SV3CIX messages

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SV3CIX EA6WQ-8 12/03 14:34:00z Send another Hello via iss...73s.!!!{48
SV1OAY SV3CIX 11/25 16:43:52z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
SV3CIX SV1OAY 11/25 16:43:08z Send another ( ( 73s) ){47
SV1OAY SV3CIX 11/25 16:42:39z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS SV1OAY km17uw
SV3CIX SV1BJY-5 11/24 18:29:10z Send another ?DX
TA5AHO-7 SV3CIX 11/22 04:30:18z Reply Hello Stavros 73s. ;))
SV3CIX TA5AHO-7 11/21 11:32:29z Send another Hello Hamit...73s.!!! ( Via Internet )
SV3CIX IU2DMI 11/21 11:29:25z Send another TNX FOR eQSL CARD...GL..GDX..Daniele....73s.!!!
IU2DMI SV3CIX 11/20 21:02:43z Reply ciao 73 via iss
TA5AHO-7 SV3CIX 11/18 19:58:54z Reply hi my friend