TG5ALY-4 messages

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TG5ALY-4 N1RCN 10/14 22:36:50z Send another Hello from Guatemala TG5ALY Germán Ek44
N1RCN TG5ALY-4 10/14 22:29:19z Reply Good Evening from EL87
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/14 12:56:04z Reply ISS over EK45FA AOS 14Oct21 14:09 UTC AZ 268 MaxEL/AZ 7/309
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/14 12:55:33z Send another ISS{2
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/14 12:54:31z Send another Net Dital CRAG TG704 1:00 UTC SAT.{1
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/14 01:44:09z Send another {1
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/14 01:41:23z Send another TG5ALY -4 73 from Guatemala _{2
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/14 01:39:28z Send another TG5ALY {1
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/13 19:03:57z Send another WXBOTCUR {1
TG5ALY-4 N8URE 10/12 14:52:44z Send another Tks msg greeting TG5ALY Germán
TG5ALY-4 KD4QNA-7 10/12 14:52:04z Send another Tks 73
KD4QNA-7 TG5ALY-4 10/12 14:16:09z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{99
N8URE TG5ALY-4 10/12 14:15:26z Reply de Stephen FM19{51
KD4QNA-7 TG5ALY-4 10/12 14:14:48z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{96
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/12 14:07:32z Send another WXBOT {8
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/12 14:06:04z Reply IO-86 over EK45FA AOS 12Oct21 14:05 UTC AZ 230 MaxEL/AZ 14/174
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/12 14:05:06z Send another IO-86{7
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/12 14:04:25z Send another ITUPSAT1 {6
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/12 14:04:03z Reply ITUPSAT1 over EK45FA AOS 12Oct21 13:57 UTC AZ 195 MaxEL/AZ 21/255
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/12 14:03:58z Send another ITUPSAT1{5
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/12 14:03:05z Send another AO-92{4
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/12 14:02:03z Reply AO-91 over EK45FA AOS 12Oct21 15:51 UTC AZ 133 MaxEL/AZ 17/70
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/12 14:01:51z Send another AO-91{2
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/12 14:01:04z Reply ISS over EK45FA AOS 12Oct21 14:05 UTC AZ 235 MaxEL/AZ 28/327
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/11 15:25:03z Reply SO-50 over EK45FA AOS 11Oct21 16:20 UTC AZ 300 MaxEL/AZ 9/260
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/11 15:24:38z Send another SO-50{6
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/11 15:23:14z Send another AO -92 {5
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/11 15:21:57z Send another AO -91 {4
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/11 15:20:30z Send another WXBOT {2
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/10 23:55:04z Reply ISS over EK45FA AOS 10Oct21 23:56 UTC AZ 338 MaxEL/AZ 24/35
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/10 23:54:49z Send another ISS{3
KC5QFL-7 TG5ALY-4 10/10 15:43:16z Reply QSL{1
XE1GLA TG5ALY-4 10/08 02:20:27z Reply QSL?
NY3W-6 TG5ALY-4 10/07 01:36:27z Reply Grt 2 cu via SAT{27
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/06 18:56:37z Send another WXBOTCUR{2
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/06 18:55:15z Send another WXBOT{1
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/06 18:49:03z Reply PO-101 over EK45FA AOS 06Oct21 19:48 UTC AZ 21 MaxEL/AZ 43/116
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/06 18:48:43z Send another PO-101{11
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/06 18:46:03z Reply ISS over EK45FA AOS 07Oct21 01:29 UTC AZ 338 MaxEL/AZ 24/35
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/06 18:45:42z Send another ISS{10
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/06 18:42:04z Reply PSAT2 over EK45FA AOS 06Oct21 19:43 UTC AZ 315 MaxEL/AZ 15/17
