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VE3NBJ M0SUY 03/20 17:35:17z Send another pinpoint beacon heard in ontario 73 ve3nbj{1
VE3NBJ PE1PUX-2 03/19 18:19:03z Send another pinpoint aprs seen in ontario..73 de ve3nbj{1
VE3NBJ KK4ODA-1 03/17 20:21:42z Send another Hi Facundo...61 f degrees..spring day..73 from Norm{1
VE3NBJ NC3Z 03/17 20:20:40z Send another Hi Facundo..61f degrees and sunny spring day..73 from Norm{1
HB9AVK VE3NBJ 03/17 02:03:45z Reply vy gd TU 73 Paul{1
KM4AZW-15 VE3NBJ 03/16 23:16:33z Reply Hello from VA!
VE3NBJ AL0R 03/16 19:43:47z Send another hello...saw your pinpoint aprs beacon...73 from Canada ve3nbj{1
HB9AVK VE3NBJ 03/16 19:22:58z Reply I'm currently at home.{1
VE3NBJ HB9AVK 03/16 19:22:58z Send another hello paul from canada 73 ve3nbj{1
VE3NBJ NC3Z 03/16 16:06:13z Send another Hi Gary...looks like pinpoint beacon made it to you...73 Norm{1