SQ5GVY messages

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SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/24 15:43:16z Send another DO6GZ,NA1SS,OE1WTR,IW0DYI,SV2CPH-1,SV3CIX{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/2 01/24 15:42:14z Send another IK7FMQ,IK1COA-15,EA2BVD,YO2DNO,9H1FF,SY2DCI,ON4BN,IK3ZGB-2,
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/24 15:41:24z Send another IK7FMQ,IK1COA-15,EA2BVD,YO2DNO,9H1FF,SY2DCI{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/23 18:09:13z Send another EA2BJM,IN3EIQ,IK1COA-15,ON4BN,PC1L-2,DK4PA-7,OE5RPP,YO8RBY-6{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/3 01/21 18:09:11z Send another LA4FPA-6,F8FFP-11,IZ7XIQ,IU2GZZ,I5PVX,IZ2NYY,IT9AOI-7,
IK7FMQ SQ5GVY 01/21 18:08:36z Reply QSL ! TNX 73
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/2 01/21 18:06:56z Send another PC1L-2,EB4ADC,EA4GII-9,NA1SS,IK7FMQ,IT9BOF,IK1COA-15,
PC1L-2 SQ5GVY 01/21 18:05:44z Reply 1076 KM JO20UU{30
PC1L-2 SQ5GVY 01/21 18:04:40z Reply 1076 KM JO20UU{28
IK7FMQ SQ5GVY 01/21 18:04:07z Reply 73 QSL ?
EA8CHC-5 SQ5GVY 01/21 18:03:59z Reply 73 IM67WI Roger?{1
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/21 16:30:06z Send another SM4ONW,SQ3KAR-1,OK2SLC{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/2 01/21 16:30:04z Send another IK7FMQ,9H1FF,IT9AOI-7,IK6GZM,NA1SS,SV3CIX,SV2CPH,IK3ZGB-2,
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/21 16:29:26z Send another IK7FMQ,9H1FF,IT9AOI-7,IK6GZM,NA1SS,SV3CIX,SV2CPH,IK3ZGB-2{UISS54}
IT9AOI-7 SQ5GVY 01/21 16:29:15z Reply qsl confirmed. Tnx
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/21 16:28:25z Send another IK7FMQ,9H1FF,IT9AOI-7,IK6GZM,NA1SS,SV3CIX{UISS54}
ON4BN SQ5GVY 01/16 22:01:16z Reply Hi 73s and QSL via ISS
IZ1MHY SQ5GVY 01/16 20:31:56z Reply Hi, 599 JN54AC via International Space Station - 73 Andrea IZ1MHY
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/16 20:31:28z Send another DL4AH{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/2 01/16 20:30:54z Send another EA4GII-9,IZ1MHY,ON4BN,LA4FPA-6,IU5PTY,LA9CAA,IU5FFW,IK7FMQ,
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/16 20:30:24z Send another EA4GII-9,IZ1MHY,ON4BN,LA4FPA-6,IU5PTY,LA9CAA,IU5FFW{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/16 20:29:26z Send another EA4GII-9,IZ1MHY,ON4BN,LA4FPA-6,IU5PTY,LA9CAA{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/16 18:55:43z Send another NA1SS,IK7FMQ,SQ3KAR-1,S56BL,F8FFP-11,SV3CIX{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/2 01/16 18:52:44z Send another IT9BOF,IT9AOI-7,IZ1MHY,HB9GSE,PE1NTN,YO2DNO,EA3BAX,EA1CHG-6,
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/16 18:51:55z Send another IT9BOF,IT9AOI-7,IZ1MHY,HB9GSE,PE1NTN,YO2DNO{UISS54}
HB9GSE SQ5GVY 01/16 18:50:49z Reply 73 QSL? JN46KA
IT9AOI-7 SQ5GVY 01/16 18:50:45z Reply qsl excange?
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/14 20:30:00z Send another IW3RGK,IK7FMQ,SP2QCW,S56BL,SP5LOT{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/2 01/14 20:28:41z Send another EC5M,EA4CO,IU5GEZ,IZ1POV,NA1SS,HB9PVI-15,IZ1MHY,IZ7XIQ,
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/14 20:28:37z Send another IW3RGK{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/14 20:27:45z Send another EC5M,EA4CO,IU5GEZ,IZ1POV{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/13 21:21:03z Send another IU5GEZ,IK7FMQ,SP2QCW,ON4BN,S56BL,YO2DNO{UISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/2 01/13 21:19:48z Send another EA4GMY-6,G4DCQ-2,IZ1MHY,IK6GZM,EA2BJM,EA1JN-6,NA1SS,LA4FPA-6,
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/13 21:19:02z Send another IU5GEZ,IK7FMQ,SP2QCW,ON4BN,S56BL{UISS54}
DB0LUH-1 SQ5GVY 01/13 21:18:51z Reply rejUISS54}
SQ5GVY BLNQSL2/2 01/13 21:18:51z Send another IU5GEZ,IK7FMQ,SP2QCW,ON4BN{UISS54}
IK6GZM SQ5GVY 01/13 21:15:55z Reply 73, QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!
SQ5GVY IK6GZM 01/13 21:15:42z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
IK6GZM SQ5GVY 01/13 21:15:15z Reply 73, QSL?
SQ5GVY BLNQSL1/1 01/13 21:14:51z Send another EA4GMY-6,G4DCQ-2,IZ1MHY,IK6GZM,EA2BJM,EA1JN-6,NA1SS,LA4FPA-6{UISS54}