W1QC messages

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W7QL W1QC 04/13 17:02:27z Reply THANKS AND 73
W7QL W1QC 04/13 17:01:41z Reply THANKS FOE CALL
KE7RTB-7 W1QC 04/13 17:00:42z Reply 73{51
WA2FHJ W1QC 04/12 19:30:57z Reply hi doug fn13
N1HMT W1QC 04/08 22:42:24z Reply Heard you in Danvers,MA.
KD9PML-6 W1QC 04/08 22:37:41z Reply Tanks for the qso 73
KD9PML-6 W1QC 04/08 22:36:47z Reply KD9PML EN53 73' MIKE
KS9O W1QC 04/08 22:34:20z Reply 73 DE KS9O CN87 Seattle{32
AB0XE-6 W1QC 04/07 23:29:33z Reply QSL THANKS FOR CONTACT{91
W1QC AB0XE-6 04/07 23:28:58z Send another W1QC in EN54 heard you via ISS. 73
AB0XE-6 W1QC 04/07 23:28:52z Reply HELO FROM EN34,73 STEVE{89
W1QC N8JR 04/05 01:44:28z Send another W1QC in EN54 heard you via ISS 73
KS9O W1QC 04/05 01:44:07z Reply 73 DE KS9O CN87 Seattle{16
K9YO W1QC 04/04 21:00:37z Reply Hi from Libertyville IL
W1QC VE4MM 04/04 20:58:51z Send another RRR EN54 DE W1QC 73
K9NBG W1QC 04/04 19:28:59z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{47
WE4B W1QC 04/04 19:16:49z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{75
WE4B W1QC 04/04 17:38:57z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{67
KD9BBB W1QC 04/03 21:46:50z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
N1HMT W1QC 04/03 21:46:48z Reply Hello From Larry FN42mn in MA