W5SAT-6 messages

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W5SAT-6 KK6OTJ-7 05/21 13:34:06z Send another QSL - 73!
W5SAT-6 KK6OTJ-7 05/21 13:33:39z Send another Hi Mark from Brad - DM26
W5SAT-6 WD9EWK 05/13 04:40:40z Send another 73s - Brad
WD9EWK W5SAT-6 05/13 04:40:06z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {2
KK6QMS W5SAT-6 05/10 16:43:33z Reply 73 have a great day
W5SAT-6 KK6QMS 05/10 16:43:17z Send another 73 Thx for QSO!
KC7MG-9 W5SAT-6 05/10 16:42:00z Reply greetings from Az DM42
KK6QMS W5SAT-6 05/10 16:41:37z Reply Hello Vegas
W5SAT-6 WD9EWK 05/04 12:10:56z Send another 73
W5SAT-6 WD9EWK 05/04 12:10:38z Send another Good Morning Patrick
WD9EWK W5SAT-6 04/23 00:14:52z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
KB6IGK-7 W5SAT-6 04/17 02:21:20z Reply Hi from EM10 in TX{71
KB6IGK-7 W5SAT-6 04/17 02:21:06z Reply Hi from EM10 in TX{73
AD5MT W5SAT-6 04/16 19:50:08z Reply Hello Brad. I hope you're receiving my messages
WD9EWK W5SAT-6 04/16 19:48:16z Reply TNX for call. DM43 in AZ {5
AD5MT W5SAT-6 04/16 19:46:53z Reply Hello Brad
W5SAT-6 AD5MT 04/16 18:13:34z Send another Hi Patrick
AD5MT W5SAT-6 04/16 18:13:26z Reply Brad, nice to make contact via the ISS
WD9EWK W5SAT-6 04/16 18:12:40z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {5
KB6IGK-7 W5SAT-6 04/16 18:11:55z Reply Hi from EM10 in TX{62