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SP7DAD-3 US5LOC 11/19 19:59:03z Reply pse QSL and 73 via ISS de SP7DAD
YO8RBY US5LOC 11/05 06:58:27z Reply '73 All the best to you and your's !
US5LOC BLNQSL1/1 11/05 06:28:48z Send another YO8RBY,SV2CPH-4,SV2CPH-1
US5LOC YO8RBY 11/05 06:28:09z Send another 5001.15' N 3617.30' E Good copy tu 73 via ISS
US5LOC RS0ISS 11/05 04:52:30z Send another Hello from UKRAINE. QTH: Kharkiv, KO80DA
TA5AHO-4 US5LOC 11/04 12:15:36z Reply Greetings from TURKEY{17