W7BMH-2 messages

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W7BMH-2 N6DAN-9 12/05 01:32:21z Send another GE from Emerald Shire, Eugene{OC}
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 12/05 01:31:52z Reply Hello from So. Calif.{69
W7BMH-2 N6DAN-9 12/05 01:29:49z Send another Hi Dan got you via APRSIS{OB}
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 12/05 01:29:08z Reply Hello from Dan{68
W7BMH-2 CQ 12/05 01:28:39z Send another CQ fromo CN84 Oregon
KN6HIP-7 W7BMH-2 12/02 21:19:32z Reply CQ frm CN84 QSL?{06
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 12/02 03:55:28z Reply 73{63
W7BMH-2 N6DAN-9 12/02 03:52:14z Send another Have a great night 73
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 12/02 03:51:44z Reply Hello from Dan{62
W7BMH-2 KK7AMA-9 12/02 02:16:44z Send another Heard U CN84
KF0BMD-6 W7BMH-2 12/01 21:32:16z Reply Got you here in Denver CO via ISS 73s
KF0BMD-6 W7BMH-2 12/01 21:29:58z Reply Msg rcvd via ISS 73s
W7BMH-2 KB6LTY-3 12/01 21:21:36z Send another 73 TNX
W7BMH-2 N6DAN-9 12/01 04:44:49z Send another Hi Dan, did not get you via ISS tonight, catch U next orbit{FE}
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 12/01 04:42:39z Reply Hello from Dan{58
W7BMH-2 W0SX-10 12/01 04:39:44z Send another GE frm Eugene, OR
W7BMH-2 CQ 12/01 04:38:16z Send another CQ from Eugene, OR
W7BMH-2 KE7X-7 12/01 03:03:29z Send another RR CN84 TNX 73
KE7X-7 W7BMH-2 12/01 03:03:09z Reply HI VIA ISS CN85{29
W7BMH-2 KM6LYW 12/01 03:02:50z Send another Have a good night 73
W7BMH-2 KE7X-7 12/01 03:02:33z Send another Hello from Eugene, OR
KM6LYW W7BMH-2 12/01 03:02:25z Reply Rodger ... 73!{3
W7BMH-2 KM6LYW 12/01 03:01:56z Send another GE good to see you agn
KM6LYW W7BMH-2 12/01 03:01:37z Reply Hello again from cm98{2
W7BMH-2 CQ 12/01 03:00:43z Send another CQ from Eugene, Oregon
W7BMH-2 CQ 11/30 23:51:44z Send another CQ from CN84
KC6RZW-10 W7BMH-2 11/30 23:50:35z Reply QSL FROM KC6RZW MILWAUKIE OR {SD}
W7BMH-2 KM6LYW 11/30 03:53:52z Send another TU 73
W0JW-6 W7BMH-2 11/30 03:52:13z Reply CONFIRM QSO 73
KM6LYW W7BMH-2 11/30 03:52:05z Reply Loud and clear in CM98{1
W7BMH-2 W0JW-6 11/30 03:51:55z Send another RR tnx 73
W0JW-6 W7BMH-2 11/30 03:51:40z Reply UR 599 IOWA EN31BE
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 11/26 23:48:34z Reply Hello from Dan{37
KJ6NKR-9 W7BMH-2 11/24 07:09:32z Reply Greetings from Jeff @tonopah nv{30
AL6P-10 W7BMH-2 11/24 05:30:09z Reply 73, from Rich
W7BMH-2 AL6P-10 11/24 05:29:54z Send another GE 73 from Brian
AL6P-10 W7BMH-2 11/24 05:29:35z Reply Not via IS. Config problem.
KO6KL-10 W7BMH-2 11/24 04:52:34z Reply ?APRSP
W7BMH-2 KW7IBE-1 11/24 00:37:55z Send another GE from Eugene, OR
W7BMH-2 CREW 11/24 00:35:39z Send another Happy Thanksgiving Expedition 68!
W7BMH-2 CQ 11/24 00:35:33z Send another CQ from Eugene, OR - QSL?
VA7BWX-9 W7BMH-2 11/23 06:26:53z Reply Greetings right back from CN89
W7BMH-2 VA7BWX-9 11/23 01:26:26z Send another GE from CN84
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 11/03 14:22:48z Reply Hello from Dan{11
W7BMH-2 N6DAN-9 11/03 14:22:20z Send another GM Dan from CN84
N6DAN-9 W7BMH-2 11/01 16:02:40z Reply Hello from Dan{8
W7BMH-2 KB6LTY-3 11/01 15:58:16z Send another GM Christy
W7BMH-2 N7MYW 11/01 14:19:00z Send another GM from CN94 QSL?
W7BMH-2 KB6LTY-3 10/31 16:51:58z Send another GM, will catch you later on next good ISS orbit 73 TNX
KB6LTY-3 W7BMH-2 10/31 16:49:23z Reply HELLO 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
W7BMH-2 K6GST-7 10/31 16:45:14z Send another 73 TNX 2-way
K6GST-7 W7BMH-2 10/31 16:43:58z Reply 73{0
W7BMH-2 K6GST-7 10/31 16:43:53z Send another Heard you CN84 QSL?
