VE3TSV-9 messages

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KC9YTT VE3TSV-9 10/26 16:10:22z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
VE3TSV-9 K2MJP-6 10/26 14:38:21z Send another Heard you via ISS{64
VE3TSV-9 VE2AAQ 10/26 14:36:20z Send another Heard you via ISS{63
VE3TSV-9 K9JKM 10/20 12:51:15z Send another Heard you via ISS{62
K9NBG VE3TSV-9 10/19 21:09:25z Reply QSL AND 73 FROM EN52 ILLINOIS{69
VE3TSV-9 AB0XE 10/19 18:29:16z Send another tks 73{61
KI4ASK-7 VE3TSV-9 10/19 18:28:57z Reply Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{1
AB0XE VE3TSV-9 10/19 18:28:07z Reply Hello from EN34
WB8JAY VE3TSV-9 10/19 13:38:27z Reply QSL and Tnx de WB8JAY
VE3TSV-9 WB8JAY 10/19 13:38:27z Send another Heard you via ISS{60
VE3TSV-9 K9NBG 10/19 12:00:33z Send another Heard you via ISS{59
K2MJP-6 VE3TSV-9 10/18 17:46:11z Reply Heard u via ISS, 73! {08
VE3TSV-9 N2OIT 10/18 17:42:04z Send another Heard you via ISS{58
VE3TSV-9 KC2WA-9 10/18 17:41:50z Send another Heard you via ISS{57
K9NBG VE3TSV-9 10/15 20:03:45z Reply HEARD YOU VIA ISS IN ILLINOIS{45
NN3RP-2 VE3TSV-9 10/15 15:15:44z Reply Heard u via ISS, 73!{29
N1RCN VE3TSV-9 10/15 13:33:14z Reply QSL?
N1RCN VE3TSV-9 10/15 13:32:45z Reply <<>>
N1RCN VE3TSV-9 10/15 13:32:18z Reply <<>>
VE2AAQ VE3TSV-9 10/14 19:20:25z Reply TNX & 73 from Montreal QUEBEC{3
K1WY VE3TSV-9 10/14 19:13:04z Reply rej54
VE3TSV-9 K1WY 10/14 19:13:01z Send another Heard you via ISS{54
VE2AAQ VE3TSV-9 10/14 19:11:51z Reply RECU{1
VE3TSV-9 VE2AAQ 10/14 19:11:50z Send another Heard you via ISS{53
VE3TSV-9 KD2UZM-7 10/14 14:20:26z Send another Heard you via ISS{51
KN2K VE3TSV-9 10/14 14:18:46z Reply Heard you FM18. QSL?
N0KBA VE3TSV-9 10/13 21:34:41z Reply Hello via ISS from St. Louis, MO 73! - pse QSL?
WA2NDV-13 VE3TSV-9 10/13 20:01:06z Reply 59 FN30 qsl
VE3TSV-9 WA2NDV-13 10/13 20:00:55z Send another tks 73{49
VE3TSV-9 K9NBG 10/13 20:00:04z Send another Heard you via ISS{48
VE3TSV-9 N0KBA 10/13 19:59:06z Send another Heard you via ISS{47
VE3TSV-9 K2MJP-6 10/13 15:09:31z Send another Heard you via ISS{46
VE3TSV-9 KE8PRF-7 10/12 20:49:34z Send another Heard you via ISS{45
KD4QNA-8 VE3TSV-9 10/12 15:55:50z Reply Heard via SAT FM17!{4
KD4QNA-8 VE3TSV-9 10/12 15:54:24z Reply Tx for contact 73!{5
VE3TSV-9 KD4QNA-8 10/12 15:53:44z Send another Heard you via ISS{44
VE3TSV-9 KD4QNA-8 10/12 15:53:29z Send another AA:Hello from Fn03
KD4QNA-8 VE3TSV-9 10/12 15:53:26z Reply Heard via SAT FM17!{3
KD4QNA-7 VE3TSV-9 10/11 21:35:30z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{84
VE3TSV-9 KD2QJR-7 10/09 21:32:46z Send another Heard you via ISS{42
VE3TSV-9 W7BAZ 10/09 21:31:31z Send another Heard you via ISS{41
K4KDR-6 VE3TSV-9 10/08 22:20:07z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
