SA0BSV messages

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SA0BSV EMAIL 06/05 16:38:43z Send another AMSAT for fun in space
DL1HXB-8 SA0BSV 05/28 11:42:24z Reply ok nice outside! 73{5
DL1HXB-8 SA0BSV 05/28 11:41:21z Reply ok! :-< no signals heared!{4
DL1HXB-8 SA0BSV 05/28 11:37:37z Reply will try iss. is in scan!{3
SA0BSV DL1HXB-8 05/28 11:37:27z Send another Bye bye for now going out in the sun
DL1HXB-8 SA0BSV 05/28 11:36:31z Reply nice to be greeted!{2
SA0BSV DL1HXB-8 05/28 11:35:40z Send another Packet on ISS is out of order new stuff in a few months (kenwood)
SA0BSV DL1HXB-8 05/28 11:33:13z Send another Hello Jutta&Crew Nice to hear from you agaib
DL1HXB-8 SA0BSV 05/28 11:32:54z Reply Hi! with wx like this now! enjoy sailing between skerries!{1
SA0BSV DL1HXB-8 05/28 11:32:27z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
SA0BSV DL1HXB-8 05/28 11:31:49z Send another
SA0BSV DL1HXB-8 05/28 11:30:47z Send another Nice to hear from you again
SA0BSV DL1HXB-8 05/28 11:23:09z Send another Hello Jutta&Crew Nice to see you are back in the Baltic