VE4NSA messages

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VE4NSA BLNQSL1/1 06/18 20:29:01z Send another KC9YTT,K1WY{UISS54}
VE4NSA K1WY 06/18 20:27:38z Send another Have a great afternoon
VE4NSA NZ4D-6 06/16 22:16:02z Send another Have a great evening
VE4NSA BLNQSL1/1 06/16 22:14:50z Send another K0FFY,K9JKM,K1WY,NZ4D-6{UISS54}
VE4NSA KK6OTJ-7 06/04 01:27:02z Send another 73! VE4NSA
AI9IN VE4NSA 05/07 16:11:56z Reply QSL QSO via ISS AI9IN 73 de Steve EM79!
AI9IN VE4NSA 05/07 16:08:39z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN
VE4NSA W8LR 05/07 16:07:36z Send another 73, Stefan EO20cd
W8LR VE4NSA 05/07 16:06:19z Reply ACK:TNX{35
VE5DWR VE4NSA 04/23 21:49:21z Reply Hello via ISS de Devon VE5DWR, DO62
AD5MT VE4NSA 04/19 00:32:02z Reply 73 from AD5MT
KE7ZXE-4 VE4NSA 04/19 00:32:01z Reply Thanks - good contact - 73
KE7ZXE-4 VE4NSA 04/19 00:31:17z Reply DE KE7ZXE Sam at CN86
AD5MT VE4NSA 04/19 00:31:15z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
AD5MT VE4NSA 04/19 00:31:07z Reply Hello from AD5MT in DM14
VE4NSA KE7ZXE-4 04/19 00:30:44z Send another 73 via ISS, VE4NSA
VE4NSA K4RTS-1 04/17 22:15:59z Send another have a good evening, VE4NSA
KC9YTT VE4NSA 04/17 00:45:13z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's [UISS]{01
VE4NSA K8II 04/17 00:44:49z Send another have a great evening Rob
KC9YTT VE4NSA 04/17 00:44:12z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's [UISS]{00
VE4NSA K0KOC-7 04/17 00:43:42z Send another QSL 73 via ISS, VE4NSA
VE4NSA K9JKM 04/16 23:07:33z Send another Have a great evening, Stefan VE4NSA