SP5TA-6 messages

fromtotime message
IW6PUA SP5TA-6 09/21 22:11:24z Reply HELLO, qsl and 73 via ISS
SY2DCI SP5TA-6 09/18 21:20:06z Reply 73{O
YO3PGF SP5TA-6 09/07 22:04:19z Reply 73! QSL ?
IW7DOL SP5TA-6 09/07 22:00:16z Reply JN90 QSL?
IW7DOL SP5TA-6 09/07 21:59:13z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
G4DCQ-2 SP5TA-6 09/04 01:15:39z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV
G4DCQ-2 SP5TA-6 09/03 00:26:55z Reply QSL from Nigel near Cromer JO02QV
G4DCQ-2 SP5TA-6 09/03 00:26:25z Reply Hello from G4DCQ on the East Coast of the UK
IK7FMQ SP5TA-6 08/30 05:21:27z Reply 599 JN90 73 QSL ?
SQ5Z-6 SP5TA-6 08/22 07:03:12z Reply 59 KO02EL QSL
SP5TA-6 PC1L-2 08/22 06:54:14z Send another QSL Jacenty
I3BUI SP5TA-6 08/20 08:29:41z Reply 599 JN55TR pse de Roberto
SQ5Z-6 SP5TA-6 08/20 08:28:24z Reply RECEIVED,QSL?{69
YO3FVR-6 SP5TA-6 08/16 11:43:32z Reply 73 via ISS, KN25gs{1
PC1L-2 SP5TA-6 08/16 11:40:23z Reply {29
PC1L-2 SP5TA-6 08/16 11:39:25z Reply 1160,4 KM JO20UU{28
HF5TRD-6 SP5TA-6 08/14 11:40:24z Reply Udanego urlopu!{42
SP5TA-6 EMAIL-2 08/13 10:52:18z Send another sp5ta.jacenty@gmail.com TEST VIA ISS
SP5TA-6 CT1EBQ-0 08/13 10:50:08z Send another QSL 73 Jacenty
M7AND SP5TA-6 08/13 09:09:07z Reply 73 de M7AND{24
CT1EBQ SP5TA-6 08/12 13:11:41z Reply CQ via ISS QSL? 73 de Ricardo {EBQ11
CT1EBQ SP5TA-6 08/12 13:11:37z Reply Hi from IM58gr PT, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ11
SP5TA-6 HF5TRD-6 08/12 10:01:41z Send another QSL 73
ON7KEI SP5TA-6 08/12 10:00:22z Reply QSL and 73 de ON7KEI
SP5TA-6 PD2AVE-6 08/11 12:25:09z Send another QSL 599 Jacenty KO02 73.
SP5TA-6 CT1EBQ-0 08/11 12:24:09z Send another QSL 599 Jacenty KO02 73!
PD2AVE-6 SP5TA-6 07/30 18:50:22z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
SP5TA-6 CT1EBQ-0 07/30 17:22:02z Send another QSL 599 Jacenty KO02 73!
SP5TA-6 EA3DNC-0 07/30 15:39:31z Send another QSL 599 KO02 Jacenty 73!
CT1EBQ SP5TA-6 07/29 19:40:09z Reply Gretings from IM58gr, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ62
CT1EBQ SP5TA-6 07/29 19:39:28z Reply Gretings from IM58gr, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ13
CT1EBQ SP5TA-6 07/29 19:39:24z Reply Heard you via ISS, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ13
EA3DNC SP5TA-6 07/29 18:01:32z Reply 599 JN01 73 Daniel
SP5TA-6 EMAIL-2 07/28 17:14:24z Send another sp5ta.jacenty@gmail.com TEST nr 3
SP5TA SP5TA-6 07/28 12:46:46z Reply ja test email via ISS satelites 73 Jacenty{UX}
SP5TA-6 EMAIL-2 07/28 12:45:46z Send another ja test email via ISS satelites 73 Jacenty
HF5TRD-6 SP5TA-6 07/26 20:28:35z Reply Testing my Yaesu Copy?{33
PD2AVE-6 SP5TA-6 07/26 17:14:40z Reply Hello from JO22FD!
SP5TA-6 SQ5GVY-0 07/26 15:40:12z Send another QSL
SP5TA-6 HF5TRD-6 07/24 15:39:32z Send another Pozdrawiam via ISS z SP9 Jacenty z AT578. 73
SP5TA-6 HF5TRD-6 07/24 15:38:12z Send another Test via ISS
SP5TA-6 IK7FMQ 07/24 15:37:09z Send another 599 KO02of Jacenty 73 QSL ?
HF5TRD-1 SP5TA-6 07/24 09:22:22z Reply go to 144.8{22