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TA5AHO-15 TB5BOT-7 09/22 21:27:58z Send another Thank you my friend{49
TB5BOT-7 TA5AHO-15 09/22 21:23:20z Reply International Space Station coming
TA5AHO-15 TB5CPW-9 09/14 13:57:10z Send another s.a Mehmet abi Hayirli gunler dilerim
TB5BOT-7 TA5AHO-15 09/14 13:56:04z Reply TEST 123
TA5AHO-15 TA5LVC-1 09/14 13:55:30z Send another TA5AHO-15 TURKEY. Have a nice day
TA5AHO-15 TA5LVC-1 09/14 13:55:16z Send another Hello my friend
TA5AHO-15 RS0ISS 09/11 23:23:09z Send another Hello ISS de TA5AHO-15 TURKEY. Have a nice day
TA5AHO-15 RS0ISS 09/11 23:17:52z Send another Thank You for the reply-call very good to see you on today
TB5BOT-7 TA5AHO-15 09/11 23:14:10z Reply 123456789
TB5BOT-7 TA5AHO-15 09/11 23:11:45z Reply Deneme
RS0ISS TA5AHO-15 09/11 23:02:54z Reply International Space Station
TA5AHO-15 TB5BOT-7 09/10 19:49:05z Send another hi my friend {46
TA5AHO-15 TA5AHO-15 09/10 18:05:41z Send another TEST