VA7BWX-9 messages

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ISS VA7BWX-9 09/21 00:10:04z Reply AOS 1h36m (0146z) SE^12{FW}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 09/21 00:10:00z Send another Next Pass{30
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 09/21 00:09:00z Send another test{151
VA7BWX-9 KI7OVF-4 08/27 05:02:24z Send another Good Morning back from CN89ME Vancouver, BC Canada
VA7BWX-9 VE7NV-8 08/27 05:01:53z Send another Mornin Bud!
VE7NV-8 VA7BWX-9 08/26 16:33:44z Reply morning Brad{71
KI7OVF-4 VA7BWX-9 08/26 14:22:23z Reply Heard you via the ISS Good morning!{F9C1B
VA7BWX-9 W7FCL-7 08/22 23:30:14z Send another Good Afternoon Eric from CN89ME near Vancouver BC Canada
W7FCL-7 VA7BWX-9 08/22 19:09:28z Reply Eric from Seattle CN87{46
VA7BWX-9 KB6LTY-3 08/21 00:02:32z Send another good afternoon and I hope all is going well. 7 3{1
VA7BWX-9 KB6LTY-3 08/20 19:16:21z Send another Hey hey hey from CN89ME I hope this one gets through!
KB6LTY-3 VA7BWX-9 08/20 14:15:20z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
VA7BWX-9 KB6LTY-3 08/19 20:50:31z Send another Good afternoon from CN89ME Vancouver, BC Canada
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/18 22:56:33z Reply AOS 58m12s SW SW 1m{CN}
KB6LTY-3 VA7BWX-9 08/15 16:39:16z Reply HELLO PSE QSL ?73 DE CHRISTY DM14
VA7BWX-9 KB6LTY-3 08/14 17:34:14z Send another Good Morning from CN89ME Vancouver, BC Canada
KB6LTY-3 VA7BWX-9 08/14 17:27:36z Reply HELLO PSE QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 VA7BWX-9 08/14 17:25:46z Reply HELLO QSL ?73 DE CHRISTY DM14
VA7SHG-9 VA7BWX-9 08/13 17:35:08z Reply Good Morning Brtad. Didn't hear you, but was up late :){180
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 08/13 17:31:56z Send another Great to hear you on the net this am! {150
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/13 17:23:37z Reply AOS 44m55s SW SE^38 E 11m{ZX}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 08/13 17:23:36z Send another Next Pass{29
VA7BWX-9 VE7SHG-14 08/13 17:22:38z Send another Great to hear you on the net this am! {6
VA7BWX-9 KB6LTY-3 08/11 23:09:00z Send another Hey hey hey from the West Coast of Canada
KB6LTY-3 VA7BWX-9 08/11 18:10:50z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
VA7BWX-9 AB7DY 08/07 23:53:56z Send another Great to hear from yourself from Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
VA7BWX-9 VE7SHG-14 08/05 00:05:47z Send another I hope your day is going famously{5
AB7DY VA7BWX-9 08/04 22:08:20z Reply I HEAR U IN PDX CN85 VIA ISS 73{83
VA7BWX-9 VE7SHG-14 08/04 19:26:05z Send another Hey bud{4
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-7 08/03 21:29:00z Send another test{1
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/02 05:43:07z Reply AOS 14h45m (2028z) SE^4{WZ}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/02 05:41:11z Reply AOS 14h49m (2028z) SE^4{WY}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/02 05:38:45z Reply AOS 14h52m (2028z) SE^4{WX}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/02 05:36:26z Reply AOS 14h53m (2028z) SE^4{WW}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/02 05:35:10z Reply AOS 14h53m (2028z) SE^4{WV}
VA7BWX-9 VE7SHG-14 08/02 05:34:29z Send another You were closer to me bud{3
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 22:05:45z Reply AOS 43m56s SW SE^35 E 11m{WU}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 21:49:45z Reply AOS 59m57s SW SE^35 E 11m{WT}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 21:41:44z Reply AOS 1h07m (2249z) SE^35{WS}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 21:38:01z Reply AOS 1h13m (2249z) SE^36{WR}
VA7BWX-9 VE7SHG-14 08/01 21:35:16z Send another you are close to me{2
VA7BWX-9 VE7SHG-14 08/01 21:35:05z Send another Hey bud{1
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 21:34:15z Reply AOS 1h15m (2249z) SE^35{WQ}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 08/01 21:34:15z Send another Next Pass{28
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 20:17:08z Reply AOS 57m53s S SE^8 E 8m{WP}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 20:01:08z Reply AOS 1h13m (2115z) SE^8{WO}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 19:56:52z Reply AOS 1h21m (2115z) SE^8{WN}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 19:53:11z Reply AOS 1h25m (2115z) SE^8{WM}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 19:49:21z Reply AOS 1h28m (2115z) SE^8{WL}
