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R3PJR SV3CIX 04/19 11:04:10z Reply QSL and 73! via ISS de Pavel - R3PJR
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/16 15:03:53z Send another 9H1FF,SV2CPH-4,EA6XQ-15,EB3FWC,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/3 04/16 13:28:46z Send another IW2DMO,SV3SMG-2,ON4BN,RA1AMX-3,F4KMJ,HB3YGP,IU3MEY,SV1RXI,
SV3CIX BLNQSL3/3 04/16 13:28:43z Send another TA5AJC-10{UISS54}
SV3CIX SV2CPH-1 04/16 13:28:18z Send another ( ( KALHSPERA.!!!) ) Giannh via ISS...73s.!!!
SV2CPH-1 SV3CIX 04/16 13:27:53z Reply 73{95
SV3CIX TA2AWR 04/16 06:57:22z Send another Best 73s.!!! QSL via eQSL/iQSL
TA2AWR SV3CIX 04/16 06:56:44z Reply 73 de TA2AWR via ISS {6
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/16 06:53:51z Send another EA6WQ-6,NA1SS,IT9AOI-7,IU3MEY,IK3ZGB-2,SV2CPH,ON4BN{UISS54}
TA5AJC-10 SV3CIX 04/15 14:17:46z Reply QSL 73 VIA ISS{54
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/15 14:13:54z Send another SV1RXI,SV2CPH,HB3YGP,TA5AJC-10,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/15 07:43:16z Send another ON4BN,SV2CPH-1,SV2CPH-4,SV3EXT{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/15 07:43:11z Send another IU3MEY,IK3ZGB-2,9H1FF,IT9AOI-7,PD5RT,NA1SS,OE6PWE,SP7CHR-6,
SV3CIX 9H1FF 04/15 07:42:55z Send another QSL..TNX...73s.!!!
9H1FF SV3CIX 04/15 07:40:59z Reply sent QSL card via email
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/15 06:06:29z Send another TA2AWR,SV2CPH,SV2CPH-4,NA1SS,TA5AJC-10{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/14 15:03:09z Send another IT9AOI-7,SP7CHR-6,9H1FF,SV2CPH-4,IT9BOF,NA1SS,4Z4DP{UISS54}
IT9AOI-7 SV3CIX 04/14 15:01:11z Reply ok qsl LOTW
IT9BOF SV3CIX 04/14 15:01:01z Reply tnx for the contact
IT9BOF SV3CIX 04/14 15:00:37z Reply 73 bye bye
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/14 13:30:54z Send another DO2ZZ,SM3XLY,NA1SS,IK5ZVE-9,SV3EXT,YO8RBY,SV2CPH-4,OE5RPP,
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/14 13:30:53z Send another TA5AJC-10,SV2CPH-1,4Z4DP,YO2DNO-9,SV2CPH{UISS54}
YO8RBY SV3CIX 04/14 13:28:51z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>
PU2LYJ-15 SV3CIX 04/14 13:28:48z Reply EM
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/14 13:28:47z Send another DO2ZZ,SM3XLY,NA1SS,IK5ZVE-9,SV3EXT{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/13 15:49:23z Send another SV2CPH-1,SV2CPH-4,SV3SMG-2,F4FEB,9H1FF,NA1SS,SV2CPH,IU5FFW{UISS54}
9H1FF SV3CIX 04/13 15:48:18z Reply Msg Rcvd 73 de Fred
9H1FF SV3CIX 04/13 15:46:42z Reply Greetings from Malta de Fred - Stay Safe
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/13 14:14:11z Send another SV2CPH,YO2DNO-9,NA1SS,4Z4DP,SP7CHR-6,TA5AJC-10{UISS54}
DO2ZZ SV3CIX 04/13 14:10:40z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/13 14:10:30z Send another SV2CPH{UISS54}
SV3SMG SV3CIX 04/12 16:36:58z Reply xerete!!!!!!!{CU}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/12 16:35:56z Send another EC4TR,SV3SMG-2,EA2BJM-15,NA1SS{UISS54}
SV3CIX EA2BJM-15 04/12 16:35:24z Send another Hello from Greece....73s.!!!
