VE7CEW messages

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W7QL VE7CEW 01/22 06:39:02z Reply 73 Chris [UISS]{01
VE7CEW KB6LTY 12/31 20:55:52z Send another QSL de Chris
VE6QO VE7CEW 12/31 19:19:19z Reply 73
VE7CEW VE6QO 12/31 19:18:57z Send another 73 Kevin
WD9EWK-9 VE7CEW 12/30 21:38:34z Reply Hi! DM33/43 in AZ.{1
VE7CEW VE6QO 12/30 20:11:27z Send another 73 de VE7CEW
VE6QO VE7CEW 12/30 20:10:41z Reply happy new year chris
VA7DGP-1 VE7CEW 12/28 23:09:40z Reply I see your on Whatcom Rd. Looks like your under power lines. You+{TD}
VA7DGP VE7CEW 12/28 22:46:16z Reply cq cq de va7dgp{CS}
WD9EWK-9 VE7CEW 12/28 22:39:20z Reply TNX for call. DM33/43 in AZ.{2
WD9EWK-9 VE7CEW 12/28 21:54:56z Reply Hi! DM33/43 in AZ.{0
WD9EWK-9 VE7CEW 12/13 03:47:03z Reply TNX for call. DM43 here. QSL?{1
VE4NSA VE7CEW 12/06 03:25:30z Reply QSL 73 via ISS, VE4NSA
VE4NSA VE7CEW 12/06 03:23:58z Reply Have a great evening, Stefan VE4NSA
VE7CEW VE5DWR 12/05 04:16:03z Send another qsl de VE7CEW hi
VE7CEW VE6QO 12/05 02:38:07z Send another rr de VE7CEW cn89
VE7CEW VE6QO 12/05 02:37:56z Send another rr de VE7CEW
VE7CEW VE6QO 12/05 02:37:42z Send another cql de VE7CEW
N6RSX VE7CEW 12/05 01:01:21z Reply Greetings from OC
KK6OTJ-7 VE7CEW 12/05 00:59:28z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{46
VE6QO VE7CEW 12/04 03:29:56z Reply tu qsl 73 from DN39
VE6QO VE7CEW 12/04 03:29:45z Reply hi from dn39
VE7CEW VE6QO 12/04 03:29:38z Send another qsl de VE7CEW cn89
VE6QO VE7CEW 12/04 01:53:51z Reply tu qsl 73
VE7CEW CQ 12/03 02:46:53z Send another qsl de VE7CEW
VE7CEW BLNQSL1/1 12/03 02:46:47z Send another SUNSET
VE7CEW CQ 12/02 03:39:19z Send another CQ de VE7CEW
VE7CEW VE6QO 12/02 02:02:33z Send another 73 cn89e VE7CEW
WD9EWK-9 VE7CEW 11/30 02:08:50z Reply rgr dm43{5
VE7CEW N7AGF-7 11/29 04:36:02z Send another qsl 73 de VE7CEW
N7AGF-7 VE7CEW 11/29 04:35:47z Reply CN8873{I
VE6QO VE7CEW 11/28 03:52:18z Reply TU and 73