SP7CHR-6 messages

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SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/05 15:21:12z Send another SP7DAD-6,SP7MTU-7,IU3MEY,EC2UT-6,OE6PWE,ON4BN,PD5RT,DH4DAN,
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/05 15:19:17z Send another SP7DAD-6,SP7MTU-7,IU3MEY,EC2UT-6{UISS54}
CT1EBQ SP7CHR-6 12/05 15:16:57z Reply Gretings SP7CHR-6 loud and clear from Cascais, PT {EBQ35
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/05 13:44:25z Send another IU3MEY,ON4BN,OE6PWE,LY1JG,SQ3KAR-1,DH4DAN,PE1AZX,ON7KEI,
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/05 13:44:00z Send another IU3MEY,ON4BN,OE6PWE,LY1JG,SQ3KAR-1,DH4DAN,PE1AZX,ON7KEI{UISS54}
CT1EBQ SP7CHR-6 12/05 13:40:45z Reply 73 via ISS IM58gr, QSL see ct1ebq.com/qsl {EBQ17
UA3NFG SP7CHR-6 12/04 14:24:08z Reply andrew
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/02 16:11:58z Send another SQ3KAR-1{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/02 16:11:57z Send another SP7DAD-6,IZ2FDU,YO2DNO,IK3ZGB-2,OE5RPP,PD0RLX,DK9PS-7,
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/02 16:08:45z Send another DH4DAN,RV4CQ-6,OE6PWE,LY1JG,ON7BRT,SV2RR{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/02 16:08:15z Send another DH4DAN,RV4CQ-6,OE6PWE,LY1JG{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/02 14:34:55z Send another SQ3KAR-1,IU3MEY,UA3NFG,OE5RPP,ES4RM{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/02 14:34:04z Send another SQ3KAR-1,IU3MEY,UA3NFG{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/01 15:23:13z Send another SA0BSV,ON4BN,SV2CPH,SQ3KAR-1,LY1JG,DH4DAN,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/01 15:21:04z Send another SA0BSV,ON4BN,SV2CPH,SQ3KAR-1,LY1JG,DH4DAN{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/01 15:19:28z Send another SA0BSV,ON4BN{UISS54}
IU2MCH SP7CHR-6 12/01 13:43:27z Reply 73 QSL?
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/01 13:42:23z Send another ON4BN,PD9BTB,SV2RR,OE1WTR,SQ3KAR-1,DH4DAN{UISS54}
SV2RR SP7CHR-6 12/01 13:41:26z Reply Hello...QSL d[-_-]b 73 sv2rr@qsl.net
F1IPY SP7CHR-6 12/01 12:06:47z Reply QSL from JN18AT, 73 via ISS, QSL ?
F1IPY SP7CHR-6 12/01 12:06:23z Reply QSL from JN18AT, 73 via ISS
SP7CHR-6 Heard 12/01 12:03:16z Send another EC4TR,OE6PWE,HB9PVI-15,F1IGI-6,ON4BN{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/29 17:00:28z Send another M7WFG,SA0BSV,SP7DAD-7,LY1JG{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/29 16:58:20z Send another HA8WM-2,DK9PS-7,ON4BN,SM0PQB-10,RV4CQ-6,SQ3KAR-1,SV2CPH,
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/29 16:58:18z Send another M7WFG,SA0BSV,SP7DAD-7{UISS54}
ON4BN SP7CHR-6 11/29 16:57:41z Reply Hi 73s and QSL via ISS
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/29 16:56:55z Send another M7WFG{UISS54}
SQ3KAR-1 SP7CHR-6 11/29 15:26:27z Reply Milego popoludnia 73!
HA8WM-2 SP7CHR-6 11/29 15:20:27z Reply ha8wm@freemail.h{50
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/29 15:20:22z Send another SP9RVB-6,DB1DT-7,SQ3KAR-1,HA8WM-2,SA0BSV,ON4BN{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/29 15:19:58z Send another SP9RVB-6,DB1DT-7,SQ3KAR-1,HA8WM-2,SA0BSV{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 SQ3KAR-1 11/29 15:19:42z Send another pozdrawiam
CT1EBQ SP7CHR-6 11/29 15:16:22z Reply Gretings SP7CHR-6 loud and clear from Cascais, PT {EBQ8
CT1EBQ SP7CHR-6 11/29 15:16:02z Reply 73 via ISS IM58gr, QSL see ct1ebq.com/qsl {EBQ24
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/28 17:48:41z Send another 4Z4DP{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 SP7DAD-7 11/28 17:44:46z Send another Greetings from SP QSL ?
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/28 17:44:36z Send another SP7DAD-7,PE1AZX,IZ3GYS,ON4BN,ON7KEI,HA8WM-2{UISS54}
SQ3KAR-1 SP7CHR-6 11/27 15:27:21z Reply vy73!
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/27 15:21:12z Send another ON7KEI,ON4BN,DL7VTX-2,SQ3KAR-1,IZ1VWE,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 SQ3KAR-1 11/27 15:19:53z Send another dzieki, pozdrawiam
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/27 13:41:46z Send another SV2CPH{UISS54}
OK2IPW SP7CHR-6 11/26 20:58:46z Reply qsl?{58
IU2MCH SP7CHR-6 11/26 20:57:58z Reply 73 QSL!
SQ3KAR-1 SP7CHR-6 11/24 17:53:25z Reply Witam Rysiek ,pozdrawiam,73!
