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VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/27 06:13:46z Send another testing my sdr on pi{24
VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/23 06:11:14z Send another nice, send msg to 6049911919{23
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/23 06:09:53z Reply smsgte registered now{13
SMSGTE VE7SZB-7 01/23 05:59:58z Reply The number ve7szb is invalid{C6982
VE7SZB-7 SMSGTE 01/23 05:59:58z Send another #mapme ve7szb{22
SMSGTE VE7SZB-7 01/23 05:58:05z Reply Your position was sent to 6049911919{C6981
VE7SZB-7 SMSGTE 01/23 05:58:05z Send another #mapme 6049911919{21
VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/23 05:43:49z Send another screen test{20
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/23 05:39:00z Reply no but the led flash is bright and stands out now{10
VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/23 05:36:40z Send another screen test{19
VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/23 05:11:33z Send another yeah no worries, its easy to use. i think you can program digital {18
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/23 05:08:07z Reply just got rt software. thanks for showing me{08
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/23 04:28:29z Reply i am on air 147.100 fusion{07
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/23 04:26:34z Reply i am on air 147.100 fusion{06
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/23 04:23:47z Reply i am on air 446.460 fusion{05
VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/23 04:20:35z Send another yeah no kidding! im going to read the aprs manual tonight again{17
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/23 04:17:06z Reply yes i did thanks! there are so many features its going to take a bt{04
VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/23 04:13:04z Send another figure it out?{16
SMSGTE VE7SZB-7 01/23 00:49:47z Reply @6048196883 hey man. Help me. I'm hungry{M6847
VE7SZB-7 SMSGTE 01/23 00:48:28z Send another @6048196883 stew{15
VA7TYN-7 VE7SZB-7 01/22 00:57:50z Reply hey 2{02
VE7SZB-7 VA7TYN-7 01/21 23:55:04z Send another hey{14
VE7SZB-7 SMSGTE 01/10 03:13:30z Send another @VE7SZB test @ home{13