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ON7BRT PSAT-1 06/07 08:35:29z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{44
ON7BRT PSAT-1 05/30 12:53:43z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{42
ON7BRT PSAT-1 05/30 12:52:36z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{41
N5ZKK PSAT-1 05/22 01:36:27z Reply ?APRSD{D0002
PSAT-1 BLN1EUR 05/18 16:02:29z Send another All the best for 2017!
PSAT-1 BLN2EUR 05/18 14:22:56z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PU2ONU-7 PSAT-1 05/16 22:00:53z Reply Hello !!! by PU2ONU Brazil !{1