SY1COD-6 messages

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ISS SY1COD-6 10/18 15:24:52z Reply SW^19 SSE LOS 4m43s{KL}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/18 15:21:04z Send another KM17VX 73 de George{74
ISS SY1COD-6 10/18 13:46:48z Reply Please Beacon Position{KK}
SY1COD-6 HB3YGP 10/18 13:43:28z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{73
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/18 13:42:19z Send another km17vx{67
ISS SY1COD-6 10/18 12:10:29z Reply Please Beacon Position{KJ}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/17 14:44:10z Reply E^65 SE LOS 4m59s{JZ}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/17 14:40:09z Reply Please Beacon Position{JY}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/17 14:36:59z Send another km17vx{62
ISS SY1COD-6 10/16 13:55:33z Reply NNE^20 NNE^20 E LOS 5m17s{JR}
SY1COD-6 SP7DAD 10/16 13:52:02z Send another 73{60
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/16 13:51:32z Send another km17vx{58
4Z4DP SY1COD-6 10/15 16:49:36z Reply 73 tu , hpe cuagn Rf DR OM{BS}
SY1COD-6 4Z4DP 10/15 16:22:39z Send another 73{50
SY1COD-6 SP7G-9 10/14 09:07:33z Send another 73{43
SY1COD-6 SV2CPH-1 10/14 09:07:14z Send another 73 stin Kozani!{40
SY1COD-6 SV3CIX 10/14 09:07:11z Send another 73 via iss!{13
SV3CIX SY1COD-6 10/14 09:07:10z Reply QSL...Kalhmera...73s.!!
ISS SY1COD-6 10/13 16:38:46z Reply Please Beacon Position{IP}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/13 16:35:01z Reply Please Beacon Position{IO}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/13 16:31:16z Reply Please Beacon Position{IN}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/13 16:28:05z Send another KM17VX{19
SY1COD-6 SV2CPH-1 10/13 16:27:49z Send another 73{35
SV2CPH-1 SY1COD-6 10/13 16:27:35z Reply 73{36
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/13 16:27:22z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{33
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/13 16:27:17z Send another ?APRSP
ISS SY1COD-6 10/12 15:44:24z Reply Please Beacon Position{HZ}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/12 15:43:18z Send another 73{10
SY1COD-6 DL6AP-7 10/12 15:41:52z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{9
SY1COD-6 PD0MNI 10/12 15:41:50z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{8
ISS SY1COD-6 10/12 10:55:05z Reply Please Beacon Position{HV}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/12 10:51:19z Send another 73{0
SY1COD-6 F1EZK 10/09 11:51:01z Send another 73{91
SV2CPH-1 SY1COD-6 10/08 17:35:17z Reply 73{33
SY1COD-6 UX0UO 10/08 17:34:30z Send another 73!{86
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/08 11:05:40z Send another Hey ISS!You look charming! 73!{84
TA1BM SY1COD-6 10/07 18:56:23z Reply from Istanbul via iss 73
SY1COD-6 SV2CPH-1 10/07 18:26:33z Send another 73{77
SY1COD-6 IS0EBO-4 10/07 18:26:01z Send another 73 d' Atene! SY1COD{78
TA1BM SY1COD-6 10/07 15:13:38z Reply 73 from Istanbul via iss
SY1COD-6 SQ1GQN 10/06 19:19:59z Send another 73{76
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/06 19:18:18z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{75
SY1COD-6 TA1BM 10/06 19:18:12z Send another 73 via ISS! SY1COD{73
SY1COD-6 IS0EBO-4 10/05 20:13:15z Send another 73 via ISS! SY1COD{70
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/05 20:13:13z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{69
TA1BM SY1COD-6 10/05 15:20:27z Reply Kalimera tnx for qso via ISS 73
SV3CIX SY1COD-6 10/05 13:46:26z Reply (( 73s))
SY1COD-6 SV3CIX 10/05 13:41:13z Send another 73{64
SY1COD-6 TA1BM 10/05 13:40:10z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{65
TA5ABO-4 SY1COD-6 10/04 20:54:14z Reply Hello ISS de TA5ABO Mersin/TURKEY 73 de{63
SV2CPH-1 SY1COD-6 10/04 12:57:14z Reply 73{29
SY1COD-6 SV2CPH-1 10/04 12:56:21z Send another 73{55
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/04 12:56:19z Send another Hey ISS!You look charming! 73!{54
EA4GUB SY1COD-6 10/04 11:09:49z Reply
SY1COD-6 EA4GUB 10/04 11:09:40z Send another 73!{53
SY1APS SY1COD-6 10/04 11:08:49z Reply Pola 73 LAVRIO
SY1COD-6 SY1APS 10/04 11:07:39z Send another 73!{52
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/03 18:40:01z Send another Hey ISS!You look charming from Athens!:){50
SY1COD-6 TA5ABO-4 10/02 14:45:32z Send another Hello to Mersin! 73 my friend!
SY1COD-6 IT9ZSB 10/01 20:25:15z Send another 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{41
SY1COD-6 ARISS 10/01 20:23:50z Send another 73 de SY1COD via space vacuum;){40
TA5ABO-4 SY1COD-6 10/01 16:19:01z Reply hi my friend Mersin TURKEY{52
SY1COD-6 ARISS 10/01 13:55:52z Send another 73 to All from Athens via ISS!{38
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/01 13:55:50z Send another 73 to All from Athens via ISS!{37