TA5AJC-10 SV3CIX 04/12 15:07:49z Reply HI FROM TURKEY{28
SV1RXI SV3CIX 04/12 15:01:08z Reply 73{21
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/12 15:00:55z Send another IW3RGK,EA3HJX,OE6PWE,9H1FF,IK3SVW-1,SV1RXI,NA1SS,TA2AWR{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/11 15:54:34z Send another TA5AZ-4,I5PVX,TA5AHO-4,SV3CIX-7{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/11 15:54:32z Send another IT9BOF,IU5FFW,NA1SS,IK7UFX,TA6MO,4Z4DP,IK5QCX,SV2CPH-1,
IK7UFX SV3CIX 04/11 15:51:19z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX JN80DW - [UISS]{00
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/11 15:51:10z Send another TA5AZ-4,I5PVX,TA5AHO-4{UISS54}
SV3CIX SV3APB-7 04/11 15:15:24z Send another ** KALHSPERA ** ( 73s)
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/11 09:14:35z Send another IK6GZM,9H1FF,NA1SS,EA5SW,IW6DOA,IW2DMO,SV3EXT,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SV3CIX SV3ISC-9 04/11 09:02:34z Send another ** KALHSPERA ** XRHSTO..73s.!!!
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/08 16:31:28z Send another SV2CPH-1,SV2CPH-4,NA1SS,SV2CPH,I5PVX{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/08 16:30:39z Send another DO2ZZ,SV3SMG-2,F4FEB,IT9BOF,IW6DOA,YO8RBY,HB9PVI-15,
SV3CIX IT9BOF 04/08 16:29:50z Send another VERY GOOD.!!! via ISS ( ( 73s) )
IT9BOF SV3CIX 04/08 16:28:23z Reply qsl excange?
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/07 17:19:30z Send another IW7DOL,SV3SMG-2,IU5AVH,IK5JRZ,NA1SS,SV2CPH-1,EB3FWC,IU3MEY,
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/05 17:20:57z Send another SV2CPH-4,SV2CPH-1,4Z4DP,TA5AJC-10,SV2CPH,TA5AHO-4{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/05 17:20:39z Send another IK6GZM,DO2ZZ,S56VOM-7,IZ7XIQ,IT9AOI-7,NA1SS,LZ2RKG-9,
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/04 18:05:08z Send another IZ7XIQ,IW7DOL,NA1SS,TA6MO,TA4ATX-7,TA5AHO-4{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/04 11:34:16z Send another TA6MO,ON4BN,ON7KEI,YO8RBY-6,IK5JRZ,OK2IPW,YO8RBY{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/04 11:34:15z Send another EA1CQP-6,IZ1ASM-9,EA4GMY,YO2DNO-9,IW7DOL,NA1SS,OE6PWE,DL4JLM,
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/04 09:58:09z Send another SV2CPH,NA1SS,TA6MO,IW7DVM,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/03 18:56:34z Send another IK5JRZ,EA1BA,SP7CHR-6,IZ5HQB,IW7DOL,SV2CPH-1,NA1SS,YO8RBY-6{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/03 17:16:33z Send another IK5JRZ,YO8RBY,IK7UFX,IW7DOL,SV1RXI{UISS54}
SV3CIX SV1RXI 04/03 17:16:19z Send another Kalhspera Niko via ISS...73s.!!!
IK7UFX SV3CIX 04/03 17:13:59z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX JN80DW [UISS]{00
YO8RBY SV3CIX 04/03 17:13:41z Reply QSL,and '73 via ISS : YO8RBY-Narcis
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/03 12:26:47z Send another IU3MEY,EA4GMY,IW7DOL,IK3ZGB-2,ON4BN,OK2IPW,GW0POA-3,SV3SMG-2,
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/02 19:40:43z Send another SV3CIX-7,EA2BJM-15,IW7DOL,EA1BA,NA1SS,OK2IPW,SV2CPH,IU5FFW{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/02 18:03:24z Send another IK5JRZ,YO8RBY-6,YO8RBY,LZ2RKG-9,NA1SS,TA5AHO-4,TA1BM,IU7GQZ-10{UISS54
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/02 18:01:56z Send another IK5JRZ,YO8RBY-6,YO8RBY,LZ2RKG-9,NA1SS,TA5AHO-4{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/01 20:29:20z Send another IK1SLD,EA3BAX,IW7DOL,EA2BJM-15,EA7AZH-11,I5PVX,NA1SS{UISS54}
IK1SLD SV3CIX 04/01 20:29:05z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
SV3CIX IK1SLD 04/01 20:29:05z Send another Hi Claudio.!!! via ISS...73s.!!!
