SA0BSV messages

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SA0BSV SM0NUE-9 11/06 11:44:57z Send another Heja Kalle
SA0BSV Heard 10/25 09:14:25z Send another SQ1GQN-9{UISS54}
SA0BSV Heard 10/25 09:14:23z Send another G8RZZ-9,PE1NTN,YU7RD,OE5RPP,SP7DAD,S51BJ,OE6PWE,G4BBH-6,
SA0BSV Heard 10/21 09:29:11z Send another G7UZN,SY1COD-6,YU7RD,PD0MNI,IR0UGN-1,OE6PWE{UISS54}
SA0BSV EMAIL 10/18 14:23:28z Send another AMSAT for fun in space
SA0BSV SP7DAD 10/08 15:56:44z Send another QSL
SP7DAD SA0BSV 10/08 15:56:06z Reply pse QSL and 73 via ISS,
SA0BSV Heard 10/08 15:54:53z Send another IR0UGN-1,SP7DAD,IW5BNY,OE6PWE,SV2CPH-1,SV2CPH-4{UISS54}
SA0BSV Heard 10/06 14:26:24z Send another ON4CKT,UA1CAS-6{UISS54}
TA1BM SA0BSV 09/30 21:15:56z Reply Tnx 73 hej hej
SA0BSV Heard 09/30 18:03:20z Send another SQ1GQN,IS0EBO-4{UISS54}
SA0BSV Heard 09/30 18:01:16z Send another S51BJ,PE1NTN,OK2UQL-7,F8FFP-10,OE6PWE,SP7DAD,OE5RPP,DG8NCY-9,
SA0BSV Heard 09/29 20:30:24z Send another OE6PWE,DL5MGZ-9,SP7DAD{UISS54}
YU7RD SA0BSV 09/28 18:07:49z Reply All the best to you de Vlado.
SA0BSV OE6PWE 09/28 18:07:28z Send another Greetings from Sweden