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VK4LV RS0ISS 10/15 20:13:55z Reply Good Morning From Cloudy Brisbane Rod VK4LV
K7VIZ-7 RS0ISS 10/14 20:00:07z Reply Hi from CN95 in Oregon de K7VIZ{53
SP7G-9 RS0ISS 10/14 18:15:41z Reply 73{1
SP7G-9 RS0ISS 10/13 18:56:45z Reply 73{0
K4SDL RS0ISS 10/13 17:43:28z Reply QSL Via ISS From Scruff, K4SDL, FM16xg->
SP7U-6 RS0ISS 10/13 16:29:18z Reply 7388{Z
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/13 16:27:22z Reply 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{33
DL6AP-7 RS0ISS 10/13 14:49:14z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{4
AI9IN RS0ISS 10/12 23:26:50z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN
DL6AP-7 RS0ISS 10/12 15:38:44z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {0
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/11 23:10:30z Reply yaa !
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/11 19:26:51z Reply yaa !{3
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/11 19:24:42z Reply 55degs up{4
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/11 19:22:37z Reply i think i hear you{2
DL6AP-7 RS0ISS 10/09 15:03:45z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {2
DL6WAB RS0ISS 10/09 15:02:15z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
K4SDL RS0ISS 10/08 23:40:33z Reply Hi from Scruff, K4SDL in Shiloh, NC FM16xg
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/08 11:05:40z Reply Hey ISS!You look charming! 73!{84
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/06 20:36:30z Reply hi guys{1
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/06 19:18:18z Reply 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{75
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/05 20:13:13z Reply 73 from space via ISS! SY1COD{69
ON4CKT RS0ISS 10/05 18:30:28z Reply hello from on4ckt Rudy in Djerba Tunesiƫ{17
DL6AP-7 RS0ISS 10/05 16:55:06z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy 73!{4
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/05 04:32:29z Reply hi all{1
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/04 12:56:19z Reply Hey ISS!You look charming! 73!{54
VE7NZN-10 RS0ISS 10/04 05:36:27z Reply RSOISS-11{76
VE7NZN-10 RS0ISS 10/04 05:36:24z Reply RSOISS-11{75
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/03 18:40:02z Reply Hey ISS!You look charming from Athens!:){50
WX0R RS0ISS 10/03 03:33:15z Reply 73 de wx0r sending my earth and sky buddies love{7
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/02 22:18:17z Reply hi guys {1
DL6AP-7 RS0ISS 10/02 16:18:06z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{5
TA5AHO-4 RS0ISS 10/02 13:14:46z Reply 73 All From A.hamit OTE The TURKEY
TA5AHO-4 RS0ISS 10/02 13:14:13z Reply 73 All From A.hamit OTEThe TURKEY
VE7NZN-10 RS0ISS 10/02 07:26:44z Reply 73-VIA ISSVE7NZN{26
K6MOX RS0ISS 10/02 05:33:29z Reply thanks for flying by ! stop by anytime !{1
DL6AP-7 RS0ISS 10/01 20:22:53z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{6
SY1COD-6 RS0ISS 10/01 13:55:50z Reply 73 to All from Athens via ISS!{37
9Z4DZ-1 RS0ISS 09/29 18:31:15z Reply 73 , de 9Z4DZ
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/28 09:24:42z Reply anybody awake ?{7
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/28 01:01:42z Reply 41 up now passing{6
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/28 01:01:08z Reply now 40{5
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/28 01:00:58z Reply sory 36 deg{4
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/28 01:00:44z Reply 53d3g{3
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/27 23:28:15z Reply there you go{2
SP7G-9 RS0ISS 09/27 20:38:18z Reply 73{W
K7VIZ-7 RS0ISS 09/27 03:33:05z Reply Hi from CN95 in Oregon de K7VIZ{43
