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F1GBD-6 RS0ISS 04/23 10:53:05z Reply 73 from F1GBD please eQSL
DU6DKL-6 RS0ISS 04/22 06:57:51z Reply Hello
KI7LQK-7 RS0ISS 04/22 06:38:35z Reply Testing from KI7LQK-7{9
PC1L-2 RS0ISS 04/21 09:23:19z Reply Happy Easter{49
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 04/20 19:38:03z Reply Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down,you will see me.{44
ON4QI RS0ISS 04/20 11:51:10z Reply 73 de Roberto
IT9FTP RS0ISS 04/19 09:27:11z Reply Nice to hear you from ISS
KM4YHZ RS0ISS 04/18 21:25:02z Reply 73{19
IT9FTP RS0ISS 04/18 13:33:49z Reply Happy HamRadio Day!!!
DL3RCE RS0ISS 04/18 08:44:00z Reply 73 55 to all de dl3rce{43
K6MOX RS0ISS 04/17 23:44:40z Reply 73s to the iss crew{21
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 04/17 17:13:58z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ 73{01}
IT9FTP RS0ISS 04/17 12:50:10z Reply 599 JM77AO QSL & 73
DL3RCE RS0ISS 04/17 12:47:53z Reply 73 55 to all users de DL3RCE{33
DL3RCE RS0ISS 04/17 12:46:25z Reply 73 55 to all users de DL3RCE{32
DL3RCE RS0ISS 04/17 12:46:13z Reply 73 55 to all users de DL3RCE{31
UR4LSK RS0ISS 04/17 06:24:14z Reply Hello from Ukraine!!! Op.Sergey QTH.Kharkiv via ISS
PC1L-2 RS0ISS 04/14 15:18:15z Reply ISS orbit 16538 JO20UU Maastricht 73 PC1L{36
E24TVS-2 RS0ISS 04/14 00:55:55z Reply Happy New Year Thailand
DF7OA-5 RS0ISS 04/12 12:49:02z Reply hallo de df7oa{24
DF7OA-5 RS0ISS 04/12 12:49:02z Reply hallo de df7oa{25
DF7OA RS0ISS 04/12 11:51:01z Reply hallo de df7oa{23
N8IUP-7 RS0ISS 04/10 20:15:44z Reply HI_FROM EN81RJ OH{41
N8IUP-7 RS0ISS 04/10 20:14:40z Reply TNX/73{40
N8IUP-7 RS0ISS 04/10 20:14:32z Reply TNX/73{39
K6MOX RS0ISS 04/10 03:17:28z Reply we see you now{18
KB1WRX RS0ISS 04/09 22:16:50z Reply hi friends-Josh andDom,medway me.usa kb1wrx 73's{0
SV1SJC-6 RS0ISS 04/09 18:01:59z Reply 73 de SV1SJC via space vacuum!{33
RS0ISS R3PIJ-9 04/08 13:47:15z Send another Hello from ISS!
KC5UIH-1 RS0ISS 04/08 03:25:17z Reply 73! KC5UIH-1 EM12
2E0DAV-9 RS0ISS 04/07 16:19:19z Reply greetings from io83wl {15
KM4YHZ RS0ISS 04/06 18:33:08z Reply HELLO{11
US5LOC RS0ISS 04/06 17:18:32z Reply Greetings from Ukraine via ISS tnx all ((( 73 )))
KE4AZZ-6 RS0ISS 04/06 03:33:47z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{25
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 04/04 04:40:33z Reply Amazing crew onboard!{1
RS0ISS A65GC 03/31 11:45:44z Send another TEST! 73S
K7TEJ-7 RS0ISS 03/30 22:50:02z Reply CQ de K7TEJ from DM33 pse k{81
K7TEJ-7 RS0ISS 03/30 22:49:14z Reply CQ de K7TEJ from DM33 pse k{83
WX2CIB RS0ISS 03/27 23:52:08z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 03/27 18:03:10z Reply Hi safe pass over PH{1
K6MOX RS0ISS 03/27 08:41:22z Reply 135 by 43{15
KD9JJR-7 RS0ISS 03/26 04:47:15z Reply Greetings to the ISS crew 73{0
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 03/25 22:15:14z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{23
DF7OA-9 RS0ISS 03/24 20:09:02z Reply wy 73 de frank{46
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 03/24 18:59:03z Reply Congrats on the successful space walk!{1
A65GC RS0ISS 03/24 14:03:44z Reply Hi from Abu Dhabi {0
KE0VAF RS0ISS 03/24 08:48:28z Reply hello from Minnesota{1
IT9FTP RS0ISS 03/24 00:16:56z Reply Hello world!
