RS0ISS messages

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ON4BCV RS0ISS 11/23 20:00:55z Reply Hello from ON4BCV JO21JI
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 11/21 23:04:58z Reply 73 , de 9Z4DZ
K3RLD-1 RS0ISS 11/21 01:40:19z Reply YOU ARE 599 INTO FN20, QSL?{58
K6MOX-7 RS0ISS 11/20 15:29:39z Reply We hope your we
UR5MQD-6 RS0ISS 11/12 01:46:16z Reply Hello RST 599 TNX
N1RCN RS0ISS 11/11 13:38:21z Reply good morning de n1rcn
ON7BRT RS0ISS 11/09 09:05:24z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{67
TA5IKT-4 RS0ISS 11/08 22:00:37z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1 [UISS]{00
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 11/08 14:43:00z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
F5HHO-9 RS0ISS 11/04 08:37:08z Reply Hello ISS crew 73 de Patrick Normandy France{16
NY2M-6 RS0ISS 11/03 15:43:59z Reply Hello All. UISS version 5.3.2
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 11/03 03:15:21z Reply Please Beacon Position(RU)
ON7BRT RS0ISS 11/02 10:26:32z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{65
PD0MNI RS0ISS 11/02 08:44:23z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 11/01 04:57:27z Reply Please Beacon Position(VU)
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 10/31 04:13:00z Reply Please Beacon Position{VU}
DK4PE RS0ISS 10/30 09:48:40z Reply ALL{31
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 10/30 05:05:27z Reply Good evening ISS from RK9UM
KC9ZUN RS0ISS 10/29 13:33:47z Reply Hello ISS from Illinois! de KC9ZUN EN52va{1S}
OH2FQV RS0ISS 10/29 10:41:09z Reply CQ Any keyboard operators?
EA5GFY-15 RS0ISS 10/29 07:41:40z Reply ?APRSP
JR4IUS-6 RS0ISS 10/29 04:37:43z Reply ?PING?{P0001
AG5MX RS0ISS 10/23 21:47:26z Reply Do you ever answer ham calls?{0
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 10/23 13:57:53z Reply Take My KE4AZZ 73{4k}
HG5OAP RS0ISS 10/23 12:55:50z Reply cq cq cq de hg5oap {001
CT1EIF RS0ISS 10/23 11:01:07z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, via ISS, 73
ON7KEI-9 RS0ISS 10/23 09:32:35z Reply 73{58
K0ACP-1 RS0ISS 10/22 16:35:44z Reply Hi˙from˙Art/K0ACP EN73tr˙˙˙˙˙˙˙'{29
IZ6YMF RS0ISS 10/22 08:43:37z Reply 73 Arianna
AG5MX RS0ISS 10/21 04:25:31z Reply Hello Astronauts from Lamar Christian School Purvis MS{0
KE4AZZ-9 RS0ISS 10/20 14:34:17z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{01}
LU7GAB RS0ISS 10/18 02:03:40z Reply Greetings from Resistencia city.{0B}
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/17 14:49:10z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{22
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/17 14:49:00z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{20
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/17 14:48:56z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{19
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 10/16 00:24:46z Reply QSL and 73 de 9Z4DZ
KO6RM-7 RS0ISS 10/15 17:44:08z Reply 73 de Jeremy KO6RM DM79 N0SZ{27
KO6RM-7 RS0ISS 10/15 17:43:19z Reply 73 de Jeremy KO6RM DM79 N0SZ{28
K4SDL RS0ISS 10/14 23:31:00z Reply Hi from Scruff, K4SDL in Shiloh, NC FM16xg
KO6RM-7 RS0ISS 10/14 20:11:18z Reply 73 de Jeremy KO6RM DM79 N0SZ{24
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/12 15:23:21z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{18
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/12 15:23:17z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{17
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/12 15:23:13z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{16
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/12 15:23:10z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{15
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/12 15:22:54z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{14
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/12 15:22:50z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{13
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/12 15:20:47z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw{21
M0NPQ RS0ISS 10/08 19:20:52z Reply hello{24
SA0BSV RS0ISS 10/08 14:34:10z Reply Greetings from Sweden
K6MOX-7 RS0ISS 10/08 01:51:10z Reply 73s' from Murrieta{2
N8XYR RS0ISS 10/07 21:27:02z Reply hello to the crew fr n8xyr
DL6WAB RS0ISS 10/06 17:50:22z Reply 59 QSL 73 de DL6WAB
W8MGM RS0ISS 10/05 21:38:17z Reply 73 W8MGM
W8MGM RS0ISS 10/05 21:35:13z Reply CQ CQ de W8MGM via ISS
W8MGM RS0ISS 10/05 21:34:10z Reply 73 From Midland, MI W8MGM
K6MOX-7 RS0ISS 10/05 18:38:58z Reply hi space men from the planet EARTH !{1
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/02 18:10:24z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw {10
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/02 18:10:20z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw {09
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/02 18:10:16z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw {08
F4GVE-9 RS0ISS 10/02 18:10:12z Reply 73 de Adrien JN35jw {07
EI9GGB RS0ISS 10/02 18:06:40z Reply Hello all from EI VIA ISS{ME}
II0IAA RS0ISS 10/02 16:29:22z Reply QSO II0IAAR/5 Special Call -
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 10/01 15:53:11z Reply Hello ur 599 privet iz Kuzbassa! 73!!
