7MG-7 05/02 20:27:15z Send another HI JACK
K6VUG-2 W7QL 05/02 20:23:25z Reply Tnx, K6VUG@sbcglobal.net
KC7MG-7 W7QL 05/01 19:42:01z Reply grid dm42 arizona{30
KC5QFL-7 W7QL 04/27 21:35:42z Reply HI from el09po {2
KC7MG-7 W7QL 04/27 15:02:41z Reply grid dm42 arizona{90
AD5MT W7QL 04/27 15:01:13z Reply hello Carlos!
K0FFY W7QL 04/24 16:07:10z Reply QSL. TNX/73!{96
KC5QFL-7 W7QL 04/23 23:29:01z Reply HI from el09po {1
WD9EWK W7QL 04/23 23:28:09z Reply TNX/73! {4
W7QL WD9EWK 04/23 23:27:05z Send another HELLO PATRICK
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 04/23 23:22:30z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{14
WN9Q W7QL 04/23 21:49:06z Reply 59 en 64 hello
W7QL KE7ZXE 04/19 18:49:32z Send another RRR 73
KE7ZXE W7QL 04/19 18:49:15z Reply Thanks! 73
W7QL KC7MG 04/19 18:49:10z Send another HELLO JACK
AD5MT W7QL 04/19 02:12:48z Reply Hi Carlos. Good signal
AD5MT W7QL 04/19 02:11:13z Reply Hello Carlos
W7QL K6TDI-7 04/19 02:10:25z Send another RR THANKS FOR THE CALL
WD9EWK W7QL 04/18 01:27:41z Reply TNX/73! {5
W7QL WD9EWK 04/18 01:26:43z Send another RR PATRICK
WD9EWK W7QL 04/18 01:26:27z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {2
W7QL KE7ZXE-4 04/18 01:22:08z Send another HELLO FROM CARLOS IN DN40, UT
K6TDI-7 W7QL 04/18 01:20:34z Reply RRR 73 K6TDI{68
W7QL K8OE 04/17 18:58:42z Send another HELLO FROM DN40
W7QL AA5PK-7 04/17 18:58:06z Send another HELLO GLENN
W7QL KK6OTJ-7 04/17 18:56:09z Send another QSL and 73
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 04/17 18:55:45z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{0
KB6IGK-7 W7QL 04/17 02:20:00z Reply Hi from EM10 in TX{69
KK6RKY W7QL 04/17 02:19:10z Reply Thanks 73!!
WD9EWK W7QL 04/17 02:17:46z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {1
KK6OTJ-7 W7QL 04/17 02:15:46z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{89
KK6RKY W7QL 04/17 02:14:51z Reply Great to hear you this afternoon on VHF!
CG7CEW W7QL 04/16 23:01:49z Reply qsl de CG7CEW cn89
K0FFY-7 W7QL 04/15 19:07:23z Reply Hi! EN31 in IA. QSL?{24
W5SAT-6 W7QL 04/15 19:06:17z Reply Hi Carlso from Brad
H0UND W7QL 04/15 02:28:12z Reply WOOF! DM43 in AZ {3
W7QL CG6QO 04/15 02:22:37z Send another NAME HR CARLOS IN COTTONWOOD HTS
CG6QO W7QL 04/14 23:10:30z Reply tu qsl 73 via ISS
CG6QO W7QL 04/14 23:09:53z Reply hi fm DN39 via ISS
K0FFY-7 W7QL 04/13 20:52:01z Reply Hi! EN31 in IA. QSL?{10
WD9EWK W7QL 04/09 22:39:49z Reply hi 73{2
KK6RKY W7QL 04/07 06:07:26z Reply Nice to hear you this evening!
W7QL KO6TX 04/05 22:55:44z Send another HI TOM
KO6TZ W7QL 04/05 22:55:39z Reply BOB_Desperate Pot Springs, Ca DM13
W7QL VE7CEW 04/01 03:17:20z Send another RR TNX CHRIS
W7QL K7TAB-7 04/01 01:40:02z Send another Hello from W7QL, DN40
K7TAB-7 W7QL 04/01 01:39:11z Reply Chris DM43 QSL?{7
KF1BUZ W7QL 03/30 05:37:17z Reply hello there
W7QL VE6QO 03/28 05:12:36z Send another RIGHT, AND A LOW PASS FOR ME
VE6QO W7QL 03/28 05:12:06z Reply quite tonight
VE6QO W7QL 03/28 05:11:45z Reply tu qsl 73 from DN39
W7QL VE6QO 03/28 05:11:35z Send another hELLO KEVIN
W7QL W5SAT-6 03/26 03:41:45z Send another HELLO BRAD
W8LR W7QL 03/24 03:57:02z Reply ACK:TNX{67
W8LR W7QL 03/24 03:55:48z Reply 599 Via ISS de W8LR Jerry{65
W2RS W7QL 03/20 15:02:26z Reply @{28