VA3NNA messages

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N2QKV VA3NNA 01/21 04:23:05z Reply QSL
VE3NKL-6 VA3NNA 01/09 14:52:15z Reply QSL Thx 73{94
VA3NNA W8LR 12/23 15:05:51z Send another qsl in mail
AA9LC VA3NNA 12/20 20:56:13z Reply Hi de AA9LC -- Grant in IL
KC4LE VA3NNA 12/17 23:32:17z Reply hi from Red in EM63 Hoover, AL
WX4FLY-9 VA3NNA 12/17 17:09:26z Reply I hope you got the qsl via iss, this is to confirm via APRS IS. 73{VT}
VA3NNA K9JKM 12/15 00:32:07z Send another K9JKM de VA3NNA FN03ks copy?
KA8YES-6 VA3NNA 12/05 04:22:56z Reply Got your message, Thanks for the QSO
K4KDR-6 VA3NNA 12/03 22:48:02z Reply QSL. Thanks QSO via ISS! 73 de K4KDR Scott FM17es
K4KDR-6 VA3NNA 12/03 22:46:27z Reply Heard you via ISS-UHF in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KA8YES-6 VA3NNA 11/26 02:28:35z Reply Hello 599 over ISS
W8LR VA3NNA 11/25 03:42:39z Reply QSL the 599 on a low pass for me 73
VA3NNA AK3Q 11/24 02:36:03z Send another AK3Q de VA3NNA FN03ks copy?
VA3NNA N4ZQ 11/14 12:52:26z Send another TU for QSO, Best 73
N4ZQ VA3NNA 11/14 12:52:17z Reply 599 EL88 op Keith
VA3NNA WA9LKZ-1 11/13 13:43:42z Send another UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?