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RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 09/22 18:55:40z Reply Hello to the crew fm Kuzbass
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 09/20 23:23:26z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
K6YRO-15 RS0ISS 09/19 06:13:05z Reply hello from k6yro{04
K6YRO-15 RS0ISS 09/19 06:13:01z Reply hello from k6yro{03
K6YRO-15 RS0ISS 09/19 06:12:58z Reply hello from k6yro{02
M0NPQ RS0ISS 09/19 04:41:46z Reply hello{21
S54LD-2 RS0ISS 09/18 17:16:41z Reply 73 de S54LD{1
N8XYR RS0ISS 09/18 10:07:16z Reply hello from en75 ken
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/16 23:57:53z Reply BLNQSL1/1{4
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/16 23:57:32z Reply BLNQSL1/1{5
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 09/16 20:55:38z Reply Oleg privet from ISS RK9UM
RK9UM-6 RS0ISS 09/16 20:54:56z Reply Hello All from Kuzbass. UISS version 5.3.2
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 09/16 12:00:53z Reply Gud Health, strength and prosperity 2 u & ur family de 9Z4DZ
KE4AL-9 RS0ISS 09/16 03:48:43z Reply Hi! EM71 in AL.{3
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 09/15 12:54:46z Reply Hello frm 9Z4DZ, Stephenson ... FK9OFD
W5TFC RS0ISS 09/15 03:59:48z Reply Hello- From Kevin !{10
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/12 01:05:33z Reply BLNQSL1/1{Y
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/12 01:05:30z Reply BLNQSL1/1{X
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/12 01:04:56z Reply BLNQSL1/1{W
KK6OTJ-7 RS0ISS 09/11 16:10:56z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{9
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 08:26:16z Reply BLNQSL1/1{N
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 08:25:52z Reply BLNQSL1/1{M
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 08:25:49z Reply BLNQSL1/1{L
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 06:50:13z Reply heard{H
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 06:49:52z Reply heard{F
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 06:48:20z Reply heard{C
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 06:48:08z Reply heard{E
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 06:48:00z Reply heard{B
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 01:58:03z Reply heard{5
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 01:57:52z Reply heard{3
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 01:57:46z Reply heard{1
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 01:57:06z Reply heard{4
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/11 01:56:59z Reply heard{2
K4SDL RS0ISS 09/09 13:09:54z Reply Hi from Scruff, K4SDL in Shiloh, NC FM16xg
CE2EK-6 RS0ISS 09/07 01:46:26z Reply Saludos de marco 73's//{20
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 09/05 15:05:13z Reply de ke4azz 73{2u}
SA0BSV RS0ISS 09/05 07:16:59z Reply Greetings from Sweden
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 09/04 17:35:43z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{2t}
EA1BA RS0ISS 09/04 06:29:19z Reply EA1BA 73 via ISS OP Javier{42
VK2SX RS0ISS 09/04 05:32:05z Reply G'Day from vk2sx Dom Jervis Bay
KC4LE RS0ISS 09/03 16:50:04z Reply hi frm Red EM63
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 09/03 16:49:00z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{2m}
N8XYR RS0ISS 09/03 10:16:56z Reply gm fr mi n8xyr
MW0GCT RS0ISS 09/02 10:12:00z Reply
KG5TVS RS0ISS 08/31 19:21:45z Reply Ahoy from the Lamar Christian School Robot Team Purvis MS FTC 11698{0
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 08/31 17:51:08z Reply Greetings de KE4AZZ 73{2c}
N7USR-2 RS0ISS 08/31 17:35:58z Reply ?APRSP
GM0LHK-7 RS0ISS 08/31 11:44:26z Reply hi{18
GM0LHK-7 RS0ISS 08/31 09:26:40z Reply hl{12
GM0LHK-7 RS0ISS 08/31 09:26:35z Reply hi{11
N8XYR RS0ISS 08/30 12:06:29z Reply gm fr n8xyr in en-75
GM0LHK-7 RS0ISS 08/30 09:46:06z Reply hi{10
GM0LHK-7 RS0ISS 08/29 18:49:44z Reply hi{05
WA4ETI RS0ISS 08/29 12:58:06z Reply Hello from NW Georgia!
