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VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 21:51:16z Send another Yes there's an idea{ED5C2
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 21:49:40z Reply *diplexer {33
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 21:49:10z Reply 70cm is pretty quiet, would work for VARA with duplexer same ant.{32
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 21:27:48z Send another 👍 worth a try{EC964
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 21:23:44z Reply Hopefully Winlink sits quiet until it gets a request {28
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 21:22:53z Reply Winlink sysop request sent. Will see if it works with existing hw.{31
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 21:01:22z Send another Sent him an email{01F39
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 21:00:37z Send another 👍{07CA6
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 20:59:50z Reply Yeah something weird is going on. Maybe compare to your settings {30
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:59:07z Send another Yes{600AA
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 20:58:57z Reply Unsupported packet format{29
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:57:15z Send another Not sure if terrace will use 1200 or 9600{F6EC4
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:55:23z Send another Hve a look at wlr raw pkts{33B15
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:53:07z Send another Pretty sure it does{77A33
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:51:59z Send another Yes it can!{F010E
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:49:35z Send another It would be fine for here...just not as fast as vara{835D3
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 20:48:10z Reply Can use existing TNC{27
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 20:47:50z Reply I see Winlink can use AX25. That would be a better fit for 144.390{26
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:45:24z Send another But prob not a good idea to mix modes one same freq{D1589
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:40:13z Send another Not sure{40ECA
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:39:38z Send another They may not approve that{D2FAD
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:39:30z Send another You could prob get away with it here as so few users{2495C
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 20:39:24z Send another However you have to apply for a winlink node{775F5
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 18:44:58z Reply Can use same antenna, audio interface, radio, etc.{25
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 18:43:51z Reply Would it be reasonable to put VARA on 144.390 as well?{24
VA7LM VE7EPT 05/28 17:28:46z Send another You also Doug 73{14269
VE7EPT VA7LM 05/28 17:28:22z Reply Enjoy your day.{50239
VA7LM VE7EPT 05/28 17:27:49z Send another Nope lol{C532D
VE7EPT VA7LM 05/28 17:27:36z Reply Can't have too many toys.{CC354
VA7LM VE7EPT 05/28 17:27:13z Send another Great!{3471B
VE7EPT VA7LM 05/28 17:26:59z Reply Should be sometime this week!{BF667
VA7LM VE7EPT 05/28 17:25:48z Send another Any word when you'll get ur Mobilinkd?{D3088
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:43:45z Send another You could use any freq as long as it doesn't get into the sat area{25BB3
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:43:33z Reply Need a TR switch or something {23
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:41:14z Reply Still need to order AIOC cables, will get 10. Around $25 each {22
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:38:18z Send another So below 145.8{664C3
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:33:56z Reply 145.030 is too close to 144.390 for a duplexer I think{21
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:33:34z Reply I need to find a way to share antennas with multiple services.{20
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:32:17z Reply New to me too. Reticulum is another firmware for LoRa nodes.{19
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:31:34z Send another I see 145.030 is popular for vara fm node{A4768
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:31:21z Send another That's new to me...sounds interesting though...{B3B44
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:26:46z Send another was not a big distance...should hve been easy{B0DA6
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:18:56z Reply Have two LoRa nodes on Meshtastic. Might test range next weekend.{18
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:17:46z Send another I will email him again{68E40
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:17:11z Reply I was using a very cheap antenna on wife's car but should work{17
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:16:23z Send another Was only a few Kms...should have been easy{93FA5
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:16:13z Send another I think so too{946A0
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:14:51z Send another Did your battery die or is is to rf still not working?{E0444
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/28 15:12:09z Reply GM. In Terrace yesterday? Pretty sure it's the I gate{16
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/28 15:11:58z Send another Tried messaging you yesterday when at lake & in Terrace{17B08