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/01 18:59:26z Send another SV3SMG-2,4Z4DP,TA5AHO-4{UISS54}
TA5AHO-4 SV3CIX 04/01 18:58:28z Reply SV3SMG-2,4Z4DP{UISS54}{36
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 04/01 18:53:27z Send another SV3SMG-2,4Z4DP{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 04/01 18:53:20z Send another IW7DOL,S56VOM-7,LZ2RKG-9,EA2BJM-15,NA1SS,EA1BA,SV1RXI,IU5FFW,
SV1RXI SV3CIX 04/01 18:51:06z Reply kalo vrady{12
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/01 13:58:27z Send another EA2BJM-15,SV3SMG-2{UISS54}
SV3SMG SV3CIX 04/01 12:22:33z Reply kalhmera{PZ}
SV3CIX SV3SMG-2 04/01 12:20:49z Send another Kalhspera via ISS...73s.!!!
SV3CIX SV3SMG-2 04/01 12:19:39z Send another ( ( KALHMERA.!!!) ) via ISS...73s.!!!
SV1RXI SV3CIX 04/01 12:19:06z Reply kalispera{8
SV3CIX SV1RXI 04/01 12:15:25z Send another (( KALHSPERA STO KARPENISSI )) via ISS...73s.!!!
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 04/01 10:41:19z Send another NA1SS,SV1RXI{UISS54}
SV1RXI SV3CIX 04/01 10:40:50z Reply ola kala{6
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 03/31 19:39:15z Send another SV3EXT,SV1RXI,TA5AHO-4,4Z4DP{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 03/31 19:39:15z Send another DL6KBG-10,IZ5HQB,NA1SS,EA2BJM-15,IW7DOL,IU1INZ,IU5FFW,IZ2SNY,
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 03/31 19:38:33z Send another SV3EXT,SV1RXI,TA5AHO-4{UISS54}
SV1RXI SV3CIX 03/31 19:38:29z Reply 73{5
SV3EXT SV3CIX 03/31 19:35:29z Reply KALHSPERA!!{58
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 03/31 19:35:21z Send another DL6KBG-10,IZ5HQB,NA1SS,EA2BJM-15,IW7DOL,IU1INZ,IU5FFW{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 03/30 20:28:48z Send another IK5JRZ,IW6DOA,NA1SS,IU5FFW,4Z4DP,IZ2FER-6{UISS54}
SV1RXI SV3CIX 03/30 13:58:48z Reply Thanks{0
SV3CIX IU7GQZ-10 03/30 12:17:54z Send another pse QSL. via eQSL...via ISS....73s.!!!
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 03/30 12:16:48z Send another NA1SS,IU7GQZ-10,IW7DOL{UISS54}
SV3EXT SV3CIX 03/29 21:11:59z Reply 73{44
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 03/29 21:11:57z Send another NA1SS,IK6GZM,4Z4DP,EA2BVD,M7BCE-9,SV3EXT,EA1CDV-10{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 03/29 19:34:19z Send another OE5RPP,4Z4DP,YO8RBY,PD0RLX,LZ2RKG-9,OE6PWE,NA1SS,IZ1ASM-9,
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/3 03/29 14:42:28z Send another EA7KR,IS0GVH,SV2CPH-4,9H1FF,LZ2RKG-9,HB3YGP,IT9AOI-7,
SV1RXI SV3CIX 03/29 13:10:21z Reply Hi stavros
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 03/28 21:58:33z Send another OE6PWE,EB2CDU,ON4BN,IU5FFW,EA7BW,HB3YGP,4Z4DP,NA1SS{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 03/28 20:27:34z Send another I5PVX,4Z4DP,SV1RXI,TB1CLR-7,IU7GQZ-10,TA5AHO-4{UISS54}
SV3CIX SV1RXI 03/28 20:25:38z Send another KALHSPERA.!!! via ISS...73s.!!!
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 03/28 20:24:56z Send another IW7DOL,OE6PWE,IK0JJX,NA1SS,LZ2RKG-9,IW6DOA,IT9AOI-7,SQ3KAR-1,
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 03/28 13:54:41z Send another 9H1FF,IZ0YAY-15,IW2DMO,NA1SS,IW3RGK,HB3YGP,OE6PWE,IK3SVW-1{UISS54}