TA1FL-11 messages

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IK8XLD TA1FL-11 09/27 16:13:11z Reply Hello to ALL from IK8XLD
IW3RGK TA1FL-11 09/24 18:39:46z Reply Hello QSL 599 JN65rt...73
IW5BNY TA1FL-11 09/23 22:46:11z Reply Hello de Roberto Florence Tuscany ciao
IZ5ILX TA1FL-11 09/22 20:21:22z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
SV3CIX TA1FL-11 09/21 18:04:03z Reply ( ( 73s ) ){35
IZ5ILX TA1FL-11 09/16 20:46:47z Reply QSL and 73 IZ5ILX
SA0BSV TA1FL-11 09/15 01:48:15z Reply Greetings from Sweden