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K8SAR-6 W2THC 05/11 19:27:13z Reply hi from EN80lb in OhiO{2
N2QFD-7 W2THC 05/11 15:05:02z Reply Hi, hope it's a radio-active day for you!
W0ARP W2THC 05/09 20:49:20z Reply Thanks for the reply, 73 W0ARP{KA}
N4UED-10 W2THC 05/09 14:26:20z Reply Received ok{JK}
N4UED-10 W2THC 05/03 20:06:09z Reply Hello , Hot one here in NC {PO}
N2UFM-1 W2THC 05/03 18:05:51z Reply sent out a message too all?{GA}
CM5ADR W2THC 05/03 18:02:24z Reply Hola via ISS!!{00
N2UFM-1 W2THC 05/03 16:37:12z Reply Hello from N2UFM.Did you address this message to the ISS or just+{FZ}
W2THC ALL 05/03 16:24:40z Send another -Hello de W2THC via ARISS - FN20wc-
N2UFM-2 W2THC 05/01 23:49:44z Reply Hello de N2UFM, Tom in NY{UD}
W2THC ALL 05/01 23:07:22z Send another -Hello de W2THC via NO-84 - FN20wc-
N4UED-10 W2THC 04/27 20:43:54z Reply Hello from Chuck in Roanoke Rapids NC{WX}
N1RCN W2THC 04/27 20:04:16z Reply 73 via ISS de n1rcn el 87 n1rcn@amsat.org
W2THC N1MDJ-10 04/26 00:41:26z Send another Thanks for the acknowledgment. -W2THC- FN20 wc
N1MDJ-10 W2THC 04/25 22:24:24z Reply HI, got your message and greets back 2 u, de N1MDJ.{KG}
N2UFM-2 W2THC 04/24 15:16:09z Reply Hello....Tom in Staten Island here.I would like to ask you a few+{CQ}
W2THC ALL 04/23 20:16:57z Send another -Hello de W2THC via ISS - FN20wc-
N2UFM-2 W2THC 04/19 13:15:45z Reply Hello de N2UFM THANK YOU FOR YOUR CALL{SX}
N2UFL W2THC 04/19 02:46:22z Reply Hello{DE}
N2UFL-1 W2THC 04/19 02:44:58z Reply Hello{ZY}
W2THC ALL 04/17 17:26:06z Send another -Greetings de W2THC via ISS - FN20wc-
W2THC BLNQSL1/1 04/15 00:55:52z Send another N3FCX,K4SDL,KB2M-1,K4KDR-6
N1RCN W2THC 04/07 15:37:37z Reply QSL and 73 via no-84
W2THC BLNQSL1/1 04/07 03:02:38z Send another N3FCX,K1WY,K4IPH,KC4ZPL-7,AC2KU-1,N2QKV,WA2NDV,N3UPY-9
KE3LB W2THC 04/01 17:06:28z Reply 73
K5PAV-7 W2THC 03/26 20:11:05z Reply Hi from Paul in EM13. QSL?{68
K4KDR-6 W2THC 03/24 02:21:30z Reply Heard you via ISS-UHF in Montpelier, VA FM17es
W2THC BLNQSL2/2 03/24 02:20:50z Send another K4IPH,N3UPY-9,W8AB,KF2UJ-10,KC4ZPL,FG8OJ,N2RRJ,KK4XZ-6