VA3NNA messages

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KD0KZE VA3NNA 05/26 02:50:42z Reply 73, EN35{m0002
KD0KZE VA3NNA 05/26 02:50:35z Reply 73, EN35{m0001
WN9M VA3NNA 05/21 03:59:24z Reply You're 599 in EN55. Op is Dean
WD9EWK VA3NNA 05/21 03:56:36z Reply TNX for call. EN70/80 in OH {6
AK3Q-1 VA3NNA 05/15 15:43:56z Reply Tnx - did not hear you, but confident we will soon! 73!
VA3NNA Heard 05/15 12:26:20z Send another K1WY,K3DQB,K9JKM,AK3Q-1,NY2M-6{UISS54}
WB3CSY VA3NNA 05/02 17:18:20z Reply DE WB3CSY RICK FN10 CPY? QSL?
KD2HLB VA3NNA 05/02 17:16:27z Reply UR 599 in Pulaski, NY. QSL and 73 via ISS
N2UFM-1 VA3NNA 04/30 17:34:23z Reply QSL.....Did you copy me through the ISS or stright simplex?{EU}
W2THC VA3NNA 04/24 14:34:10z Reply -Hello de W2THC via ISS - FN20wc-
K0FFY VA3NNA 04/24 14:32:48z Reply TNX for call. QSLE? EN31{91
VA3NNA Heard 04/19 17:18:56z Send another K1WY,K4RTS-1,W4TBD-6,K9JKM,K8OE,AC2KU-1{UISS54}
K9JKM VA3NNA 04/19 17:18:44z Reply QSL 73
VA3NNA K9JKM 04/19 17:18:25z Send another TU for QSO, Best 73
K9JKM VA3NNA 04/19 17:17:44z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
NY2M-6 VA3NNA 04/19 15:46:13z Reply RGR, ADRIAN. GD TO HEAR U ON 2M AGAIN.UR 599.
AI8K VA3NNA 04/18 23:01:48z Reply QSL TU QSO via ISS, in EN82ew, 73s, AI8K{1
W8AB VA3NNA 04/13 01:01:28z Reply Tnx, QSL 73's
VA3NNA K3RLD-1 04/10 20:18:33z Send another UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?
K3RLD-1 VA3NNA 04/05 21:28:01z Reply TNX&73!{96
K3RLD-1 VA3NNA 04/05 21:25:39z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{94
NS3L-3 VA3NNA 04/03 00:03:44z Reply Tnx fer QSO via ISS. Best 73's Steve NS3L