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XE3WM RS0ISS-1 11/19 00:06:16z Reply Hello All. XE3WM EL51EA
YU1TTN RS0ISS-1 10/22 13:31:51z Reply Hello ISS!{001
CT1EIF RS0ISS-1 10/21 15:51:49z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, 73
HB9STW RS0ISS-1 10/13 11:33:14z Reply QSL and 73 HB9STW de Thomas via ISS
M5DZH RS0ISS-1 10/08 14:17:28z Reply Hi from Manchester IO83 via ISS de Jon 73 [UISS]{00
PD0MNI RS0ISS-1 10/04 16:08:06z Reply 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
DS2BWU RS0ISS-1 10/01 14:17:13z Reply GE Via ISS
LU5HMT-1 RS0ISS-1 09/14 13:36:28z Reply saludos desde ff87wh
LU5HMT-1 RS0ISS-1 09/13 21:00:53z Reply