VK4CHW messages

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VK4CHW VK4AKP-3 01/22 05:12:17z Send another Hi Ken Just a test message{1
VK4CHW VK4AKP-3 01/10 02:01:24z Send another Hi Ken Happy New Year. 73's Simon{1
VK4CHW VK4ZPK-6 01/05 00:28:27z Send another Hi Peter Good signal from you this morning on the ISS - Simon{1
VK4ZPK-6 VK4CHW 01/05 00:21:32z Reply Hello VK2EVB from VK4ZPK, Peter
VK4ZPK-6 VK4CHW 01/05 00:19:48z Reply Hello VK4CHW from VK4ZPK, Peter
VK4CHW VK4ZPK-6 01/02 01:09:54z Send another Hi Peter Just heard you on ISS 73's Simon{1
VK4GO VK4CHW 12/28 04:32:09z Reply ?ver?
VK4GO VK4CHW 12/28 04:24:53z Reply I am in Atherton{59
VK4GO VK4CHW 12/28 04:24:20z Reply hello{58
VK4CHW VK4GO 12/28 04:14:29z Send another Hi Art Hope you had a good Christmas Best wishes for the New Year{1
VK4CHW VK4GO 11/21 12:29:20z Send another Hi Art, do you get on HF ? I hope to be on HF soon with EFHW{1
VK4CHW VK4GO 11/21 12:27:30z Send another Hi Art. Do you use HF at all ? I hope to be on HF soon.{1
VK4GO VK4CHW 11/21 04:57:34z Reply hi{39
VK4CHW VK4GO 11/21 03:51:18z Send another Sorry Art I don't have PinPoint set up for connections, chat only{1
VK4GO VK4CHW 11/21 03:18:57z Reply hi{38
VK4CHW VK4GO 11/21 02:30:49z Send another Hi Art how are you ? {1
VK4GO VK4CHW 11/20 04:52:52z Reply Helo{37
VK4CHW VK2GPG 11/20 04:18:44z Send another Hi Paul. Hoping you have APRS. 73's Simon{1
VK4CHW VK2RPM-1 11/18 05:42:53z Send another To VK2GPG. Hi Paul. We had a mutual colleague, VK2ZCV.{1