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N4YOT RS0ISS 07/23 01:14:15z Reply DE Pete in AL, EM63; QSL?{20
XE3ISS-8 RS0ISS 07/20 02:13:40z Reply 73 ALL{61
XE3ISS-8 RS0ISS 07/19 15:11:10z Reply 73{60
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/19 00:49:14z Reply Hello Wal ??
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/17 00:58:01z Reply Hello Rajesh VU2EXP from VK4EM Merv in Australia all the very best !!
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/16 01:51:29z Reply Hello From Australia KN4AQG WARREN hello Mate !!
VK4EM RS0ISS 07/15 10:48:22z Reply SSTV ON the 20th USA 20th
UR5MQD-6 RS0ISS 07/14 03:01:12z Reply Htllo RST 599 TNX
LU2WBA RS0ISS 07/13 00:03:12z Reply Saludos desde Argentina!!!{21
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 07/12 23:24:13z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ{02}
KE4AZZ RS0ISS 07/12 23:12:22z Reply Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ{01}
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 07/12 01:25:20z Reply 1{6
PU2ONU RS0ISS 07/12 01:07:57z Reply hello all from PU2ONU{0y}
N8XYR RS0ISS 07/10 09:24:22z Reply gm fr mi n8xyr
N8XYR RS0ISS 07/10 09:20:34z Reply gm fr ken in en 75 mk
F5HHO-9 RS0ISS 07/09 07:17:14z Reply Hello ISS crew 73 de Patrick Normandy France{85
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 07/08 03:20:22z Reply 1{A
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 07/08 03:18:18z Reply 73{8
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 07/08 03:17:58z Reply 73{9
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 07/08 03:16:49z Reply 73{7
VA7NCD RS0ISS 07/07 13:31:22z Reply de VA7NCD Vancouver BC CN89 QSL?{0
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 07/06 16:13:58z Reply U R 599 via the ISS!!! de 9Z4DZ Stephenson
9Y4D-6 RS0ISS 07/05 19:50:12z Reply hello all de 9y4d..{m0005
9Y4D-6 RS0ISS 07/05 19:50:07z Reply hello all de 9y4d..{m0004
9Y4D-6 RS0ISS 07/05 19:47:47z Reply hello all de 9y4d..{m0003
9Y4D-6 RS0ISS 07/05 19:47:44z Reply hello all de 9y4d..{m0002
9Y4D-6 RS0ISS 07/05 19:43:31z Reply hello all de 9y4d..{m0001
9Y4C-5 RS0ISS 07/05 04:20:15z Reply Hello fromFK90gp{UT}
W1CRB-7 RS0ISS 07/04 14:39:59z Reply 73, W1CRB Charles FN41 SE Mass{51
W1CRB-7 RS0ISS 07/04 14:39:57z Reply 73, W1CRB Charles FN41 SE Mass{50
W1CRB-7 RS0ISS 07/04 14:37:58z Reply 73, W1CRB Charles FN41 SE Mass{48
W1CRB-7 RS0ISS 07/04 14:37:25z Reply 73, W1CRB Charles FN41 SE Mass{46
EA4GII-9 RS0ISS 07/04 10:03:45z Reply 73{Z
AB4WL-9 RS0ISS 07/03 16:35:36z Reply CQ DE AB4WL KEN AL EM63 {19
AB4WL-9 RS0ISS 07/03 15:25:00z Reply CQ DE AB4WL KEN AL EM63 {18
AB4WL-9 RS0ISS 07/03 14:36:08z Reply CQ DE AB4WL KEN AL EM63 {17
AB4WL-9 RS0ISS 07/03 14:35:09z Reply CQ DE AB4WL KEN AL EM63 {20
AB4WL-9 RS0ISS 07/03 14:34:51z Reply CQ DE AB4WL KEN AL EM63 {16
N8XYR RS0ISS 07/03 10:35:02z Reply gm fr n8xyr in en-75
DL3RCE RS0ISS 07/03 06:05:32z Reply kalimera de Dieter DL3RCE{41
9Y4D-3 RS0ISS 07/02 18:08:48z Reply HELLO AND GOOD TO SEE YOU VIA ISS =/IxJa&
NB3T RS0ISS 07/02 00:13:13z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{19
WD0AKO-7 RS0ISS 07/01 17:12:17z Reply Hi{10
WD0AKO-7 RS0ISS 07/01 17:12:10z Reply Hi{09
NB3T RS0ISS 07/01 15:39:56z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{18
W1CRB-7 RS0ISS 07/01 12:23:47z Reply 73, W1CRB Charles FN41 SE Mass{38
W1CRB-7 RS0ISS 06/30 18:09:43z Reply 73, W1CRB Charles FN41 SE Mass{33
HB9EUE-1 RS0ISS 06/30 17:20:06z Reply Test OUTNET Test 20170630 1919-2
A75GA RS0ISS 06/29 17:13:32z Reply hello Qatar{0
VK4EM RS0ISS 06/28 09:27:58z Reply Thankyou for the reply-call very good to see you on today !!
