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KS9O W7ITL 05/22 15:04:27z Reply nice job getting into iss last night!{32
W7ITL K7PIA 05/22 07:31:02z Send another hey Phil trying outaprs ping back if you get this 73's{1
W7ITL BLNQSL7/7 05/22 05:41:21z Send another K7NWS,KI7RYA-5,K9JEB,N7TAU-3,KG7SXF-10,W2ACE-1{UISS54}
W7ITL KJ7NVA 05/22 05:38:53z Send another
KJ7NVA W7ITL 05/22 00:42:50z Reply are u going to try for the iss tonite?{19
KJ7NVA W7ITL 05/21 06:07:42z Reply Qsy over to 146.520 {18
W7ITL KJ7NVA 05/21 06:02:49z Send another nice hearing on psrnet Qso 146520? 73s{0
DB0LUH-1 W7ITL 05/21 02:51:19z Reply rejUISS54}
W7ITL BLNQSL7/7 05/21 02:51:18z Send another K8JKI-7,WA7BVQ-2,W7COA-9{UISS54}
W7ITL BLNQSL4/7 05/21 02:51:17z Send another WY7W,KF0RY-10,WA7LAW,K7RMZ-15,N5XRQ,KF7UHK-2,NG7N,N7LOL-7,
W7ITL BLNQSL6/7 05/21 02:51:16z Send another WA7BVQ-1,K7NWS,WA7VC-10,KJ7HJE,K7OZK-7,W7VXS,WA7TBP-9,
W7ITL BLNQSL5/7 05/21 02:51:15z Send another W7OMR,W7AUW,N7NJO,W2ACE-1,SNOPAS,K6GEC-2,KD7UBJ,K7PIA-1,
KI7LEE W7ITL 05/21 02:34:05z Reply rejQ
W7ITL BLNQSL1/2 05/21 02:34:01z Send another KB7OPQ-1,VA7MAS,KI7LEE,KJ7NVA,AE7G-7,ERINB,BALDI,W7PKT,K9JEB,
W7ITL EMAIL 05/21 02:33:40z Send another WADETM@GMAIL.COM
W7ITL K7PIA-1 05/18 07:32:47z Send another Hey Phil, I'm testing out my APRS via my home station over RF, 73's{1