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VK2EVB VK4LV 12/07 21:32:15z Reply cloudy & cool here at Coffs too [UISS]{01
VK2EVB VK4LV 12/07 21:30:35z Reply good morning [UISS]{00
VK4LV ISS-10 12/07 21:30:21z Send another Good Morning From Cloudy Brisbane Rod VK4LV
VK4LV ISS-10 11/29 02:08:54z Send another Northgate State School Enjoy your STEM Class
VK4EM VK4LV 11/28 01:23:02z Reply Hello nice signal today very nice to C U on!!
VK4LV ISS-10 11/28 01:21:25z Send another Thanks TA5AHO for the EQSL Card VK4LV
TA5AHO-4 VK4LV 11/27 10:24:51z Reply thank you are nice to hear ISS TA5AHO
VK4LV TA5AHO-4 11/27 03:57:17z Send another Mate, Hope your journey is clear sailing and a good breeze
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/27 03:49:09z Send another CQ CQ VK6 Rod VK4LV Brisbane
VK4LV ISS-10 11/27 02:13:45z Send another Hello Marissa, when can we expect extra?
TA5AHO-4 VK4LV 11/26 23:17:52z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS----
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/26 19:44:19z Send another Hello The World de VK4LV Brisbane
VK4LV ISS-10 11/26 19:40:51z Send another W4AQT Wishing you another great year. VK4LV
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/25 19:00:19z Send another ZL4VBJ VK4LV CONTACT DETAILS ON QRZ
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/23 20:43:00z Send another Thanks For The SSTV Rod VK4LV
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/23 20:40:55z Send another Good Morning From Sunny Brisbane Rod VK4LV
VK4EM VK4LV 11/16 00:27:25z Reply Rod i do like your new setup photo for the Club NEWS??