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 06/27 19:15:28z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
K4SDL RS0ISS 06/25 16:00:34z Reply Hi from Scruff, K4SDL in Shiloh, NC FM16xg
DL9AN-5 RS0ISS 06/25 14:24:57z Reply Hello ISS! de DL9AN{1
PU2ONU-7 RS0ISS 06/24 19:49:36z Reply Hi from PU2ONU! Brazil!{1
PU2ONU RS0ISS 06/22 23:27:36z Reply Hi ISS team ! 73s!{0d}
UA0ZGX RS0ISS 06/22 23:08:29z Reply UA0ZGX@MAIL.RU Hello...
UA0ZGX RS0ISS 06/22 23:07:29z Reply hi all
KE3LB RS0ISS 06/22 15:24:27z Reply in nepa near scranton
DL6WAB RS0ISS 06/20 12:34:20z Reply 59 QSL 73 de DL6WAB
PU2ONU RS0ISS 06/19 00:24:02z Reply Hi ISS from PU2ONU!{0K}
PU2ONU RS0ISS 06/19 00:01:56z Reply Hi ISS From PU2ONU, Brazil GG66RL!{0G}
PU2ONU RS0ISS 06/18 23:50:55z Reply Hi from PU2ONU{0E}
K3RLD-1 RS0ISS 06/17 23:01:40z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{96
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 06/17 13:17:17z Reply Hello frm 9Z4DZ, Stephenson ... FK9OFD
YU1PRM-9 RS0ISS 06/12 19:33:11z Reply 73!yu1prm{74
9Z4DZ RS0ISS 06/12 02:46:40z Reply Great seeing you on the pass de 9Z4DZ
RS0ISS SP6ZWR 06/10 19:40:41z Send another pozdrawiamy z ISS
N8XYR RS0ISS 06/10 19:20:49z Reply hello fr n8xyr in en75mk
SP6ZWR RS0ISS 06/10 18:07:26z Reply helo{20
SP6ZWR RS0ISS 06/10 18:05:45z Reply helo{16
SP6ZWR RS0ISS 06/10 18:05:13z Reply helo{17
SP6ZWR RS0ISS 06/10 18:04:26z Reply helo 73{14
SP6ZWR RS0ISS 06/10 18:04:21z Reply helo 73{13
NB3T RS0ISS 06/10 02:45:28z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{4
WD4OTR-9 RS0ISS 06/10 02:30:29z Reply Greetings WD4OTR{3
KV1TKO-IS RS0ISS 06/08 06:40:48z Reply ?APRST{85
KE6BLR RS0ISS 06/08 06:40:22z Reply hello world{1
KV1TKO-IS RS0ISS 06/08 06:37:27z Reply ?APRST{84
KE6BLR RS0ISS 06/08 06:36:18z Reply hello world{30
KE6BLR RS0ISS 06/08 06:34:13z Reply {29
KE6BLR RS0ISS 06/08 06:32:19z Reply UNPROTO CQ VIA ARISS,DM13eo,Roberto{28
KE6BLR-5 RS0ISS 06/08 04:27:41z Reply hello California{2
KE6BLR-5 RS0ISS 06/08 03:53:39z Reply hola amigos{1
N8XYR RS0ISS 06/07 20:21:53z Reply hello from en75mk
ON7BRT RS0ISS 06/07 15:55:26z Reply{46
ON7BRT RS0ISS 06/07 15:55:23z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{45
AK3Q-1 RS0ISS 06/07 03:43:09z Reply Hello 599 de Bellevue KY VIA ISS{95
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/07 01:07:04z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}0C
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/07 01:02:34z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}F8
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/07 00:58:38z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}DC
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/07 00:25:48z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}B9
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/06 22:59:22z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}07
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/06 22:57:22z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}100
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/06 22:55:51z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}FA
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/06 22:54:51z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}F2
CR7AMO RS0ISS 06/06 22:54:20z Reply 73 from Taiwan {CE}ED
UA0ZGX RS0ISS 06/06 10:43:40z Reply 73^RS0ISS>CQ,UA0ZGX,I:>ARISS - International Space Station
UA0ZGX RS0ISS 06/06 10:42:31z Reply qso?
UA0ZGX RS0ISS 06/06 10:42:03z Reply hi
KB8OTK-9 RS0ISS 06/05 22:07:48z Reply WELCOME 2 CANTON,OH EN90hr NFL HALL of FAME CITY{25