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PB0AKB-7 SA0BSV 08/22 10:22:07z Reply Hope to work u next pass 73 Leon{33
PB0AKB-7 SA0BSV 08/22 08:45:49z Reply still trying to figure things out !{32
SA0BSV LA4FPA-6 08/22 07:14:10z Send another Hello from Sweden via ISS
DC1SK-1 SA0BSV 08/22 07:12:44z Reply rejUISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL3/3 08/22 07:12:43z Send another RV4CQ-6{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/3 08/22 07:12:42z Send another IK3SVW-1,IK3ZGB-2,CT1EBQ,PE1NTN,PB0AKB-7,NA1SS,IK6GZM,SV3SMG-2,
PA4VB SA0BSV 08/20 19:09:58z Reply Thanks
SA0BSV BLNQSL3/3 08/20 08:48:47z Send another RA1AMX,NA1SS{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/2 08/20 08:46:13z Send another LA4FPA-6,CT1EBQ,PE1NTN,DF6DBF-11,PA4VB,IK1RKU,OE6PWE,SV2CPH-4,
IW7DOL SA0BSV 08/20 08:45:57z Reply 73 QSL!
IW7DOL SA0BSV 08/20 08:45:13z Reply 73 QSL?
SA0BSV BLNQSL3/3 08/19 07:57:16z Send another PA3ESS{UISS54}
SA0BSV IU2LXR 08/17 09:33:17z Send another Hello Micol Are you QRV?
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/2 08/17 09:33:01z Send another OE5RPP,DL2DBR-1,CT1EBQ,PE1NTN,ON7KEI,PA3ESS,EC4TR,DC6CH-7,
PC1L-2 SA0BSV 08/17 09:31:51z Reply {84
PC1L-2 SA0BSV 08/17 09:31:09z Reply JO20UU 1201 KM{83
HB9EYZ SA0BSV 08/17 09:31:06z Reply QSL in JN37VL, QSL?
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/1 08/16 08:43:59z Send another OE6PWE,OE5RPP,ON4BN{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/1 08/16 08:43:04z Send another OE6PWE,OE5RPP{UISS54}
G4DCQ-2 SA0BSV 08/09 14:12:12z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV
SA0BSV BLNQSL2/2 08/05 15:47:53z Send another ON4BN,HB3YGP,SV2CPH,PD0RLX,DM8WP,SQ9DHS-4,SP9RVB-6,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL2/2 08/05 15:46:00z Send another ON4BN,HB3YGP,SV2CPH,PD0RLX{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/2 08/05 15:45:58z Send another DJ9ZL,EA6XQ-15,PA3CPK,PD5RT,PE1AZX,PE1NTN,EA7P,PC1L-2,SP6NRA-6,
DJ9ZL SA0BSV 08/05 15:44:58z Reply tnx 73
DJ9ZL SA0BSV 08/05 15:43:36z Reply fb cpy in Juelich JO30EW
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/1 08/05 15:43:11z Send another DJ9ZL,EA6XQ-15,PA3CPK,PD5RT,PE1AZX,PE1NTN{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL3/3 08/05 14:13:05z Send another 2E1FET,SV2CPH-4,SQ9DHS-4,ON4BN,EU8RA-6{UISS54}
SA0BSV EMAIL 08/05 14:12:32z Send another Testing
SA0BSV BLNQSL3/3 08/05 14:10:51z Send another 2E1FET,SV2CPH-4,SQ9DHS-4{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL3/3 08/05 14:08:59z Send another 2E1FET,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/3 08/05 14:08:58z Send another HB3YGP,G7HCE-7,PE1AZX,PC1L-2,2E0GZD-7,DC9DC-7,CT1EBQ,EA6XQ-15,
IW7DOL SA0BSV 08/04 16:34:53z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
SA0BSV BLNQSL2/2 08/04 13:21:20z Send another SV2CPH,SV2CPH-4,PC1L-2,EU8RA-6{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/2 08/04 13:21:18z Send another IU3MEY,PE1NTN,OE6PWE,EA6XQ-15,PD5RT,NA1SS,IK3SVW-1,IK3ZGB-2,
EU8RA-6 SA0BSV 08/04 13:20:43z Reply QSL and 73!
SA0BSV PC1L-2 08/04 13:20:24z Send another rej84
PC1L-2 SA0BSV 08/04 13:20:23z Reply PC1L JO20UU{84
IU3MEY SA0BSV 08/04 13:19:54z Reply QSL? '73
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/1 08/04 13:19:15z Send another IU3MEY,PE1NTN,OE6PWE,EA6XQ-15,PD5RT,NA1SS,IK3SVW-1{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL2/2 08/03 14:09:11z Send another DF2HB-9,R1BHJ,DJ9ZL,EU8RA-6{UISS54}
SA0BSV BLNQSL2/2 08/03 14:08:15z Send another DF2HB-9,R1BHJ,DJ9ZL{UISS54}
OE5RPP SA0BSV 08/03 14:08:06z Reply 73 from Austria via SAT de Peter
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/2 08/03 14:07:30z Send another CT1EBQ,9H1FF,PC1L-2,OE6PWE,OE5RPP,NA1SS,PD5RT,EA4GII-9,
SA0BSV OE5RPP 08/03 14:07:19z Send another Hello from Sweden via ISS JO89xb
YO8RBY SA0BSV 07/28 17:15:56z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/2 07/28 17:15:39z Send another PA3ARK,CT1EBQ,PC1L-2,G0TYM-6,G4DCQ-2,DC9DC-7,ON7KEI,PE1NTN,
G4DCQ-2 SA0BSV 07/28 17:15:01z Reply Yes QSL Your Message
G4DCQ-2 SA0BSV 07/28 17:14:29z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV. Distance is 1234 klm
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/2 07/27 16:26:35z Send another IW2DMO,PC1L-2,IN3EIQ,IK6GZM,S56VOM-7,G4DCQ-2,NA1SS,OH5FI,
SA0BSV OH5FI 07/27 16:26:06z Send another qsl 73
IK6GZM SA0BSV 07/27 16:24:51z Reply 73, QSL VIA LOTW/EQSL!
SA0BSV EB3FWC 07/20 18:43:52z Send another Hello from Sweden
SA0BSV BLNQSL1/1 07/20 18:42:48z Send another EB3FWC,OE5RPP,OE6PWE,SP7DAD-6,NA1SS{UISS54}