VK2EVB messages

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TA5AHO-4 VK2EVB 12/12 21:02:09z Reply Hi it's nice to hear from you on the ISS{10
VK2EVB BLN#ECHO 12/12 20:22:17z Send another partly cloudy & cool here at Coffs
VK2EVB VK4LV 12/07 21:32:15z Send another cloudy & cool here at Coffs too [UISS]{01
VK4LV VK2EVB 12/07 21:30:49z Reply Good Morning From Cloudy Brisbane Rod VK4LV
VK2EVB VK4LV 12/07 21:30:35z Send another good morning [UISS]{00
VK2EVB VK5KIK-6 12/07 21:27:26z Send another 73 going behind hill [UISS]{00
VK5KIK-6 VK2EVB 12/06 22:22:44z Reply Hi from Geoff Use EQSL
VK4EM VK2EVB 12/01 00:25:29z Reply Hello nice signal today very nice to C U on!!
VK4EM VK2EVB 12/01 00:24:32z Reply Hello from Springside Australia VK4EM Merv :-)
VK2EVB VK4EM 11/13 22:57:04z Send another all fine here an looking for sigs on 6mx [UISS]{02
VK4ZQ VK2EVB 11/13 01:27:01z Reply Good Morning Peter!
VK4ZQ VK2EVB 11/13 01:26:26z Reply Hello Peter!
VK2EVB VK4ZQ 11/08 02:36:36z Send another Good day Roy [UISS]{00