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EA1YQ-6 RS0ISS 12/06 19:19:32z Reply EA1HXY
EA1CHG-6 RS0ISS 12/06 19:15:44z Reply Saludos desde Zamora via ISS
VP9NR-8 RS0ISS 12/06 17:33:26z Reply Heard in BERMUDA VP9NR FM72 73'S {56
SV2RR RS0ISS 12/06 16:10:59z Reply Hello...QSL d[-_-]b 73
EA1YQ-6 RS0ISS 12/06 16:02:21z Reply EA1BA DE EA1YQ
EA1YQ-6 RS0ISS 12/06 16:01:42z Reply
VP9NR-8 RS0ISS 12/06 15:55:25z Reply Heard in BERMUDA VP9NR FM72 73'S {53
NT4D RS0ISS 12/06 15:48:27z Reply Hello ISS.
EA1BA RS0ISS 12/06 12:53:09z Reply 73 from IN73xi via ISS Op.Javier{93
EA1FMF-7 RS0ISS 12/06 12:50:41z Reply EA1FMF IN83DK{82
EA1YQ-6 RS0ISS 12/06 12:48:55z Reply OK
EA1CHG-6 RS0ISS 12/06 12:46:53z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
RS0ISS KD8UXW 12/06 01:07:59z Send another 73's
KD8UXW RS0ISS 12/06 00:42:50z Reply nr Detroit Greetings from Ken EN82
9Z4QA-10 RS0ISS 12/05 23:18:42z Reply hello from Tobago 73!{RF}
KC8MXW-9 RS0ISS 12/05 23:09:28z Reply ACK{1
EA1CHG-6 RS0ISS 12/05 18:31:31z Reply RX OK VIA ISS
EA1FMF-7 RS0ISS 12/05 13:52:13z Reply Hello from IN83Dj EA1FMF{63
EA1FMF-7 RS0ISS 12/05 13:52:10z Reply Hello from IN83Dj EA1FMF{62
EA1FMF-7 RS0ISS 12/05 13:52:07z Reply Hello from IN83Dj EA1FMF{65
EA1FMF-7 RS0ISS 12/05 13:51:04z Reply Hello from IN83Dj EA1FMF{64
KD5FMU RS0ISS 12/04 22:55:21z Reply Hello{XS}
CS7AXO-5 RS0ISS 12/04 20:57:39z Reply Test by CR7AXO-5{AO}
CS7AXO-12 RS0ISS 12/04 20:36:28z Reply Good morning from CS7AXO-12, Porto - Portugal. 73, Eduardo{02
CS7AXO-12 RS0ISS 12/03 21:16:04z Reply Good morning from CS7AXO-12, Porto - Portugal. 73, Eduardo{01
XXXXXX-15 RS0ISS 12/03 17:00:00z Reply 73 QSL?{61
XXXXXX-15 RS0ISS 12/03 16:59:57z Reply 73 QSL?{60
XXXXXX-15 RS0ISS 12/03 16:59:54z Reply Hello from IN83Dj EA1FMF{59
CS7AXO-5 RS0ISS 12/03 06:39:07z Reply Good morning from CS7AXO, Porto-Portugal. 73, Eduardo{HH}
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 17:26:24z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{45
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 17:26:21z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{44
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 17:23:31z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{43
HP1COO RS0ISS 12/02 02:27:11z Reply Saludos desde Panma{M0002
HP1COO RS0ISS 12/02 02:24:27z Reply 73 FROM FJ09{M0001
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 00:46:29z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{42
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 00:46:23z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{41
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/02 00:44:59z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{40
KF0BMD-6 RS0ISS 12/01 21:25:46z Reply Greetings ISS :)Denver,Co{39
ON7BRT RS0ISS 12/01 18:31:59z Reply ON7BRT@SKYNET.BE{04
EC4TR RS0ISS 12/01 12:01:02z Reply 73 Luis EC4TR IN80er{17
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 12/01 03:08:43z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{38
VP9NR-8 RS0ISS 12/01 00:00:55z Reply Heard in BERMUDA VP9NR FM72 73'S {51
KF0BMD-11 RS0ISS 11/30 23:53:49z Reply Beam Me Up Captain @DM79nq{75
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 11/30 23:53:40z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{36
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 11/30 22:16:07z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{35
AB5XK-5 RS0ISS 11/30 22:16:01z Reply 73 Hi kc5pby{33
K5DNA RS0ISS 11/30 19:02:41z Reply 73s from EM35{38
K5DNA RS0ISS 11/30 18:58:58z Reply 73s from EM35{30
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/30 17:45:16z Reply HELLO ASTRONAUTS{70
LY1JG RS0ISS 11/30 13:05:16z Reply QSL via ISS!{ZX}
YO4TNV-9 RS0ISS 11/30 12:23:40z Reply Hello ! How are you?{WW}
N3PPE RS0ISS 11/29 23:08:09z Reply Many Thanks From Pa G S Via The ISS,Stay Safe.73 .
