SP2QCW messages

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SP5LOT SP2QCW 01/14 20:30:55z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS : SP5LOT / Tomek
SQ3KAR-1 SP2QCW 01/12 20:37:35z Reply good luck and good health-adam
YO8RBY SP2QCW 01/11 21:18:22z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
IK7FMQ SP2QCW 01/09 22:53:49z Reply 73 QSL ?
IK6GZM SP2QCW 01/09 21:18:03z Reply 73, QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!
SP2QCW IK6GZM 01/09 21:17:57z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
IK6GZM SP2QCW 01/09 21:16:32z Reply 73, QSL?
SP2QCW NA1SS 01/08 20:29:38z Send another HELLO DE SP2QCW op PIOTR JO93NP
IZ1MHY SP2QCW 01/07 22:52:24z Reply Hi, 599 JN54AC via International Space Station - 73 Andrea IZ1MHY
M0AEU SP2QCW 01/07 22:51:45z Reply Hello de Frank, M0AEU, IO91mg.
SP2QCW SAT 01/07 22:51:17z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.4