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SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 11/16 21:20:43z Send another F8FFP-10,IU2GZZ,DG1MSR,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 11/15 20:36:37z Send another SQ1GQN,SV3EXT{UISS54}
SP7DAD IU2DMI 11/14 21:28:13z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS.
IU2DMI SP7DAD 11/14 21:26:21z Reply ciao 73 via sat
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 11/12 21:37:16z Send another IS0EBO-4,S51BJ{UISS54}
SY1COD-6 SP7DAD 10/31 08:55:28z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! {39
IW9GWJ SP7DAD 10/31 08:51:33z Reply 73 from Sicilia op. FABIO by ISS{97
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/31 05:38:15z Send another SV2CPH-4,OE6PWE,TA1FL-4{UISS54}
SY1COD-6 SP7DAD 10/28 09:53:06z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! George{23
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/26 11:34:17z Send another PE1NTN,IK1COA-2{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/26 11:33:51z Send another PE1NTN{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/25 07:39:36z Send another IR0UGN-1,PE1NTN,IZ1JPS,SQ1GQN-7,YO8RAA-3{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/24 10:08:16z Send another OE6PWE,YO8RAA-3,TA1FL-4,UX0UO{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/24 10:07:12z Send another OE6PWE,YO8RAA-3{UISS54}
G7HCE SP7DAD 10/24 10:03:34z Reply Hi from IO80 in Exeter - QSL !
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/23 10:59:22z Send another G0RNU,OE6PWE,OK2UQL-7,IR0UGN-1,S51BJ{UISS54}
ON4QI SP7DAD 10/22 08:36:57z Reply 73 via ISS from Roberto
SY1COD-6 SP7DAD 10/21 06:14:03z Reply 73 de SY1COD! qsl card sent in pdf via email!{96
SQ1FYB-9 SP7DAD 10/20 12:00:10z Reply qsl 73{5
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/20 11:57:41z Send another DG8NCY-9,PD2RLD-8{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/20 10:23:15z Send another DL0SGP,SQ1FYB-9,S51BJ,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
SY1COD-6 SP7DAD 10/19 12:51:36z Reply 73 from space via ISS! George{80
DK2ZO SP7DAD 10/19 09:38:15z Reply Hi from Heilbronn, jn49ma
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/19 09:36:35z Send another PE1NTN,PD0MNI,OE6PWE,IR0UGN-1,DK2ZO{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/18 12:06:50z Send another PD0MNI,PE1NTN,IK1COA-2,PD0SBH,ON7KEI-9,SY1COD-6,UX0UO{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/18 12:06:43z Send another PD0MNI,PE1NTN,IK1COA-2,PD0SBH,ON7KEI-9,SY1COD-6{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/18 12:06:26z Send another PD0MNI,PE1NTN,IK1COA-2,PD0SBH,ON7KEI-9{UISS54}
SY1COD-6 SP7DAD 10/16 13:52:02z Reply 73{60
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/16 13:50:54z Send another PD0SBH,OE6PWE,YO8RAA-3,DL6WAB,IS0EBO-4,SV2CPH-1,UX0UO,TA1BM{UISS54}
DL6WAB SP7DAD 10/16 13:47:42z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/16 10:37:35z Send another YU7RD,OZ1MAS{UISS54}
SK0QO SP7DAD 10/15 11:30:03z Reply QSL and 73
SP7DAD BLNQSL2/3 10/14 13:58:04z Send another IZ1JPS,SQ1GQN-9,TA1BM,YO8RAA,G7UZN,G0RNU,HB3YGP,IW0GJW,
YO8RAA-3 SP7DAD 10/14 10:47:59z Reply OK, TNX 73 VIA ISS
DL3DAC-7 SP7DAD 10/12 17:54:32z Reply Have send QSL via EQSL TKS 73
DL6AP-7 SP7DAD 10/12 15:41:12z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {4
G4DCQ-2 SP7DAD 10/12 15:38:09z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV
DG2HSI-9 SP7DAD 10/12 14:24:12z Reply QSL! vy 73 de DG2HSI
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/12 14:03:09z Send another DG2HSI-9,G7HCE,PB0P-9,YU7RD,DL6WAB,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/10 12:36:29z Send another IK1COA-2,UX0UO{UISS54}
UX0UO SP7DAD 10/09 13:28:25z Reply TNX QSO 73! GL
F4GVO SP7DAD 10/08 17:31:15z Reply Hello my friend, you're are 599 in JN38JK
SA0BSV SP7DAD 10/08 15:56:44z Reply QSL
SA0BSV SP7DAD 10/08 15:54:36z Reply Greetings from Sweden
YU7RD SP7DAD 10/02 16:16:35z Reply All the best to you de Vlado.
G7HCE SP7DAD 10/02 16:15:29z Reply G7HCE IO80 via ISS QSL !
SP7DAD BLNQSL2/3 10/01 17:10:53z Send another YU7RD,F8FFP-10,DK2ZO,ON4QI,G4DCQ-2,PD0RLX,OE5RPP,G0GOO,SQ1GQN-7,
SP7DAD BLNQSL2/2 10/01 17:10:13z Send another YU7RD,F8FFP-10,DK2ZO,ON4QI,G4DCQ-2,PD0RLX,OE5RPP,G0GOO,SQ1GQN-7{UISS5
SP7DAD BLNQSL1/1 10/01 15:35:18z Send another TA5ABO-4,SV2CPH-4,SQ1GQN,S51BJ,YO8RAA-3,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
SP7DAD OH2KXH 09/29 18:54:38z Send another pse QSL and 73 via ISS,
SP7U-6 SP7DAD 09/27 17:25:36z Reply 88{U
SP7U-6 SP7DAD 09/27 17:24:18z Reply 73{T
SP7DAD SAT 09/26 21:29:33z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS,
TA5ABO-4 SP7DAD 09/26 20:46:36z Reply Hello ISS de TA5ABO Mersin/TURKEY{55
TA5ABO-4 SP7DAD 09/24 16:53:09z Reply Hello ISS de SP7DAD Poland. Have a nice day
IR0UGN-1 SP7DAD 09/22 21:43:20z Reply 73 de IZ0QWM - Inet to RF iGate is closed
IZ1JPS SP7DAD 09/22 20:04:06z Reply 73 via ISS{63
SV2CPH-1 SP7DAD 09/22 18:31:22z Reply 73{25
DL5MGZ-9 SP7DAD 09/21 19:28:03z Reply Tnx fer msg Andrzej and 73! Tom
SP7DAD DL5MGZ-9 09/20 20:15:37z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
IZ1JPS SP7DAD 09/19 19:26:37z Reply QSL 73 via ISS{51
IZ1JPS SP7DAD 09/19 07:04:49z Reply 73 via sat NO-84{47
SP7DAD OZ1MAS 09/18 21:58:49z Send another QSL and 73 via sat
TA1BM SP7DAD 09/18 18:39:58z Reply tnx 73 pse qsl eqsl