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AI6V-7 VA7NCD 08/18 03:18:13z Reply Hi from Wyatt in DM03{52
VA7DGP-1 VA7NCD 07/26 03:28:06z Reply I here you. Enjoy the cool air{JM}
VA7NCD VE7NV-1 07/16 02:52:38z Send another trying a diffent dog park! nice night!{0
VA7NCD VE7NV-1 07/16 02:47:35z Send another trying a diffent dog park! nice night!
VA7LJU VA7NCD 07/15 20:06:23z Reply AA:QSL
VA7NCD VA7LJU 07/15 20:06:18z Send another sup justin?
VA7NCD VA7LJU 07/15 20:06:17z Send another sup justin?{0
VA7NCD VE7NV-1 07/11 03:31:55z Send another hello from the park!{0
VA7DGP-1 VA7NCD 07/04 03:54:43z Reply AA:73 de va7dgp. I'm away from radio room
VA7NCD VA7DGP-1 07/04 03:54:12z Send another A very good evening indeed! Hope you have a good one!{1
VA7DGP-1 VA7NCD 07/04 03:48:01z Reply Good evening from New Westminster{IC}
VA7NCD VE7NV-7 07/04 03:47:15z Send another good evening from the dog park!{0
VA7NCD VE7VVC 06/24 03:30:33z Send another Happy field day!{0
VA7NCD VE7NV-7 06/23 02:40:47z Send another thanks! something different!{0
VE7NV-7 VA7NCD 06/21 03:51:40z Reply I'm liking that space shuttle{18
VA7NCD VE7NV-7 06/21 03:41:28z Send another Hi Tak! Nice evening!{0
VE7NV-7 VA7NCD 06/21 03:24:14z Reply hello to Nick{17
VA7NCD VE7WV-10 06/20 02:52:37z Send another Hi Mike!{0