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 19:45:35z Reply AOS 1h29m (2115z) SE^8{WK}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 08/01 19:45:35z Send another Next Pass{27
VA7SHG-9 VA7BWX-9 08/01 19:37:23z Reply hi brad!{179
VA7SHG-9 VA7BWX-9 08/01 17:56:08z Reply Good morning Brad{178
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 08/01 17:51:38z Send another good morning Jim{149
ISS VA7BWX-9 08/01 17:49:44z Reply AOS 3h25m (2115z) SE^8{WJ}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 08/01 17:49:44z Send another Next Pass{26
VA7BWX-9 KC1HHO-9 08/01 03:15:21z Send another and 7 3{3
KC1HHO-9 VA7BWX-9 08/01 03:10:05z Reply thx for reply 73all is well here.have a great weekend{04
VA7BWX-9 KC1HHO-9 08/01 03:08:07z Send another (from Vancouver BC Canada){2
VA7BWX-9 KC1HHO-9 08/01 03:07:40z Send another Life doesn't get any better & I hope all is the same with yourself{1
KC1HHO-9 VA7BWX-9 08/01 01:53:12z Reply answering test how are you? Quincy MA{81
VA7BWX-9 VA7DGP-9 07/31 22:17:28z Send another long distance test{2
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 07/31 22:14:01z Send another Distance test {148
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 20:04:35z Reply AOS 1h57m (2202z) SE^12{WC}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:54:19z Reply AOS 2h09m (2202z) SE^12{WB}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:50:33z Reply AOS 2h11m (2202z) SE^12{WA}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:50:12z Reply AOS 2h12m (2202z) SE^12{VZ}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:49:02z Reply AOS 2h13m (2202z) SE^12{VY}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:29:52z Reply Please Beacon Position{VX}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:26:02z Reply Please Beacon Position{VW}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:22:17z Reply Please Beacon Position{VV}
VE7NV-8 VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:20:51z Reply test successful{70
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 07/31 19:20:00z Send another test{147
VA7BWX-9 VE7NV-8 07/31 19:19:49z Send another test {12
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/31 19:18:31z Reply Please Beacon Position{VU}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 07/31 19:18:31z Send another Next Pass{25
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-2 07/29 04:22:25z Send another Wooooooooo hooooooo
VA7SHG-2 VA7BWX-9 07/29 02:05:31z Reply Heard you via ISS in CN99 Chilliwack, BC CN99
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/27 05:09:46z Reply AOS 2m30s W NE^80 E 11m{UO}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/27 05:08:52z Reply AOS 3m30s W NE^80 E 11m{UN}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/27 05:08:14z Reply AOS 4m1s W NE^80 E 11m{UM}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 07/27 05:08:14z Send another Next Pass{24
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/27 05:07:18z Reply AOS 5m W NE^80 E 11m{UL}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/27 05:06:36z Reply AOS 5m39s W NE^80 E 11m{UK}
VA7BWX-9 AB7DY 07/27 03:47:55z Send another That is really neat. Hello from the West coast of Canada
VA7BWX-9 VA7KMG 07/26 06:09:15z Send another Hey hey hey
VA7KMG VA7BWX-9 07/25 03:44:38z Reply hello{WN}
VA7BWX-9 VE7NV-8 07/25 02:22:20z Send another Great Evening Bud!
VE7NV-8 VA7BWX-9 07/25 02:13:01z Reply good evening{69
AB7DY VA7BWX-9 07/25 02:02:53z Reply I HEAR U IN PDX CN85 VIA ISS 73{39
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/23 21:13:53z Reply AOS 3h56m (24 0110z) SE^12{SO}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/23 21:05:55z Reply AOS 4h04m (24 0110z) SE^12{SN}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/23 21:05:05z Reply AOS 4h08m (24 0110z) SE^12{SM}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/23 21:04:26z Reply AOS 4h10m (24 0110z) SE^12{SL}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/23 21:02:06z Reply AOS 4h11m (24 0110z) SE^12{SK}
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/23 20:58:20z Reply AOS 4h11m (24 0110z) SE^12{SJ}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 07/23 20:58:20z Send another Next Pass{23
VA7BWX-9 KF6FES-7 07/21 13:52:41z Send another Hi right back, from the West Coast of Canada
KF6FES-7 VA7BWX-9 07/20 02:47:04z Reply Hi from DM04 in CA{88
ISS VA7BWX-9 07/19 23:23:34z Reply AOS 3h21m (20 0244z) SE^13{RB}