IZ5ILX RS0ISS 10/01 15:44:58z Reply QSL ,73 via NO-84 , info :
AG5MX-10 RS0ISS 10/01 05:19:32z Reply Hello you space travelers....{JY}
IK7UFX RS0ISS 09/30 23:01:08z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - info: [UISS]{02
W8MGM RS0ISS 09/30 22:50:44z Reply Hello Lou N8LOU and Jim NO0L from Midland, MI W8MGM EN73U
W8MGM RS0ISS 09/30 22:48:53z Reply Hello ISS from Midland, MI W8MGM EN73U
IK7UFX RS0ISS 09/30 21:30:15z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - info: [UISS]{00
IK7UFX RS0ISS 09/30 18:12:51z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - [UISS]{01
IK7UFX RS0ISS 09/30 18:11:17z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - [UISS]{03
IZ6YMF RS0ISS 09/30 16:38:51z Reply 73 de Arianna from Italy
EA3EUX-9 RS0ISS 09/30 12:59:33z Reply Hola{4
EA3EUX-9 RS0ISS 09/30 12:59:33z Reply Hola{3
N8XYR RS0ISS 09/30 07:43:20z Reply gm to the crew on the iss
IZ5ILX RS0ISS 09/29 20:39:15z Reply TNX FOR QSO 73
IZ5ILX RS0ISS 09/29 15:50:48z Reply QSL, 73 via ISS info :
M0NPQ RS0ISS 09/29 03:31:25z Reply hello{23
W8MGM RS0ISS 09/29 00:35:01z Reply ISS 73 de W8MGM EN73 Thank You!
W8MGM RS0ISS 09/29 00:30:36z Reply Hello ISS 73 de W8MGM EN73
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 09/28 16:53:38z Reply SOFTWARE :AGWPE,UISS,UI-View32(map),UISS
K3RLD-1 RS0ISS 09/27 23:50:12z Reply You are 599 into FN20 in PA{41
NB3T RS0ISS 09/27 23:46:29z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{4
II0IAA RS0ISS 09/26 18:31:13z Reply QSO via ISS with II0IAAR/5 Special Call - AWARD -
N8XYR RS0ISS 09/25 08:50:46z Reply gm fr mi n8xyr
IK7UFX RS0ISS 09/24 21:53:22z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - [UISS]{00
K6TDI-7 RS0ISS 09/23 19:50:54z Reply CQ K6TDI via ARISS{30
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/23 02:48:48z Reply 1{G
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/23 01:13:00z Reply 1{F
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 09/22 18:55:40z Reply Hello to the crew fm Kuzbass
N8XYR RS0ISS 09/21 09:04:17z Reply gm fr n8xyr in en-75
K6YRO-15 RS0ISS 09/19 06:13:05z Reply hello from k6yro{04
K6YRO-15 RS0ISS 09/19 06:13:01z Reply hello from k6yro{03
K6YRO-15 RS0ISS 09/19 06:12:58z Reply hello from k6yro{02
M0NPQ RS0ISS 09/19 04:41:46z Reply hello{21
S54LD-2 RS0ISS 09/18 17:16:41z Reply 73 de S54LD{1
N8XYR RS0ISS 09/18 10:07:16z Reply hello from en75 ken
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/16 23:57:53z Reply BLNQSL1/1{4
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/16 23:57:32z Reply BLNQSL1/1{5