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/27 19:02:28z Reply I don't think I received any packets from VA7WLR-10{15
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/27 19:02:27z Reply Yeah I don't think IS to RF is working or maybe TX at all{14
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 18:10:32z Send another IS to RF still doesn't seem to work{2765C
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 18:00:02z Send another IS to RF still doesn't seem to work{93551
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/27 17:42:02z Reply Testing from Lakelse {13
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 16:47:01z Send another I see 145.030 seems to be a popular Vara Fm freq{298C3
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 16:46:47z Send another I see 145.030 seems to be a popular Vara Fm freq{1121E
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 16:33:51z Send another Just don't want to get into the satellite stuff a little higher.{A743B
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 16:33:23z Send another I see 145.030 seems to be a popular Vara Fm freq{2406A
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/27 16:21:25z Reply Testing {12
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 16:08:04z Send another Just don't want to get into the satellite stuff a little higher.{96F7A
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 16:07:45z Send another I see 145.030 seems to be a popular Vara Fm freq{7E187
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/27 15:57:10z Send another I see 145.030 seems to be a popular Vara Fm freq{A2DAC
VA7LM VA7WLR-9 05/26 21:12:05z Send another Nice to see some Terrace aprs activity lol 73{AB808
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 15:21:35z Send another Works fine!{13F1D
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/26 15:20:21z Reply But seems to work ok considering {11
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/26 15:20:02z Reply Does some frequency drift at beginning too{10
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 15:19:45z Send another 👍{BE812
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/26 15:19:33z Reply Had to increase from default 300 ms to 1s. SA828 have weird PTT{9
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 15:15:20z Send another Notice your tx delay must be abt 400 or 500 ms{42244
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 15:01:48z Send another 👍 Anyhow good morning. Have a great day!{8971D
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/26 15:01:04z Reply I'm ordering some AIOC cables which would be perfect.{8
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 15:00:15z Send another Still waiting{17E68
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:59:55z Send another I said just get a 49 dollar digirig{A8935
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:59:30z Send another Trying to get EM BC to pay for it{D28FC
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:59:22z Send another They have been waiting 5 months for a signalink{ABF9B
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/26 14:57:55z Reply I have many projects. New CNC machine on hold due to rain ☚ī¸{7
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:57:13z Send another You could pbly do it b4 Terrace gets one{44B05
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/26 14:57:07z Reply RX working on 1.5W phone powered APRS{6
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:56:32z Send another That would be excellent!{827FC
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/26 14:56:07z Reply Sounds interesting. Maybe I will have to make one.{5
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:55:50z Send another There are no vara fm nodes in this area as yet{B0E04
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:50:51z Send another I use VARA hf. Trying to get a VARA fm mode in Terrace.{45398
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:50:08z Send another node{D170C
VA7LM VE7TMX-7 05/26 14:49:35z Send another It takes forever to get anything done up there{EB188
VA7LM VE7AFV 05/26 02:07:46z Send another 599 CO54
VA7LM CQ 05/26 02:07:20z Send another CQ de CO54qb
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/15 02:16:57z Reply Also have multiple RX to direwolf, might get a yagi pointed north{4
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/15 02:13:12z Reply Will experiment with small digis then upscale.{3
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM 05/15 02:11:27z Reply Great, I have some digi parts coming from AliExpress.{2
VA7LM VE7TMX-1 05/14 20:12:08z Send another wx is big pbllm up there...antennas often break{5
VA7LM VE7TMX-1 05/14 20:11:06z Send another va7wlr only covers to copper river motel{4
VA7LM VE7TMX-1 05/14 20:10:04z Send another digi wud give gud coverage east up the hwy toward 7 sisters{3
VA7LM VE7TMX-1 05/14 20:09:10z Send another RFI may be an issue as lots of stuff up there{2
VA7LM VE7TMX-1 05/14 20:08:29z Send another Got some info abt Copper Mtn...power is free...locatd in Telus bldg{1
VA7LM kb9vbr-9 05/13 17:53:39z Send another tnx ft8 qso Michael! 73 de CO54 nr N end of Great Bear Rainforest{1
VA7BWX-9 VA7LM 05/08 15:23:31z Reply QSL and Great to hear from you. 7 3
VA7LM KB6LTY-3 05/03 14:17:40z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
KB6LTY-3 VA7LM 05/03 14:17:21z Reply 73 DOUG
VA7LM KB6LTY-3 05/03 14:17:00z Send another hve grt day!