PU2YPV-6 messages

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LU2ELH PU2YPV-6 04/12 01:31:02z Reply Saludos desde Bernal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
KE4AZZ PU2YPV-6 04/08 02:59:51z Reply Double Hop IO-86/ISS 73 KE4AZZ{4C}
PU2YPV-6 ALL 03/31 14:17:40z Send another 73's via sat{0D}
PQ2HX PU2YPV-6 03/29 14:20:23z Reply Bom dia Reinaldo. 73/51 Gh59
PU2YPV-6 PQ2HX 03/29 14:14:29z Send another Bom dia, forte 73!{0C}
PU2WAT-9 PU2YPV-6 03/27 15:57:16z Reply rej09}
PU2YPV-6 ALL 03/27 15:56:50z Send another 73s to all via Sat!{09}
PU2YPV-6 ALL 03/27 14:12:28z Send another 73's to all! Have a nice weekend...{08}