IU5FFW RS0ISS 11/29 20:11:05z Reply {40
IU2MCH RS0ISS 11/29 20:10:14z Reply 73 QSL?
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/29 17:00:04z Reply HELLO ASTRONAUTS{57
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/29 16:56:06z Reply ha8wm@freemail.h{54
R8ACW-11 RS0ISS 11/29 14:55:40z Reply Hello form MO05qd 73!{0
DU6DKL RS0ISS 11/29 02:35:30z Reply 599 good morning to the crew
KC3SKJ-4 RS0ISS 11/29 01:26:14z Reply Helo.{IN}
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/28 17:47:49z Reply ha8wm@freemail.h{41
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/28 17:47:16z Reply ha8wm@freemail.h{40
ON3CW-10 RS0ISS 11/28 09:28:04z Reply Greetings from spaceship Earth 73{3
DU6DKL RS0ISS 11/28 05:03:48z Reply 599 hello
DU6DKL RS0ISS 11/27 15:48:19z Reply 599 good evening to the crew
9Z4QA-10 RS0ISS 11/27 03:20:35z Reply hello greeting {VN}
N3PCW RS0ISS 11/27 01:35:55z Reply Nick in md{4
KF0BMD-11 RS0ISS 11/26 22:13:31z Reply Beam Me Up Captain @DM79nq{74
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/26 17:49:17z Reply HA8WM Bekescsaba{31
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/26 17:45:07z Reply HA8WM Bekescsaba{24
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/26 17:45:04z Reply HA8WM Bekescsaba{23
EB2CDU RS0ISS 11/26 17:40:26z Reply IN93AG qsl?
KF0HOG-10 RS0ISS 11/26 03:08:07z Reply ??
W7BAZ RS0ISS 11/25 03:12:08z Reply Hello from EN73 {31
BG0DPT-5 RS0ISS 11/25 02:27:07z Reply CQ {3
N4FKH-3 RS0ISS 11/25 01:33:49z Reply CQ_DE RICH N4FKH FM18kt{7
KD9OLZ-9 RS0ISS 11/24 23:55:23z Reply Happy Thanksgiving! 73 KD9OLZ{58
KF0BMD-6 RS0ISS 11/24 22:10:43z Reply Greetings ISS :)Data PKT Rcvd :)Denver,Co{36
W8QVQ-7 RS0ISS 11/24 03:58:41z Reply Safe journey and happy Thanksgiving from W8QVQ. {1
N3PPE RS0ISS 11/23 23:16:39z Reply Helllo From Philadephia , FN20Ja 10WT G.S, Stay Safe. . . [UISS]{01
N3PPE RS0ISS 11/23 23:15:50z Reply Helllo From Philadephia , FN20Ja 10WT G.S, Stay Safe. . . [UISS]{00
KD4ADC RS0ISS 11/23 23:07:16z Reply Hello from Alabama EM74 via ISS...
DV8CER-9 RS0ISS 11/23 05:53:09z Reply Cq cq cq{16
DV8CER-9 RS0ISS 11/23 05:51:44z Reply Cq cq cq{17
DV8CER-9 RS0ISS 11/23 05:51:40z Reply Cq{12
DV8CER-9 RS0ISS 11/23 05:51:32z Reply Cq cq{14
DV8CER-9 RS0ISS 11/23 05:49:41z Reply Cq{13
DV8CER-9 RS0ISS 11/23 05:49:38z Reply Cq{11
N3PCW-7 RS0ISS 11/22 23:56:50z Reply Hello from Maryland {2
N3PCW-7 RS0ISS 11/22 23:53:53z Reply Hi from nick{1
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 11/22 23:52:42z Reply Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down, you will see me{43
KA9WRZ RS0ISS 11/22 22:22:23z Reply Greetings de KA9WRZ{JN}
KF0KFL-1 RS0ISS 11/22 00:43:47z Reply Greatings from White Bear Lake, MN -73{1
IU2MCH RS0ISS 11/21 21:45:26z Reply 73 QSL!
9Z4QA-10 RS0ISS 11/21 20:05:08z Reply hello 73! have fun thanks much{LW}
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 11/20 23:54:07z Reply Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down,you will see me.{44
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/20 17:54:53z Reply Pali KN06MQ {90
KC1QHE RS0ISS 11/20 07:14:12z Reply Greetings!{FO}
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/19 14:02:11z Reply HA8WM Bekescsaba{76
W7BAZ RS0ISS 11/18 23:53:06z Reply Hello from EN73 {81
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 11/18 19:29:50z Reply HA8WM Bekescsaba{75