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VA7LM W7SUA-9 06/12 19:27:21z Send another Welcome to the area! 73{2
MAIL VA7LM 06/11 19:58:25z Reply Invalid Command or Msg!{1772
VA7LM MAIL 06/11 19:58:25z Send another Rove went great...335 contacts in 31 countries...{1
MAIL VA7LM 06/11 14:25:26z Reply @VE7TMX Hope your rove is going well{1771
MAIL VA7LM 05/25 20:18:21z Reply @VE7TMX Are you doing McDonald's on Sunday?{1737
MAIL VA7LM 05/19 19:57:47z Reply @VE7TMX Works well from Terrace{1693
MAIL VA7LM 05/19 19:29:47z Reply @VE7TMX Works well from Terrace{1691
MAIL VA7LM 05/19 19:29:47z Reply @VE7TMX Sorry I didn't check messages for awhile{1690
MAIL VA7LM 05/14 19:41:01z Reply No messages found for VA7LM{2171
VA7LM MAIL 05/14 19:41:01z Send another aprsm{7
VA7LM MAIL 05/13 14:26:01z Send another del
MAIL VA7LM 05/13 14:25:24z Reply No messages found for VA7LM{2148
MAIL VA7LM 05/13 14:24:23z Reply Msg left for VE7TMX{2147
VA7LM MAIL 05/13 14:24:23z Send another @ve7tmx Hi Tristan. Tnx fer test on 23 cms the other day. 73{4
MAIL VA7LM 05/13 14:16:26z Reply Msg left for VE7TMX{2146
VA7LM MAIL 05/13 14:16:26z Send another @ve7tmx Hi Tristan...test message.
MAIL VA7LM 05/13 14:14:56z Reply No messages found for VA7LM{2145
VA7LM MAIL 05/13 14:14:56z Send another aprsm
VA7LM VE7LHA 05/11 20:44:14z Send another On your way to Rupert?{1
MAIL VA7LM 04/10 14:07:57z Reply @VE7EPT How is Doug today?{1770
MAIL VA7LM 04/07 19:26:40z Reply Msg left for VE7TMX{1762
VA7LM MAIL 04/07 19:26:40z Send another @ve7tmx Works great!{4
MAIL VA7LM 04/07 19:24:05z Reply @VE7TMX Testing mail functionality{1761
MAIL VA7LM 04/07 17:41:29z Reply No messages found for VA7LM{1759
VA7LM MAIL 04/07 17:41:29z Send another aprsm{3
MAIL VA7LM 04/07 17:40:18z Reply Msg left for VE7TMX{1758
VA7LM MAIL 04/07 17:40:18z Send another @VE7TMX have a safe drive today. Hope hr u on WSPR{2