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/06 18:41:31z Send another PSAT2 {9
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-1W 10/06 18:37:10z Send another ISS{1
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/05 17:11:06z Reply PSAT2 over EK45FA AOS 05Oct21 18:21 UTC AZ 316 MaxEL/AZ 7/358
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/05 17:10:25z Send another PSAT2 {8
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/05 17:01:54z Send another ISS{7
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/05 16:58:04z Reply AO-92 over EK45FA AOS 05Oct21 18:12 UTC AZ 293 MaxEL/AZ 0/293
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/05 16:57:34z Send another AO-92{6
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/05 16:56:03z Reply AO-91 over EK45FA AOS 05Oct21 18:22 UTC AZ 246 MaxEL/AZ 1/259
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/05 16:55:45z Send another AO-91{5
HP2BWJ TG5ALY-4 10/05 16:39:20z Reply hola{80
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/05 16:38:03z Reply ISS over EK45FA AOS 05Oct21 18:03 UTC AZ 290 MaxEL/AZ 2/303
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/05 16:37:59z Send another ISS{4
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-1 10/05 16:16:47z Send another AO92 {1
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/05 16:14:50z Send another AO91{2
WA1GOV-10 TG5ALY-4 10/05 16:13:02z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
TG5ALY-4 WA1GOV-10 10/05 16:12:22z Send another NA1SS{1
9Z4DZ-1 TG5ALY-4 10/05 01:37:33z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago, Blessings 73
NY3W-6 TG5ALY-4 10/03 16:29:09z Reply Grt 2 cu via SAT{10
NY3W-6 TG5ALY-4 10/03 16:27:54z Reply Grt 2 cu via SAT{13
TG5ALY-4 TG9AOR-7 09/11 14:49:10z Send another Buen viaje Jos?? Roberto via DiGi de Alaska {4
P41E TG5ALY-4 08/22 19:59:11z Reply 73{E
TG5ALY-4 TG9AUO-9 08/20 22:59:00z Send another Saludos Jose Manuel {2
TG5ALY-4 TG9AFX-9 08/20 21:37:36z Send another Saludos Chris via DiGi de Alaska {1
XE3ARV TG5ALY-4 08/20 19:56:21z Reply 73s{17
XE3ISS TG5ALY-4 08/20 19:52:13z Reply Greeting from Cancun EL61 de XE3ISS
TG5ALY-4 TG9ALJ-9 08/18 19:40:41z Send another Buen regreso Jorge pkt via digi de Alaska {5
TG5ALY-4 TG9ALJ-9 08/18 13:58:09z Send another Saludos Jorge pkt via digi de Ixtagel San Marcos {3
XE3N-1 TG5ALY-4 08/17 22:15:01z Reply Saludos German 73
TG5ALY-4 9Y4D-4 08/16 22:29:06z Send another PKT via DiGi the ALASKA Guatemala. {2
TG5ALY-4 9Y4D-4 08/16 22:15:10z Send another Greetings from Guatemala TG5ALY EK44 {1
9Y4D-4 TG5ALY-4 08/16 21:26:48z Reply See you on the next go around ,thanks 73 =/IxJa&
N1RCN TG5ALY-4 08/16 21:25:34z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
TG5ALY-4 XE3ISS-9 08/15 22:51:28z Send another Saludos
TG5ALY-4 XE3ISS 08/15 22:50:46z Send another Saludos TG5ALY EK44
XE3ISS TG5ALY-4 08/15 22:13:35z Reply saludos desde cancun el61
TG5ALY-4 W5CBF 08/15 16:15:35z Send another Saludos Héctor por el momento no manejo QSL
W5CBF TG5ALY-4 08/14 23:00:15z Reply Hola desde EM30, LA QSL?
TG8AKV-1 TG5ALY-4 08/13 23:16:47z Reply Recibido el mensaje Armando TG8AKV{04
TG5ALY-4 TG8AKV-1 08/13 23:14:49z Send another Recibido el mensaje Armando TG8AKV{4
TG8AKV-1 TG5ALY-4 08/13 23:13:50z Reply Saludos via DiGi de Ixtagel San Marcos con Vertex 1 watt {03
TG5ALY-4 TG8AKV-1 08/13 23:12:57z Send another Saludos via DiGi de Ixtagel San Marcos con Vertex 1 watt {3
TG9AOR-7 TG5ALY-4 08/12 14:27:00z Reply 73{37
TG5ALY-4 TG9AOR-7 08/12 14:21:00z Send another 73{3
TG5ALY-4 TG9AOR-7 08/12 14:19:11z Send another 73 Jose Roberto, TG5ALY Via Digi De Alaska {1
XE3ISS-9 TG5ALY-4 08/12 13:07:55z Reply 73{22
XE3ISS-9 TG5ALY-4 08/12 13:07:45z Reply 73{21
TG5ALY-4 TG5ALY-1 08/11 23:15:40z Send another Saludos via DiGi de Ixtagel con Vertex 1 watt{1
TG5ALY-4 YS2HE-7 08/11 19:01:49z Send another Saludos Bienvenido a Guate via digi de Ixtagel {2