UA3NFG SP7CHR-6 11/24 17:49:01z Reply Hello. My name Alex LO28sj
SP7CHR-6 SQ3KAR-1 11/24 17:47:49z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/24 17:46:45z Send another SQ3KAR-1,OE5RPP,OE6PWE,PE1AZX,DJ1NI,IW7DOL,R2DOD,ON7KEI{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/24 16:10:14z Send another SA0BSV{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/24 16:09:27z Send another OE6PWE,DB1DT-7,UA3NFG,IZ1MHY,SV2CPH,IU3MEY,SQ3KAR-1,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/23 17:01:26z Send another OE1WTR,OE6CGD-7,OE6PWE,EI4GXB,IZ2SNY,PD5RT,SQ3KAR-1,SY2DCI,
DL3DAC-7 SP7CHR-6 11/22 19:31:10z Reply TU 73
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/22 16:11:09z Send another IZ1VWE{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/22 16:08:25z Send another 9H1FF,IK6GZM,SQ3KAR-1,IK1COA-15,IW6PUA,OE6PWE,PB0AKB-7,
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/22 16:08:15z Send another 9H1FF,IK6GZM,SQ3KAR-1,IK1COA-15,IW6PUA,OE6PWE,PB0AKB-7{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/20 16:12:46z Send another SV2CPH-4,ER1IM-9,SV2CPH,SQ3KAR-1,RV4CQ-6{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 11/19 16:55:33z Send another IK3SVW-1,CS7AWH,DH4DAN,IK1COA-15{UISS54}
OE6CGD-7 SP7CHR-6 10/10 14:36:40z Reply 73 and QSL{94
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/10 11:23:50z Send another DM5TU,OE6PWE{UISS54}
IK6GZM SP7CHR-6 10/09 15:27:11z Reply 73! QSL?
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/09 12:11:59z Send another IU3MEY,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/08 09:46:31z Send another IU3MEY,OE6PWE,F4FEB-9,F1IGI-9,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/08 09:43:43z Send another IU3MEY,OE6PWE,F4FEB-9,F1IGI-9{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/07 13:51:05z Send another IZ1VWE,PE1AZX,OE6PWE,LY1JG{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/07 13:49:01z Send another IZ1VWE,PE1AZX,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/07 12:11:59z Send another PE1AZX,IU3MEY,SQ3KAR-1,OE6PWE,DM5TU,2E1FET{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/07 12:10:44z Send another PE1AZX,IU3MEY,SQ3KAR-1,OE6PWE,DM5TU{UISS54}
SQ3KAR-1 SP7CHR-6 10/06 14:45:49z Reply Czesc Rysiek 59 via iss ,pozdrawiam serdecznie 73! Adam
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/06 14:36:30z Send another SQ3KAR-1,IU3MEY,OE6PWE,RV4CQ-6{UISS54}
LY1JG SP7CHR-6 10/06 13:46:16z Reply QSL via ISS! 73
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/06 09:47:06z Send another F5OBI,IK7FMQ,IU3MEY,SV2CPH,SV2CPH-1{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/06 09:43:53z Send another F5OBI,IK7FMQ{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/05 13:47:03z Send another OZ7MGJ-6,IU3MEY{UISS54}
DL3DAC-7 SP7CHR-6 10/03 15:38:59z Reply TU 73 QSL JO31OM
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/03 15:24:12z Send another OH1NHW,SA0BSV,IU3MEY,OE6PWE,PE1AZX,ON3RJM{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/03 13:47:11z Send another SP7DAD-6,SQ3KAR-1,SA0BSV,OE5RPP{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/02 14:37:53z Send another SQ1GQN-9{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/02 13:01:24z Send another HB9PVI-15,IK7FMQ,HA7TP{UISS54}
IK7FMQ SP7CHR-6 10/01 17:03:47z Reply QSL, UR IN MY LOG 100%, 73 GB GL
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/01 17:03:06z Send another DL3DAC-7,PD0RLX,IK3ZGB-2,IU3MEY,OE6PWE,ON4BN,IZ7XIQ-5,
IK7FMQ SP7CHR-6 10/01 17:01:06z Reply 73 QSL ?
SP7CHR-6 Heard 10/01 16:58:54z Send another DL3DAC-7{UISS54}
CT1EBQ SP7CHR-6 10/01 16:56:01z Reply CQ via ISS QSL? 73 de Ricardo {EBQ9
SP7CHR-6 IT9AOI 10/01 15:31:21z Send another Yes via buro or LoTW 73 Richard
IT9AOI SP7CHR-6 10/01 15:19:47z Reply qsl excange?
SP7CHR-6 OE6CGD-7 10/01 12:18:09z Send another Tnx , 73
OE6CGD-7 SP7CHR-6 09/30 17:50:07z Reply 73 and QSL{30
OE6CGD-7 SP7CHR-6 09/30 17:47:45z Reply 73 and QSL{26
CT1EBQ SP7CHR-6 09/30 17:45:08z Reply Heard you via ISS, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ47
G0GOO SP7CHR-6 09/30 17:45:03z Reply Heard you in IO93jk
CT1EBQ SP7CHR-6 09/30 17:44:58z Reply Gretings from IM58gr, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ47
SP7CHR-6 SQ7LRG-3 09/30 16:15:47z Send another witam kolege serdecznie witam
SP7CHR-6 Heard 09/30 16:13:12z Send another OE6PWE{UISS54}
HB9EYZ SP7CHR-6 09/26 19:24:08z Reply QSL - vy 73
SP7CHR-6 Heard 09/26 19:23:51z Send another EA4GMY-6,ON4BN,G4DCQ-2,PE1AZX,HB9EYZ,OK2IPW{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 09/26 17:52:05z Send another OE5RPP,OE6CGD-7,SV2CPH-4,HB9EYZ,PE1AZX,OE6PWE,SV2CPH{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 09/26 17:49:51z Send another OE5RPP,OE6CGD-7,SV2CPH-4,HB9EYZ,PE1AZX{UISS54}
SP7CHR-6 Heard 09/26 17:49:10z Send another OE5RPP{UISS54}