TG9ANF messages

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TG9ANF KE4AZZ-6 10/12 02:00:25z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
KE4AZZ-6 TG9ANF 10/12 02:00:07z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{53
KE4AZZ-6 TG9ANF 10/12 02:00:04z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{52
KE4AZZ-6 TG9ANF 10/12 02:00:02z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{51
KE4AZZ-6 TG9ANF 10/12 02:00:00z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{50
KB8VND-7 TG9ANF 10/07 18:04:14z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{88
W4JHM-6 TG9ANF 10/07 18:01:33z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS W4JHM EL98
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 10/02 19:09:38z Reply de ke4azz 73{9K}
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/28 21:00:51z Reply de ke4azz 73{9H}
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/23 23:42:36z Reply de ke4azz 73{9F}
AG5DL TG9ANF 09/17 02:34:03z Reply Hi there from Joe in Alamo, TX 73
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/11 14:20:33z Reply de ke4azz el87{8x}
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 09/10 13:36:25z Reply de ke4azz 73{8q}
KE4AZZ-6 TG9ANF 09/10 13:36:19z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{28
KC5TGT-7 TG9ANF 09/10 13:33:33z Reply Hi de KC5TGT EM42{1
KE4AZZ TG9ANF 08/28 20:00:36z Reply de ke4azz el87{84}
TG9ANF W4JHM-6 08/26 20:10:37z Send another Hello All. 73s -- UISS
KK4NAM TG9ANF 08/26 20:10:20z Reply Hello fm Jeff in Alabama
W4JHM-6 TG9ANF 08/26 20:08:32z Reply Heard you via ISS in Edgewater, FL EL98