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9Y4QA RS0ISS 12/03 23:44:14z Reply greeting iss{PJ}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 12/03 23:36:46z Reply greeting iss{YD}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 12/03 22:54:26z Reply greeting iss from buccoo{MW}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/29 02:13:48z Reply greeting iss 731{EO}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/28 14:42:13z Reply greeting{JL}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/28 01:20:34z Reply greeting from buccoo {VN}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/19 22:04:38z Reply greeting iss have fun{CA}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/18 19:23:56z Reply hello iss from buccoo{AQ}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/01 13:10:30z Reply greeting iss {PN}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/01 03:10:43z Reply hello spaceman keep well have fun !{YT}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 10/23 02:45:09z Reply hello{XS}
N3WLB RS0ISS 10/10 18:01:34z Reply heard in FN00
9Y4QA RS0ISS 10/10 13:00:21z Reply greening spaceman 73!!!{AU}
KF0KFL-7 RS0ISS 10/07 16:48:30z Reply Greetings to ISS from White Bear Lake, MN{1