VE3TSV-9 K1WY 10/07 18:15:26z Send another Heard you via ISS{40
N8HN-7 VE3TSV-9 10/06 18:15:32z Reply 73 N8HN
K2MJP-9 VE3TSV-9 10/06 17:27:57z Reply Hello from K2MJP {11
N8HN-7 VE3TSV-9 10/06 17:25:49z Reply n8hn'73{5
KB2M-11 VE3TSV-9 10/04 23:52:21z Reply hi fr fm29 NJ
VE3TSV-9 KB2M-11 10/04 23:52:08z Send another Heard you via ISS{39
N8TAR-7 VE3TSV-9 10/02 23:50:43z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN84LA{13
N8TAR-7 VE3TSV-9 10/02 23:50:40z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN84LA{12
VE3TSV-9 KM8V-7 09/29 15:08:11z Send another Hello from FN03{38
VE3TSV-9 W8KRF-1 09/20 21:06:20z Send another Hello from FN03{37
VE3TSV-9 KE8OBJ-9 09/17 14:00:23z Send another Hello from FN03{36
VE3TSV-9 VA3SB 09/14 21:23:01z Send another Hello from FN03{35
VE3TSV-9 KC1NHG-7 08/30 20:13:44z Send another Hello from FN03{34
WB8ZHU VE3TSV-9 08/24 15:45:00z Reply greetings from EN81{02}
VE3TSV-9 WB8PIY-9 08/24 14:05:15z Send another Hello from FN03{33
WB8ZHU-3 VE3TSV-9 08/24 13:57:54z Reply AA: not at keyboard busy O:)
VE3TSV-9 WB8ZHU-3 08/24 13:57:48z Send another Hello from FN03{32
VE3TSV-9 W8KRF-1 08/24 13:57:41z Send another Hello from FN03{31
VE3TSV-9 K1WY 08/21 17:25:32z Send another Heard you via ISS{28
K9JKM VE3TSV-9 08/21 17:24:18z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
VE3TSV-9 K9JKM 08/21 17:24:00z Send another Heard you via ISS{27
VE3TSV-9 AD8GI-9 08/21 00:47:10z Send another Hello from FN03{26
N1RCN VE3TSV-9 08/20 18:13:58z Reply Good Afternoon !
KN2K VE3TSV-9 08/20 18:12:08z Reply RRR FM18, QSL?
VE3TSV-9 KC2IEB 08/20 16:38:50z Send another QSL. Thanks
KC2IEB VE3TSV-9 08/20 16:34:17z Reply hey there! got ur call in FM29 QSL?
VE3TSV-9 N8JMW-9 08/20 14:17:37z Send another Hello from FN03{25
VE3TSV-9 K3ARL-12 08/20 14:05:36z Send another Hello from FN03{24
VE3TSV-9 N8PYN 08/20 14:00:27z Send another Hello from FN03{23
XE3N-1 VE3TSV-9 08/19 19:01:40z Reply Hello via ISS!! 73
K2JLG-9 VE3TSV-9 08/19 19:01:37z Reply K2JLG via ISS{01
KD4QNA-7 VE3TSV-9 08/19 19:01:08z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{3
VA3VGR VE3TSV-9 08/19 17:19:36z Reply Hello again from FN25!{6
KD4QNA-7 VE3TSV-9 08/19 12:31:15z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{78
KD4QNA-7 VE3TSV-9 08/19 12:31:13z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{77
VE3TSV-9 KD4QNA-8 08/18 16:48:59z Send another Thanks. 73
KD4QNA-8 VE3TSV-9 08/18 16:36:30z Reply Heard via SAT{7
KD4QNA-8 VE3TSV-9 08/18 16:32:56z Reply Heard via SAT{5
AB4CD VE3TSV-9 08/18 13:17:44z Reply Heard U via ISS{07
KD4QNA-7 VE3TSV-9 08/17 18:59:26z Reply Tx for contact,73!{8
VE3TSV-9 N1IIC-9 08/17 18:58:52z Send another Heard you via ISS{22
VE3TSV-9 WD8IIJ 08/17 18:58:49z Send another Heard you via ISS{21
VE3TSV-9 KD4QNA-7 08/17 18:57:32z Send another Heard you via ISS{20