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9W2KHE-7 RS0ISS 12/15 12:36:57z Reply{19
KK6OTW RS0ISS 12/15 01:37:18z Reply GREETINGS QSL?{21
K3WR-7 RS0ISS 12/14 15:57:22z Reply K3WR - Jim{0
KK6OTW RS0ISS 12/13 01:44:05z Reply GREETINGS QSL?{10
E24OWH-5 RS0ISS 12/12 16:53:47z Reply RS0ISS de E24OWH Thailand{2
KY0TES-7 RS0ISS 12/12 05:02:47z Reply Hello de KY0TES {30
KK6NWJ RS0ISS 12/11 01:54:03z Reply KK6NWJ DM12
W8LR RS0ISS 12/09 23:37:15z Reply ?{63
W8LR RS0ISS 12/09 18:42:19z Reply aprs?{59
K6TDI-7 RS0ISS 12/09 03:36:57z Reply CQ K6TDI via ARISS{81
KI7UXT-7 RS0ISS 12/08 02:52:48z Reply Hi de DN17 in WA.{2
TA5AHO-4 RS0ISS 12/07 01:08:32z Reply Nice to hear you from ISS{86
KI7SOX RS0ISS 12/05 20:29:33z Reply This is a test{HB}
DL3RCE RS0ISS 12/05 19:19:49z Reply 73 Dieter{29
DL3RCE RS0ISS 12/05 19:18:54z Reply 73 DL3RCE{28
RS0ISS VE2ZYD 12/05 03:04:31z Send another Test
HA8WM-2 RS0ISS 12/04 18:39:19z Reply HA8WM{03
KD2PYB-2 RS0ISS 12/04 04:58:00z Reply wish I were up there!{1
KC1RLS-7 RS0ISS 12/04 02:33:35z Reply Hello from FN42 Bedford NH OPR Bob 73
KD9JJR-7 RS0ISS 12/02 03:19:00z Reply Greetings to the ISS crew 73{0
KI7UXT-7 RS0ISS 12/02 00:01:23z Reply QSL de DN17, 73{3
KK6OTW RS0ISS 12/01 23:58:04z Reply GREETINGS QSL?{8
KD9JJR-7 RS0ISS 12/01 22:29:38z Reply Greetings to the ISS crew 73{2
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 12/01 21:13:17z Reply Hey ISS!You look charming! 73!{59
IW6NXR RS0ISS 12/01 21:09:44z Reply Hello from IW6NXR '73
KE4AZZ-6 RS0ISS 12/01 19:14:27z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{97
IZ5ILX RS0ISS 12/01 14:39:03z Reply CQ de IZ5ILX loc < JN54AC > ITALY via I.S.S.
W8LR RS0ISS 11/30 23:24:43z Reply ?{47
W8LR RS0ISS 11/30 23:21:00z Reply UR 599:de:W8LR:EM79TM{46
RS0ISS SQ6LJI-6 11/30 20:28:14z Send another rej1
SQ6LJI-6 RS0ISS 11/30 20:28:14z Reply 73 from POLAND{1
RS0ISS DL4STE-3 11/30 20:22:42z Send another rej0
SQ6LJI-6 RS0ISS 11/30 20:22:41z Reply 73 from POLAND{0
DL6WAB RS0ISS 11/30 18:48:30z Reply 73 to the ISS Crew from Germany de DL6WAB
KF6FES-7 RS0ISS 11/29 07:30:45z Reply Hi from DM04og in CA{69
KK6QMS RS0ISS 11/29 07:21:40z Reply Greetings from Venice Beach , CA!
IT9FTP RS0ISS 11/28 22:13:14z Reply QSL & 73' de Giuseppe JM77AO
KK6NWJ RS0ISS 11/28 08:22:17z Reply George in Santee CA
SP1X RS0ISS 11/27 23:01:36z Reply 73{63
KE4AZZ-6 RS0ISS 11/27 21:06:07z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{92
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/27 03:49:09z Reply CQ CQ VK6 Rod VK4LV Brisbane
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 11/26 22:25:24z Reply ?APRSP
PD0MNI RS0ISS 11/26 22:15:01z Reply 73 All From Mario The NetherlanĂ¼9
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/26 19:44:19z Reply Hello The World de VK4LV Brisbane
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/26 19:42:44z Reply W4AQT Wishing you another great year. VK4LV
DL3RCE RS0ISS 11/26 19:03:47z Reply {76
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 11/26 15:49:37z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! {8
VK4ZQ RS0ISS 11/26 03:08:33z Reply Hello from Brisbane
KK6OTW RS0ISS 11/26 01:56:29z Reply QSL{38
W9SBE RS0ISS 11/26 00:28:04z Reply 73 from EN51xo LKPT, IL{02}
IT9FTP RS0ISS 11/25 23:13:24z Reply Hello world!
