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K8DBD RS0ISS 01/18 05:39:17z Reply hello{31
N1MDJ-10 RS0ISS 01/17 20:55:57z Reply n1mdj-7{2
ON4API RS0ISS 01/15 06:41:15z Reply he{0
K9CMI RS0ISS 01/01 17:00:11z Reply 73 AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!{03}
K9CMI RS0ISS 01/01 16:55:25z Reply 73 AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!{01}
KC5FM RS0ISS 12/31 17:14:41z Reply Happy New Year! Be safe up there. 73{CS}
WD4OTR-9 RS0ISS 12/31 11:51:59z Reply hello{1
WD4OTR-9 RS0ISS 12/29 20:09:44z Reply good morning from Rocky wd4otr{3
AD0EC-2 RS0ISS 12/28 20:38:59z Reply Hello fron St. Robert, MO!{LO}
WD4OTR-9 RS0ISS 12/28 12:48:36z Reply good morning from Earth{2
WD4OTR-9 RS0ISS 12/28 12:46:29z Reply good morning from Earth wd4otr {1
VK5KIK-6 RS0ISS 12/26 10:10:00z Reply QSL Via Eqsl Vk5kik
LU7FS-2 RS0ISS 12/25 23:21:47z Reply merry christmas crew???{27
KB6IGK-7 RS0ISS 12/24 22:17:07z Reply EM10 TX 73{14
N1MDJ-10 RS0ISS 12/23 11:36:40z Reply test from N1MDJ{1
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:32:11z Reply ?APRSP{P0004
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:29:36z Reply ?APRSP{P0004
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:29:04z Reply ?APRSP{P0004X
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:28:45z Reply ?APRSP{P0004
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:28:44z Reply ?APRSP{P0004
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:28:42z Reply ?APRSP{P0004V
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:28:42z Reply ?APRSP{P0004
KK4LYH RS0ISS 12/22 14:22:39z Reply ?APRSP{P0002
W8LR RS0ISS 12/21 21:41:09z Reply ?aprss{45
TA1IFV RS0ISS 12/20 16:18:10z Reply HNY 73 de Volkan{9
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 13:19:12z Reply 73 from F6HDP{4A}2F
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 12:45:10z Reply 73 from F6HDP{4A}CC
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 10:51:21z Reply 73 from F6HDP#filter a/49.6089076834712/6.41091607579014/48.6537801317228/7.55613422760657 b/F6HDP*/RS0ISS g/F6HDP -t/t
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 10:51:04z Reply 73 from F6HDP
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 10:48:21z Reply 73 from F6HDP#filter a/49.6289301163241/6.36788985243815/48.2233370431873/8.04637068585828 b/F6HDP*/RS0ISS g/F6HDP -t/t
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 10:42:10z Reply 73 from F6HDP#filter a/49.5575523885882/6.54636560478273/48.6466004382912/7.63796772855064 b/F6HDP*/RS0ISS g/F6HDP -t/t
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 10:41:21z Reply 73 from F6HDP#filter a/49.451619768387/6.6743419226737/48.7542636447997/7.50999141065966 b/F6HDP*/RS0ISS g/F6HDP -t/t
F6HDP RS0ISS 12/15 10:40:41z Reply 73 from F6HDP#filter a/49.3575530629779/6.7877514960432/48.8494798058378/7.39658183729007 b/F6HDP*/RS0ISS g/F6HDP -t/t
EA5GFY-15 RS0ISS 12/12 19:26:41z Reply ?APRSP
KC4LE RS0ISS 12/07 20:53:20z Reply hi from Red in EM63 Hoover, AL
RS0ISS EA8CXN-1 12/05 14:04:48z Send another are you temmie?
EA8CXN-1 RS0ISS 11/18 23:08:36z Reply h0i{17