DW2JHA-2 RS0ISS 03/21 10:03:35z Reply Have a safe space walk later! 73{2
K6MOX RS0ISS 03/20 03:16:04z Reply we see you fly by !{13
E24TVS-2 RS0ISS 03/19 23:09:48z Reply Have QSL Card already received Thx. ARISS Japan QSL
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 03/19 00:59:49z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{15
SA0BSV RS0ISS 03/18 20:00:09z Reply Greetings from Sweden
N1MDJ-10 RS0ISS 03/17 00:57:33z Reply msg4pass{24
N1MDJ-10 RS0ISS 03/17 00:57:33z Reply msg4pass{23
E24TVS-2 RS0ISS 03/16 01:01:52z Reply Good day You're 599 Thx
ON3CW-7 RS0ISS 03/02 10:20:22z Reply CQ RS0ISS DE ON3CW Have a nice day 73{1
EA2EQA RS0ISS 02/27 20:36:16z Reply 73 FROM BASQUE COUNTRY, EA2EQA
US5LOC RS0ISS 02/27 07:05:05z Reply Greetings from Ukraine via ISS tnx tu ((( 73 )))
UR5MQD-6 RS0ISS 02/27 05:29:00z Reply Hello RST 599 TNX
US5LOC RS0ISS 02/26 04:42:10z Reply Greetings from Ukraine via ISS tnx ((( 73 )))
M0AGJ RS0ISS 02/25 10:21:27z Reply M0AGJ DONCASTER IO93KL
M0AGJ RS0ISS 02/25 10:17:54z Reply VERY GOOD
KM4YHZ RS0ISS 02/24 19:43:40z Reply Greetings from Cape Coral, Fl{LG}
KM4YHZ RS0ISS 02/24 19:03:27z Reply Greetings from Cape Coral, Fla{LC}
N9VVC RS0ISS 02/24 12:57:37z Reply HI EN53 IN WI{19
US5LOC RS0ISS 02/24 06:24:24z Reply Greetings from Ukraine via ISS tnx ((( 73 )))
SV1SJC-6 RS0ISS 02/24 03:11:14z Reply 73 from space via ISS! SV1SJC{98
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 02/23 11:44:11z Reply Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down, you will see me{43
VK4LAB RS0ISS 02/23 07:49:21z Reply Hello from sunny SEQLD :-D
ON4BN RS0ISS 02/22 12:52:05z Reply Hi from Belgium ON4BN{18
DO1RL-9 RS0ISS 02/22 09:53:39z Reply 73luebeck{2
KF4LXS RS0ISS 02/19 20:08:48z Reply newburgh in{19
ON4BN RS0ISS 02/19 13:53:08z Reply hi{9
ON7MD-7 RS0ISS 02/19 12:22:17z Reply 73 FROM BRUSSELS MICHEL
US5LOC RS0ISS 02/19 07:30:19z Reply Op.Sergey To all via ISS Hello from Ukraine!!!
KD9BNL-1 RS0ISS 02/19 04:43:44z Reply CQ ISS from KD9BNL{11
K7SAO RS0ISS 02/18 19:11:48z Reply HELLO DE K7SAO
VK3ZAZ-4 RS0ISS 02/18 10:35:03z Reply hi{7
KK6OTW RS0ISS 02/17 23:31:35z Reply GREETINGS QSL?{31
VK3ZAZ-4 RS0ISS 02/17 13:11:59z Reply hi{4
ON4QI RS0ISS 02/16 13:12:41z Reply 73 de Roberto from Uccle
N9MHQ RS0ISS 02/16 12:42:31z Reply HELLO ISS EN53VK{17
E24TVS-2 RS0ISS 02/14 23:46:04z Reply E24TVS 599 OK17 Thx.
KE4AZZ-6 RS0ISS 02/14 14:34:56z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87{7
PD0MNI RS0ISS 02/14 13:18:41z Reply 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
SP7DAD RS0ISS 02/14 13:18:08z Reply pse QSL and 73
UR4LSK RS0ISS 02/13 15:51:42z Reply =5001.75N\03617.75E- Op.Sergey HI FROM UKRAINE ALL VIA ISS (UISS54)
IT9FTP RS0ISS 02/13 15:51:24z Reply Best regards to the ISS Crew
KD9BNL-1 RS0ISS 02/13 02:12:20z Reply did you receive any of my messages?{10
NY2M-6 RS0ISS 02/12 16:24:48z Reply nice to hear u.