KF0BMD-9 W7BMH-2 10/31 15:11:14z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS QSL Good{87
W7BMH-2 CQ 10/30 17:30:28z Send another CQ from CN84, QSL?
VA7BWX-9 W7BMH-2 10/30 15:59:13z Reply Hello from CN89. 7 3 from VA7BWX
W7BMH-2 CQ 10/30 15:57:40z Send another CQ from CN84 QSL?
KF0BMD-11 W7BMH-2 10/29 17:18:50z Reply Greetings from Denver CO via ISS 73's
W7BMH-2 KN6HIP-4 10/29 16:44:42z Send another 2-way 73 TNX
W7BMH-2 KF0BMD-11 10/29 16:43:18z Send another GM from CN84
W7BMH-2 AI7OM-9 10/29 13:30:50z Send another GM from Oregon
W7BMH-2 VE7CUU-5 10/29 13:29:43z Send another KO6KL-5 848mi S http://www.valleymedia.org/sstv/image1.jpg SSTV
W7BMH-2 CQ 10/28 17:31:23z Send another CQ frm CN84 QSL?
KC7MG W7BMH-2 10/28 15:57:13z Reply Thank you 73 from Jack KC7MG DM42
W7BMH-2 KC7MG 10/28 15:56:59z Send another GM from Eugene, OR
W7BMH-2 KM6LYW 10/28 15:54:44z Send another GM frm Eugene, OR
KC7MG W7BMH-2 10/24 19:08:33z Reply Hello: from Grid DM42 Arizona
N7NEV-6 W7BMH-2 10/24 19:07:13z Reply QSL. DM43 in AZ.{23
W7BMH-2 N7NEV-6 10/24 17:34:10z Send another GM, did not get 2-way via ISS, will try agn TNX 73
N7NEV-6 W7BMH-2 10/24 17:33:35z Reply QSL. DM43 in AZ.{21
N7NEV-6 W7BMH-2 10/24 17:33:16z Reply qsl{20
N7NEV-6 W7BMH-2 10/24 17:31:17z Reply {19
W7BMH-2 AL7JX 10/24 17:29:36z Send another GM from CN84 QSL?
W7BMH-2 KN6HIP-4 10/17 21:34:23z Send another Hi, didn't get two way via ISS, will try agn TNX 73 (*4-14:33:52){HO}
W7BMH-2 KN6HIP-4 10/17 21:33:32z Send another Hi, didn't get two way via ISS, will try agn TNX 73{HN}
N7NEV-6 W7BMH-2 10/17 21:32:41z Reply RR TU 73{17
W7BMH-2 KN6HIP-4 10/17 21:32:40z Send another Hi, didn't get two way via ISS, will try agn TNX 73
KN6HIP-4 W7BMH-2 10/17 21:31:47z Reply QSL 73{1
W7BMH-2 KN6HIP-4 10/17 21:28:34z Send another Hello frm CN84 QSL?
W7BMH-2 VE7CUU-5 10/17 19:51:25z Send another GA frm CN84 QSL?
W7BMH-2 AL7JX 10/17 18:14:33z Send another Hello de CN84 QSL?
W7BMH-2 AL7JX 10/17 16:35:27z Send another GM DN84 QSL?
KM6LYW W7BMH-2 10/16 20:42:17z Reply Rr qsl. 73{4
W7BMH-2 KM6LYW 10/16 20:41:52z Send another RR QSL 73
KM6LYW W7BMH-2 10/16 20:41:38z Reply Hey from cm98{3
W7BMH-2 KM6LYW 10/16 20:40:40z Send another GA from CN84
W7BMH-2 W1FRD-7 10/16 20:39:37z Send another RR CN84 QSL?
W1FRD-7 W7BMH-2 10/16 20:31:57z Reply CQ CQ CN84 Oregon{81
W7BMH-2 KB6LTY-3 10/16 15:50:02z Send another QSL CN84 TNX
KB6LTY-3 W7BMH-2 10/16 15:49:05z Reply HELLO QSL? 73 DE KB6LTY DM14
N6UTC-6 W7BMH-2 10/15 21:30:27z Reply QSL & 73 de N6UTC DM03{53
W7BMH-2 N6UTC-6 10/15 21:30:21z Send another RR 73
W7BMH-2 N6UTC-6 10/15 21:29:56z Send another 73 RR 73
W7BMH-2 N6UTC-6 10/15 21:29:14z Send another RR CN84 TNX
N6UTC-6 W7BMH-2 10/15 21:28:45z Reply Greetings from N6UTC de DM03{52
W7BMH-2 VE7CUU-5 10/15 18:16:27z Send another QSL 73
VE7CUU-5 W7BMH-2 10/15 18:16:09z Reply 73_John
VE7CUU-5 W7BMH-2 10/15 18:16:06z Reply rej
W7BMH-2 VE7CUU-5 10/15 18:16:05z Send another Hello CN84 QSL?
KB6LTY-3 W7BMH-2 10/15 16:36:02z Reply QSL TNX 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14