DO1RFR RS0ISS 11/25 21:40:53z Reply Hello, Vy73 DO1RFR{89
F5HHO-9 RS0ISS 11/25 19:55:28z Reply Hello ISS crew 73 de Patrick{42
IS0AML-6 RS0ISS 11/25 16:42:53z Reply 73 de IS0AML -Massimo-{0
W8LR RS0ISS 11/24 23:47:49z Reply ?{28
W8LR RS0ISS 11/24 23:47:42z Reply UR 599:de W8LR via FalconSat-3{25
EA8II-9 RS0ISS 11/24 19:03:50z Reply HELLO FROM TENERIFE ISLAND IL18ul{34
LA4FPA-6 RS0ISS 11/23 23:13:42z Reply 73{38
DL3RCE RS0ISS 11/23 21:39:30z Reply ge 73 de DL3RCE Dieter{67
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/23 20:43:00z Reply Thanks For The SSTV Rod VK4LV
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/23 20:40:55z Reply Good Morning From Sunny Brisbane Rod VK4LV
IT9FTP RS0ISS 11/23 18:26:25z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
WX0R RS0ISS 11/23 06:22:13z Reply 73 de Amar. Onwards and upwards astronauts!{14
KK6NWJ RS0ISS 11/22 10:21:22z Reply hi
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 11/20 17:51:33z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! {90
XE3I-9 RS0ISS 11/20 07:57:10z Reply 73 de XE3I{1
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/20 00:50:22z Reply Live Op! Greetings from EL98{68
PD0MNI RS0ISS 11/19 23:30:37z Reply 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/19 00:08:00z Reply Live Op! Greetings from EL98{62
SY1COD RS0ISS 11/17 18:58:36z Reply 73{86
E24OWH-5 RS0ISS 11/17 14:53:18z Reply RS0ISS de E24OWH{1
WP4QDX-5 RS0ISS 11/17 04:12:13z Reply 73{1
E24TVS-2 RS0ISS 11/16 00:08:58z Reply Good day You're 599 Via ISS TNx
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 11/14 19:51:53z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! {73
VK4ZQ RS0ISS 11/14 07:08:04z Reply Good Afternoon
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/14 02:51:57z Reply Live Op! Greetings from EL98{34
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/14 02:51:22z Reply Live Op! Greetings from EL98{29
VK4EM RS0ISS 11/13 23:00:15z Reply OK Peter all good Roy will be around for sure !!
VK4EM RS0ISS 11/13 22:58:24z Reply Did see Roy on 6 yesterday !!
VK4EM RS0ISS 11/13 22:57:53z Reply Haven't see Roy today ??
VK4EM RS0ISS 11/12 23:50:52z Reply Hey Roy
VK4EM RS0ISS 11/12 23:49:40z Reply Hey Roy all good here no voice ???
VK4LV RS0ISS 11/12 08:52:05z Reply Good Afternoon From Sunny Brisbane Rod VK4LV
KS9O RS0ISS 11/12 07:45:29z Reply hello from seattle{2
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/12 02:55:28z Reply Hi from EL98pk QSL?{31
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/12 02:55:25z Reply Live Op! Greetings from EL98{30
VK4EM RS0ISS 11/12 00:41:30z Reply HELLO ROD!!!
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/11 13:36:49z Reply Live Op! Greetings from EL98{22
KK6NWJ RS0ISS 11/11 06:58:43z Reply okay qsl
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 11/11 05:27:48z Reply Live Op! Greetings from EL98{17
VK4ZQ RS0ISS 11/08 02:36:18z Reply Good Morning Peter!
VK4ZQ RS0ISS 11/07 01:49:47z Reply Good Morning on ISS!
VK4ZQ RS0ISS 11/07 01:49:17z Reply ood Morning on ISS!
KS6M-1 RS0ISS 11/06 16:10:13z Reply Greetings and 73
HS6TUX-9 RS0ISS 11/06 14:08:36z Reply How are you{1
DL3RCE RS0ISS 11/06 06:50:18z Reply gm 73 de Dieter{42
DL3RCE RS0ISS 11/05 06:08:06z Reply Hallo Alf 73 de Dieter{38
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 11/05 05:50:20z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{77
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 11/04 16:19:59z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{01}