WB7VUF-7 RS0ISS 09/27 03:32:58z Reply :Hi-Frm-CN82 WB7VUF{59
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 09/27 01:57:57z Reply Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down,you will see me.{44
N0BPI-7 RS0ISS 09/27 01:57:54z Reply Hello ISS de N0BPI in EN34 I see you. If look down, you will see me{43
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/27 01:54:44z Reply i see you now !{1
Z34SAN-5 RS0ISS 09/25 22:17:15z Reply hi from macedonia{1
CT1EIF RS0ISS 09/25 19:03:07z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, 73
VK4EM RS0ISS 09/25 03:05:33z Reply Hello Peter good sig from U today Mate
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/24 14:32:32z Reply i see you now{2
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/24 14:32:31z Reply i see you noe{1
TA5ABO-4 RS0ISS 09/24 00:32:22z Reply
TA5ABO-4 RS0ISS 09/24 00:31:42z Reply Greetings from TURKEY
TA5ABO-4 RS0ISS 09/24 00:31:19z Reply Hello ISS de TA5ABO Mersin / TURKEY. Have a nice day
TA5ABO RS0ISS 09/24 00:30:29z Reply
K6TDI-7 RS0ISS 09/22 03:00:30z Reply K6TDI DM13hw QSL?{63
EA1JN-6 RS0ISS 09/20 22:36:48z Reply hello space station
RS0ISS EA4GII-9 09/20 22:24:48z Send another Saludos
IU2DMI RS0ISS 09/20 18:34:28z Reply ciao 73 via iss
N7NEV RS0ISS 09/20 03:09:03z Reply Thx for call. DM43 in AZ. {0
VK4LV RS0ISS 09/19 21:42:46z Reply Good Morning From Sunny Brisbane Rod VK4LV
TA5ABO-4 RS0ISS 09/19 21:34:14z Reply 88 All From Behiye Esma The Mersin / TURKEY
9Z4DZ-1 RS0ISS 09/19 09:04:49z Reply Grace and Peace to All.... de 9Z4DZ
VK4LV RS0ISS 09/19 06:42:26z Reply Good Afternoon From Brisbane Rod VK4LV
VK4LV RS0ISS 09/18 22:34:44z Reply Good Morning From Brisbane Rod VK4LV
M0TIG RS0ISS 09/18 19:27:04z Reply HELLO SPACE
HG5OAP-1 RS0ISS 09/17 21:12:15z Reply hello{47
SP7DAD RS0ISS 09/16 22:06:02z Reply QSL and 73 via sat
LU2FCY RS0ISS 09/16 21:38:29z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/14 23:45:19z Reply 73{U
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/14 23:44:51z Reply 73{T
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 09/14 22:06:34z Reply 73{J
LU5HMT-1 RS0ISS 09/14 15:10:42z Reply LU5HMT saludos desde ff87wh
LU5HMT-1 RS0ISS 09/14 13:36:41z Reply saludos desde ff87wh
LU2FCY RS0ISS 09/13 21:01:42z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.
KA0UNB RS0ISS 09/13 14:07:55z Reply Hello All via ISS
KD2PYB-1 RS0ISS 09/13 04:23:03z Reply hi from fn22{0X}
N1RCN RS0ISS 09/12 13:29:25z Reply de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Flordia EL87 QSL?
KD2PYB-1 RS0ISS 09/12 06:51:34z Reply Greetings from FN22cc{0P}
TA5AHO-15 RS0ISS 09/11 23:23:09z Reply Hello ISS de TA5AHO-15 TURKEY. Have a nice day
TA5AHO-15 RS0ISS 09/11 23:17:52z Reply Thank You for the reply-call very good to see you on today
RS0ISS TA5AHO-15 09/11 23:02:54z Send another International Space Station
9W2KHE-5 RS0ISS 09/11 13:29:03z Reply Hello ISS de 9W2KHE OJ11vl Malaysia. Have a nice day{1
9W2ETL-10 RS0ISS 09/10 02:52:56z Reply Hello from Malaysia :){1
VK4EM RS0ISS 09/10 01:33:36z Reply Hello Mate been sometime
KE4AZZ-6 RS0ISS 09/08 05:31:08z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{22
LU1HVK-2 RS0ISS 09/07 22:34:41z Reply Hello All. UISS para vos santiago LU5HMT
9W2KHE-7 RS0ISS 09/07 02:41:10z Reply Hello ISS de EFI Malaysia OJ11vl{83
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/06 16:57:46z Reply 73s from dm13jo murrieta{4
K6MOX RS0ISS 09/06 16:56:03z Reply thanks all{3
KA0UNB RS0ISS 09/04 15:29:47z Reply Hello from EN11wh Omaha Nebraska
KM6LYW-4 RS0ISS 09/04 13:11:44z Reply pass schedule?
9W2BWS-3 RS0ISS 09/03 15:45:32z Reply hai i from malaysia{10
9W2BWS-3 RS0ISS 09/03 15:45:14z Reply .{9
VK4DA-1 RS0ISS 09/03 12:39:02z Reply Gday from Australia{08
VK4DA-1 RS0ISS 09/03 12:37:51z Reply Gday from Australia{07