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 08/27 19:41:53z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{2I}
K3RLD-1 RS0ISS 08/27 13:15:34z Reply You are 599 into FN20 in PA{92
F5HHO-9 RS0ISS 08/27 08:36:52z Reply Hello ISS crew 73 de Patrick Normandy France{16
DL4NDO RS0ISS 08/26 07:52:42z Reply Hello All
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 08/25 21:22:34z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{20}
M0AEU RS0ISS 08/25 15:09:22z Reply Hello de Frank, M0AEU, IO91mg.
9Z4DZ-11 RS0ISS 08/25 14:54:04z Reply Hello frm W3/9Z4DZ in FM19qi
KE4AZZ-9 RS0ISS 08/24 20:39:00z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{01}
KB8OTK-5 RS0ISS 08/23 21:40:59z Reply .{38
SK0QO RS0ISS 08/22 11:21:10z Reply Greetings from SK0QO
HP2BWJ-2 RS0ISS 08/21 23:15:33z Reply Hello from panama{A
IZ2LWA RS0ISS 08/21 15:29:42z Reply 73{90
K6TDI-7 RS0ISS 08/21 00:04:22z Reply CQ K6TDI via ARISS{99
CT1EIF RS0ISS 08/20 17:55:57z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, 73
AD7QL-7 RS0ISS 08/19 20:04:22z Reply QSL DE AD7QL{16
HP2BWJ-10 RS0ISS 08/18 20:31:19z Reply //help{10
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 08/17 00:27:46z Reply Greetings from EL98 near KSC, FL{6
KK4YEL-1 RS0ISS 08/17 00:27:10z Reply Greetings from EL98 near KSC, FL{4
KB8OTK-9 RS0ISS 08/15 23:40:06z Reply hello{66
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 08/15 02:11:32z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{16}
GB2RGO-7 RS0ISS 08/14 16:53:10z Reply QRZ ARGoS viaISS{01
KB8OTK-9 RS0ISS 08/14 13:59:01z Reply hello{65
EA4DS-9 RS0ISS 08/14 11:29:57z Reply HELLO DE ALEX EA4DS/M.73{27
KE4AL-9 RS0ISS 08/13 17:16:38z Reply Hi! EM71 in AL.{0
KK4PP RS0ISS 08/13 14:08:36z Reply <{01
KG5TVS RS0ISS 08/12 18:50:07z Reply Ahoy ISS! de KG5TVS{0
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 08/12 01:41:14z Reply Good Evening de ke4azz 73{0E}
PD0MNI RS0ISS 08/10 16:58:46z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
F5HHO-9 RS0ISS 08/09 17:50:40z Reply Hello ISS crew 73 de Patrick Normandy France{08
N1MDJ-7 RS0ISS 08/09 16:01:42z Reply msg4pass{10
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 08/09 14:36:14z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ{06}
UR5MQD-6 RS0ISS 08/07 14:52:02z Reply Hello RST 599 TNX
N1MDJ-7 RS0ISS 07/31 23:27:14z Reply msg4pass{9
N1MDJ-7 RS0ISS 07/31 02:11:01z Reply msg4pass{8
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 07/29 09:03:07z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ{02}
A75GA RS0ISS 07/23 13:50:51z Reply hello Qatar{0
N4YOT RS0ISS 07/23 01:14:15z Reply DE Pete in AL, EM63; QSL?{20
XE3ISS-8 RS0ISS 07/20 02:13:40z Reply 73 ALL{61
XE3ISS-8 RS0ISS 07/19 15:11:10z Reply 73{60
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/19 00:49:14z Reply Hello Wal ??
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/17 00:58:01z Reply Hello Rajesh VU2EXP from VK4EM Merv in Australia all the very best !!
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/16 01:51:29z Reply Hello From Australia KN4AQG WARREN hello Mate !!
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/15 10:48:22z Reply SSTV ON the 20th USA 20th